"Deep Dive" is the twenty-third episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 16, 2017, alongside "Night Life".[1]


Star's sleep-portaling becomes a danger, and she decides to put a stop to it.[2]


Some time after the events of "Night Life", Star assembles Marco and Janna in her bedroom and brings them up to speed in regards to her sleep-portaling. Recently, she has started hearing a high-pitched wailing sound and tried to follow it to its source in her dreams, but she always wakes up before finding out what it is. Star asks Janna to hypnotize her into staying asleep long enough to figure out what the sound is. She attaches her compact mirror to her headband and links it to the bigger interdimensional mirror on her bedroom wall so that Marco and Janna will see everything she sees during her travels. Star also entrusts Marco to be her lifeline—to use his dimensional scissors to bring her back if anything goes wrong.

Soon after being put under hypnosis, Star begins warping through dimensions in her mewberty form like before. Marco and Janna track her journey using her mirror and the map that Hekapoo gave Marco in "Night Life". Somewhere in distant dimensional space, Star follows the high-pitched wailing sound to a gigantic swirling portal that isn't on Hekapoo's map. When Star goes through it, Marco and Janna lose the signal to her compact mirror, leaving her location and fate completely unknown. Without any idea where she is, Marco is unable to follow her with his scissors.

Meanwhile, Star emerges from a large pool of gold water and encounters a group of little unicorns who are delighted to see her. When she asks them where she is, they tell her she's in the Realm of Magic—the same realm that Toffee corrupted during the Battle for Mewni before Star restored it. Another, more matured unicorn appears before Star, having called her to the Realm of Magic with her song, and Star realizes it's the same Millhorse that she created when she got her new wand. As Star still wonders why she was summoned, the unicorn doesn't know and suggests the answer might be found in the Realm of Magic, and Star – affected by the world's magic – decides to stay.

Back on Mewni, Marco and Janna are still unable to reach Star with the mirror, Marco's scissors, or Glossaryck. As a last resort, Marco notices that Star left her magic wand behind, and against Janna's advice, he picks it up. Strangely, nothing happens at first, but then the wand suddenly takes on a new form to fit Marco's nature. With Star's spell notebook, Marco uses the All-Seeing Eye to find Star, and as he harnesses the wand's magic, crescent moon-shaped emblems appear on his cheeks.

In the Realm of Magic, Star has become so entranced that she can't remember her own name. When Marco appears through the All-Seeing Eye, he tells her to return home, but Star doesn't know who he is and says she's home already. Marco tries to reaching through the Eye to grab Star's hand, but the Eye suddenly turns red and closes shut. The Realm of Magic's enchantment on Star breaks, and her memories return. She transforms into her mewberty form and opens a dimensional portal back to Mewni, much to the sadness of her new unicorn friends.

Star returns to Mewni and finds her bedroom in flames as a result of Marco touching the All-Seeing Eye. When she finds Marco unharmed and discovers he used her wand, Marco tells her that he didn't have any other options. Moved by Marco's risky actions, Star hugs and thanks him, causing Marco to blush. Thanks to this latest adventure, Star now has complete control over her mewberty form. Marco is still concerned, but Star and Janna snap their fingers and say "chickenbutt", causing Marco to fall asleep.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Diepe Duik Deep Dive
Hebrew צלילה עמוקה Deep Dive
Japanese 行き着く先 Point of Arrival
European Portuguese Mergulho nas Profundezas Deep Dive
Thai ดำดิ่ง Deep Dive


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S3E23 Janna Ordonia starts to hypnotize Star
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Revelations and continuity

  • Janna visits Mewni for the first time.
  • Star recounts the events of the episodes "Sweet Dreams" and "Night Life".
  • Marco is revealed to be under hypnosis by Janna, falling unconscious whenever she snaps her fingers and says the word "chickenbutt".
  • Star returns to the Realm of Magic after its restoration in "Toffee", and she meets the Millhorse she created near the end of that episode.
  • Marco wields Star's wand for the first time, and crescent moon-shaped marks appear on his cheeks when he uses it.
  • Star learns to transform into her golden mewberty form and open dimensional portals at will.


  • The front cover of Janna's book on hypnotism bears an image similar to Bill Cipher from the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls.
  • The idea of Star visiting a paradise world where she loses her memories and doesn't want to leave is an allusion to the Island of the Lotus Eaters in The Odyssey.


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