King Dave Lucitor is the Mewman king of the Underworld and the father of Tom Lucitor. He first debuts in "Club Snubbed".


Dave is a male humanoid adult with cream-colored skin, short brown hair, and blue eyes. In "Club Snubbed", he wears a red formal tunic with shoulder padding and a skull-shaped adornment on the front, a blue cape, dark-blue pants, dark-red boots, and a crown studded with red and purple gems. In "Lake House Fever", he wears a plain white shirt with a light-blue horizontal stripe and orange shorts with yellow floral print.


Similar to his son, Dave has anger issues underneath the surface, evidenced by how he gets into a fight with King River Butterfly over believing River's daughter Star was "club snubbing" Tom.


In "Club Snubbed", Dave attends the Silver Bell Ball with his wife Wrathmelior and son Tom, along with multiple other royal families of Mewni. Throughout the evening, he appears to have a good friendship with River Butterfly, but when Star snubs a dance with Tom, Dave raises his voice at River, believing Star was "club snubbing" Tom. The two get into a physical altercation, but they are moved to tears when Star and Tom finally dance together.

In "Lake House Fever", Dave is present at a party at the Lucitor family lake house. When his family and Star become trapped inside by a sudden storm (created by Wrathmelior), Dave plays Drabble with Tom, his sister-in-law Exasperella, and his grandfather-in-law Relicor. Near the end of the episode, he apologizes to Star and Tom for the storm his wife made.


Season 3

Season 4


S4E6 Dave 'haven't seen a storm like that'
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  • Dave is the only known non-demon member in the Lucitor family.
  • Dave was originally planned to be an anger demon during season 1 and to have an abusive relationship with Tom. Later during production, he was changed in both his species and personality.[citation needed]
  • According to Adam McArthur in a Reddit AMA on August 3, 2019, "Dave was just a regular old Mewman who worked as a Barista at the coffee shop Lady Lucitor frequented. She tipped well and he fell in love."[2]


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