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"Death Peck" is the twentieth episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 15, 2017, alongside "Ponymonium".[1]


Star urges the royal youth of Mewni to sign a petition calling for the equal treatment of Monsters.[2]


After the events of "Starfari", Star has started advocating for peace and equal rights between Mewmans and monsters. To accomplish this, she drafted a "Petition of Friendship" for all the royal princes and princesses of Mewni to sign. The last signature she needs is from Prince Richard Pigeon of the Pigeon Kingdom. Unfortunately, Richard and his parents King and Queen Pigeon are unresponsive to Star's request, simply acting like normal pigeons.

With Star, Marco, and Pony Head unable to understand their bird sounds, Marco suggests putting the pen in Richard's claw and signing the petition for him. But when Marco grabs the prince's claw, he accidentally breaks his fragile leg. This angers King and Queen Pigeon and the rest of the pigeons in the castle, and they attack. Star, Marco, and Pony Head run away, and the pigeons chase them through the castle. Star tries to defend herself, but she forgot her magic wand back at Butterfly Castle.

The pigeons chase Star, Marco, and Pony Head into Rich Pigeon's bedroom. After they barricade the door, Pony Head helps herself to some of Rich Pigeon's treasure. In a back room, they discover Rich Pigeon's collection of fake legs, including a pair of giant, animatronic legs. The pigeons eventually break into the room, and Star, Marco, and Pony Head use the giant legs to escape. As the pigeons block the castle exit, Star forces the legs to stop and fall over, not wanting to harm the pigeons and still needing Rich Pigeon's petition signature.

Star tries to reason with the angry pigeons, but when Pony Head is caught trying to steal some of their treasure and take Rich Pigeon as a hostage, the pigeons imprison them. Star tries to apologize to King and Queen Pigeon for everything that happened, but the king and queen sentence her and her friends to "death by a thousand pecks". Just then, Rich Pigeon enters and demands that Star and her friends be released, revealing that he can speak English. Rich Pigeon is unhappy with his kingdom clinging to its old ways and wants to join Star's cause in bringing Mewmans and monsters together.

After he gives an inspiring speech about wanting to bring the Pigeon Kingdom into a new and prosperous future, King and Queen Pigeon agree and grant Star and her friends full pardons. Rich Pigeon signs Star's Petition of Friendship and Star apologizes to him for all the trouble she and her friends caused. They all celebrate with a feast of worms, and Pony Head leaves in disgust.


Major characters

Minor characters

Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Dood Door Pikken Death By Pecking
Hebrew מוות בניקוד Death by Peck
Japanese つっつき死刑 Pecking Death Penalty
Korean 사인해 주세요 Please Sign This
European Portuguese Bicadas da Morte Pecks of Death
Thai จิกตาย Death by Peck


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  • Actor and comedian Gary Anthony Williams guest-stars as Rich Pigeon.


  • During Star, Marco, and Pony Head's escape from the pigeons in Rich Pigeon's giant legs, the legs briefly do the moonwalk.
  • This episode has some similarities to the We Bare Bears episode Pigeons:
    • Pigeons are part of the episode's main plot.
    • One of the main characters got in trouble with the law and was eventually pardoned. Marco broke one Rich Pigeon's legs and Rich Pigeon ordered his kingdom to let Marco and his friends go while Grizz helped the Pigeon Cartel escape from prison and Grizz was off the hook.
    • One of the main characters became friends with a pigeon. Star became friends with Rich Pigeon while Grizz became friends with a pigeon he named Brenda.

Revelations and continuity

  • Pony Head's full name is revealed for the first time in her petition signature as Lilacia Pony Head. Her full name was previously revealed in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.
  • Prince Richard Pigeon is revealed to be the only pigeon in his kingdom capable of speaking human/Mewman speech.


  • When Star, Marco, and Pony Head attempt to control Rich Pigeon's giant legs and escape the pigeons, a giant pile of gold is seen in the far hallway. However, in the next scene, the pile of gold is gone.


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