Scene opens outside Butterfly Castle. It is night. Inside, Star Butterfly is pacing while talking to Marco Diaz and Janna Ordonia.
Star Butterfly Okay, I thought it was a dream, but then, it was like, "Oh, no, you ate all these Goblin Dogs," so it's like, it was not a dream. And then I brought the Goblin Dog truck into my bedroom, and then I crushed my bed with it, and I had to turn my bed back into a bed, [breathes]...
Janna blows air onto Marco's face; Marco resists laughing out loud.
Star ...and then I told my mom about it, and my mom was, like, "Oh, that shouldn't be happening." And I was like, "Oh, no..." [noticing Janna] Janna. Stop blowing in Marco's hair.
Marco Diaz What?! That was you?!
Janna Ordonia Sorry. Got a little bored. No offense.
Marco Yeah, Star, can you just get to the point, please?
Star [sighs] Okay, I'm sleep-portaling. In my sleep, every night, I hear this sound, and it's like... [high-pitched whining]. Oh, no, that's not it. [high-pitched whining]
Marco and Janna both cover their ears, but even still, Star's noises are agitating them.
Janna Okay, Star, we get it! Can we just get to the point, please?
Star I've been following this sound [unrolls map] to the same location every night. But I never make it there because I wake up. And that's where you come in, Janna. You've gotta hypnotize me so I can stay asleep.
Marco What? Hypnotize you? Star, shouldn't you leave that to a trained professional?
Janna You doubt my skills?
Marco Yeah, actually I do.
Janna [snaps fingers] Chicken butt.
Marco falls off the couch, asleep. Janna snaps, and Marco's awake again.
Marco What the heck? What happened?
Star You guys, stop messing around and get over here. [straps mirror to headband] Hey, check it out. I linked my compact phone to my mirror, so you'll be able to see whatever I see. Marco, you've got the scissors. If anything goes wrong out there, you come get me. You're my lifeline.
Marco What if you get lost, or go so far out that we can't find you?
Star Marco, we've dealt with much worse stuff than this.
Marco Yeah, I guess.
Star gets into her bed and puts her wand on her bedside table.
Janna Okay, Star. Take a nice, deep breath.
Star [breathes]
Janna Now, focus on my watch.
Marco Hey, that's my watch.
Janna Dude, this is about Star. Get over yourself.
Marco Ugh.
Janna Keep your eyes on the watch. You're feeling light as a feather.
Star's eyes close, and she drifts to sleep.
Marco And now we wait.
They leave her briefly.
Janna So what exactly does it look like when she portals?
Behind them, Star begins opening a portal.
Marco Kinda like that.
Star and part of her bed are sucked into the portal, which then closes.
Janna We have liftoff.
The two walk over to Star's mirror to watch her journey. The mirror flashes on, and the scene transitions to Star's perspective. She flies through dimension after dimension, only spending a few seconds in each one before flying through a different portal into another.
Marco [from Star's room] I'm here for you. Your lifeline.
Janna walks away from the mirror and moves a table over to it. Janna's various belongings are on it.
Marco Uh, what's all that?
Janna Spiritual chromatograph, magic wave scope, energy oscillotron, and a jigsaw puzzle for when things get slow. But most importantly, [knocks everything off the table] the map.
Marco Agh... agh... where is she?! Oh, here she is, she's here! No, no, maybe she's here! Or here. No. Forget this. I'm goin' in!
Janna Dude, relax. She's got a long way to go. [grabs popcorn]
Marco Yeah, I guess you're right.
Janna [eating popcorn]
Marco So... Janna. Been a while since we've hung out one-on-one. [laughs] We've never really had–
Janna [snaps] Chicken butt.
Marco falls off his chair, asleep, and Janna watches Star. Somewhere in a space-like dimension, Star hears the whining sound she described earlier. She looks around and there's a huge purple/pink vortex right next to her. Back in Star's room, Janna's reading a book entitled "Hypnotism" when she notices the vortex.
Janna What the... [snaps] Hey, Sleeping Beauty.
Marco Huh... what... Huh? Janna? What did you–
Janna Shh, shut up and look.
Marco Wait. Where is that on the map?
Janna I don't know. She's off the map.
Star gazes at the vortex, mesmerized by it.
Marco Star. No, no, no, no, no. Don't, don't go in there.
Star approaches the portal, closes her eyes, and flies into it. Her compact phone falls off her head. In her room, the mirror flashes with multicolored light, and then goes static.
Marco No! That's it. I'm goin' in.
Marco opens a portal and jumps in, but the portal spits him back out into Star's room.
Janna What happened? Where is she?
Marco I can't get to her with the scissors if I don't know where she is.
Scene jumps to Star, who's submerged in gold liquid. She floats to its surface, and her eyes open. A small unicorn is on her, and it licks her face.
White Unicorn You're here.
Star [wipes her face, dreamily] I'm here.
The unicorn continues to lick her face.
Star [laughs] Stop, stop it, stop it.
Other Unicorns [soft whinnying] You're here!
All the small unicorns start licking her face.
Star Okay, okay, okay. I'm here. But where is here?
Blue Unicorn You don't know? You're in the Realm of Magic.
Star [gazes at surroundings] Wow! It's like Toffee was never even here.
White Unicorn It's been rebornded.
Star That's not a word.
A siren-like sound echoes in the distance.
Star That sound.
White Unicorn The song of the firstborn. She's been calling to you.
The sound continues as a larger white unicorn comes running up to Star.
Star [closes muzzle] Okay, stop, please. And thank you. So who are you?
Unicorn Do you not recognize your own creation?
Star's memory flashes back to episode Toffee, where she created a unicorn.
Star [loud gasp] I made you?! [examines her] I did good. So you're the one that called me here?
Unicorn I can only call one who wishes to be called.
Star I don't understand. Why would I wish to be called?
Unicorn I don't know. Perhaps the answer rests here in the Realm of Magic.
Star Oh, I can't stay. I have to go home.
Unicorn Do you?
All the other unicorns whinny while riding a wave of gold liquid.
Star [mesmerized] I guess I could stay.
The unicorn puts Star on her back.
Unicorn Plug your nose.
Star Oh, okay. [holds breath]
The unicorn and Star trot beneath the surface of the water. Scene changes back to Star's room.
Mirror [flashing "Error"] Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Marco [frustrated groan]
Mirror Please check the number and try again.
Marco Come on, come on. Call Star.
Mirror Calling Star. [flashes "Error"]
Marco [shaking the mirror's blinds] Aaaaahhh! Ugh, what am I gonna do?
Janna Oh, what about Glossaryck? [picks him up] Maybe he can...
Glossaryck [screaming] Globgor! [falls on his face]
Janna You're a disgrace to magic.
Marco Magic. [walks to Star's wand]
Janna Oh, that's a bad idea. And that's coming from me.
Marco picks up the wand and closes his eyes.
Janna Ooh-aaaaah, [ducks] you're gonna die! [grabs Glossaryck]
Glossaryck Ooh!
Nothing happens. Marco opens his eyes.
Marco Huh. Nothing happened. It's like our souls are bonded–
Marco screams as the wand pulls him up into the air and flashes with energy. It then transforms into a new wand with a teal compass-like dial and bat wings. Janna takes a marker and adds a black dot to it.
Janna And there. Now it has your mole.
Marco opens up Star's bedside table and takes out her spell notebook. He flips to "The All-Seeing Eye" and hands Janna the notebook.
Janna Whoa. The All-Seeing Eye? "Spying leads to crying"?
Marco Just hold it up so I can read it.
Janna Okay.
Marco [takes a deep breath] Okay. I summon the All-Seeing Eye to tear a hole into the sky. Reveal to me that which is hidden. Unveil to me what is forbidden!
The wand surges with magical energy. Marco's cheeks glow with crescent moons. The All-Seeing Eye activates. Scene jumps back to Star. She and the unicorn are hanging out on top of some gold liquid fountains.
Star Ssssssss-salmon. Sss-stromboni? Strawberry? Sally... Sally!
Unicorn What are you doing?
Star I can't remember my name.
Unicorn What's a name?
Marco's image appears in the All-Seeing Eye.
Marco Star!
Star That's it! That's my name. Star. Thanks, strange boy.
Marco Star, you have to come home.
Star I am home.
Marco [to Janna] We've gotta get her out of there. [to Star] Just give me your hand.
He tries to stick his hand through the spell, but it clouds up with red, and the spell collapses.
Star Marco... Marco? [sitting up] Marco!
She takes off running and accidentally transforms into her butterfly form.
Star Ahhhh!
She gestures with her hands, causing a portal to open up.
Unicorn Wait. Where are you going? Don't go.
Star I'm sorry. I have to.
She flies into the portal. Scene changes to Butterfly Castle. Star pops out of a portal in her room.
Star Janna? Janna? Marco? Where are you?
She looks around the room. The room's been damaged, and half of her stuff is aflame.
Star Janna! Marco!
Marco [groaning from under a table] Over here.
Star [gasps, lifts the table with magic] Oh, my gosh, Are you okay?
Marco [holds up wand] Better now without that table on me.
Star My wand. [grabs it]
The wand transforms back to normal.
Star What did you do?
Marco Well, I was kind of out of options.
Star Oh, Marco, that was incredibly stupid of you.
Marco That's a little mean.
Star [hugs him] Thank you.
Marco [blushes]
Janna Ew, gross. Get a portal.
Star Janna!
Janna is dangling from a broken support beam.
Janna No rush.
The beam collapses and Janna falls.
Star [catches her] Gotcha.
Janna This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you.
Star Agreed. Oh-ho-ho, check this out. [transforms back to normal] Huh? [transforms to butterfly form] Huh? [back to normal] Huh? [back to butterfly] Huh? [back to normal] I can do it... at will!
Janna So are you still hearing that sound?
Star I... I guess I'm not.
Marco And does that mean you're going to quit sleep-portaling?
Star I guess... it does.
Marco I don't know. I'm not convinced that this is–
Janna and Star [snap] Chicken butt.
Marco collapses.
(end song)
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