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Episode begins at Butterfly Castle. Star is calling Tom on her compact mirror.
Tom's Voicemail Hey, this is Tom! I can't get to the mirror right now. Leave a message after the shriek.
Voicemail Message [cat meows]
Cut to Star's bedroom's - interior. Star talks on the phone and smacks the floor with a magic hand created with her wand. Glossaryck is running around the room like a dog.
Star Butterfly Hey, dude! It's me, Star. Anyway, just, uh, just wondering what you were up to.
Star's magic hand and Glossaryck fight over a bag of Cornritos.
Star Glossaryck. No! Down! Glossaryck! [to mirror] I thought— I thought we could meet up for that corn shake. So, give me a call.
Star hangs up, walks over to Glossaryck, and pulls the Cornritos bag out of Glossaryck's mouth. She sits down by her bed and takes a chip out of the bag. There's a knock at the bedroom door. Star answers and sees Pony Head sweating a lot.
Star Hey, Pony Head— Ooh! Sweat much? [laughs]
Pony Head What, me? Oh, I mean, that's ridiculous!
Star Uh... So... Anyway, I don't mean to dive straight into hot goss, but Tom is acting super weird.
Pony Head [breathing heavily]
Star I thought things were going great, and then all of a sudden he— Are you okay? You're ruining the carpet. Okay, what is going on?
Pony Head What?! Ha-ha-ha! Oh, you know, that is so funny that you would think to say a thing such as that, because I most definitely did not run into Tom, and definitely he did not tell me to not tell you what's going on.
Star Pony, what's going on?
Pony Head ...Tom's getting a demoncism, and he told me you can't know! [gasps] Oh, no. I'm unreliable.
Star Whaaaat?!
Pony Head Okay... I gotta go now! [flies toward the door]
Star Oh, no, you don't!
Star catches Pony Head with a magic hand from her wand and pulls her back toward her. She sticks upside-down in the floor by her horn.
Star A demoncism? Aren't those, like, the worst?
Pony Head [spits] Yeah! They are! He's gonna ruin himself.
Star We gotta stop him!
Pony Head His demoncism is happening, like, right now!
Star Wait, what? Where?
Pony Head Those things are, like, super secret. Like, you gotta get invited. You do realize you were not invited, right? I'm not trying to rub that in your face, but...
Star [groans] This is not helping.
Pony Head Look, we can go ask my ex. He got demoncized.
Star Which ex? Sorry. That sounded way more judgy that I wanted it to.
Pony Head Oh, bestie, are you joking right now? My big bad ex, Seahorse? You know, he's the one who wrote that song about me. Blech.
Pony Head takes out her compact mirror and plays a video of Seahorse.
Seahorse [heavy metal shouting, tossing guitar equipment, picks up microphone] Aw, yeah! You're all trash! [tosses microphone on the floor]
Pony Head Aw! He was such a romantic.
Pony Head lowers her mirror as scene cuts to compact mirror store. Seahorse, now a nerdy glasses-wearing sales clerk, speaks with Stan the fur-skinned skeleton.
Stan Yeah, I-I tried that. What kind of dummy do you think I am? This mirror's garbage!
Seahorse I'm sorry. That's disappointing. Can I help you find a replacement?
Stan No. No! Get it out! [throws mirror on the floor and leaves]
Seahorse Thank you for choosing Reflectacorp. Have a mirror-ific day! [sprays himself with water]
Pony Head Oh, what a nerd! Look how much water he needs now!
Star He's a seahorse, Pony.
Pony Head Yeah, well, he used to be all dry, like a cool horse.
Seahorse Well, hello! Welcome to Reflectacorp Mobile. Can I help you find a compact mirror?
Pony Head Mmm. I'm just dropping by to, like, see how you've been doing and stuff.
Star [whispers] And to ask about the demoncism!
Pony Head Yeah, and that too.
Seahorse Please take your time browsing our collection.
Pony Head Uh, what?
Seahorse Please take your time browsing our—
Pony Head Yeah, I got that! Don't you even have anything else to say to me?
Seahorse [takes out pamphlet] Can I interest you in a three-year interdimensional plan?
Pony Head Seahorse! Hello?! Wake up! It's me, Pony Head! [whines] Can't we even talk like normal horsepersons?
Seahorse Well, you can talk to anyone with Reflectacorp Mobile Technology.
Pony Head Okay, you know what? You're broken, Seahorse! You're not the man you used to be!
Seahorse That's disappointing. Can I help you find a replacement?
Pony Head starts crying rainbow tears and floats away. Star goes after her.
Pony Head It's too horrible! It's like he doesn't even know me! And I'm the best person anyone could know! I'm like a gift!
Star Oh, Pony, I am so sorry. I'll take care of it. [to Seahorse] A friend of ours is going to get a demoncism tonight, and we need to know where it's happening. Can you give us directions? Using Reflectacorp Mobile Technology?
Seahorse [blinks] You can go anywhere with Reflectacorp Mobile Technology—
Pony Head We just want a map, you corporate turd! [sobs]
Seahorse I'll print a... I'll print a map now.
Seahorse slaps his fin on a printer, and it slowly prints out a map.
Printer [buzzing]
Pony Head [whimpering]
Scene cuts to forest at night. Star and Pony Head follow the map to a site with dozens of demoncists in cloaks and a tent. One of the demoncists is banging a gong.
Star You distract them. I'll find Tom.
Pony Head Oh, yeah, I got you, girl. Watch this. [goes on stage wearing a cloak] Excuse me! Some last-minute announcement! [knocks the gong over] So, as all of you know, fall is coming up. Okay, so let's take a vote on our new spooky robes. The first color we're gonna vote on is maroon. Yea or nay? All for yea, show your hands.
One of the demoncists raises his hand. The other demoncists look at him, and he puts his hand back down.
Pony Head O-Okay, so we just not a hot ticket. That's fine. We just have one for yea. Okay.
Star sneaks toward the tent. Inside the tent, Tom is trying to tie a necktie around his neck, but it burns in his hands.
Star All right, Tom! Just what do you think you're do—? Ohhhh, you look so nice!
Tom Lucitor What are you doing here?
Star I'm here to stop you from making a terrible, terrible mistake! If this is just another ploy to get my attention, you have—
Tom Whoa-whoa-whoa, wait. I don't know what Pony told you, but it's not what you think. I genuinely want this.
Star What?
Tom [sighs] I need to change. You're here being the best princess you can be, and it's really inspiring. It's time for me to be a better prince.
Star Yeah, but whatever's going on out there looks creepy and dangerous.
Tom I'm the prince of the underworld, okay? This is gonna be an easy procedure for a guy like me. In and out. All this stuff — the robed guys, the skulls, the fire — it's just for show.
Star So, you're just gonna zap all your personality away so you can feel good about yourself?
Tom No! I have problems, and this is the only way to get rid of them! [roars, sets himself on fire] See? Problems!
Star You don't have to be like this, Tom!
Tom Yeah, well, I've already made up my mind, and you're not gonna stop me.
Star Fine, be that way! But I am not gonna stay here and watch you do this to yourself.
Tom I didn't invite you, anyway, so...
Star Great!
Tom Great! [burns another necktie] Gah! Of course!
Cut back to Pony Head distracting the demoncists.
Pony Head Also, who is bringing what to the potluck, okay? Because I don't wanna see nothing but chips.
Star [pushes Pony Head off-stage] Come on, we're outta here.
Pony Head All right, y'all, thank you so much for your time! Peace!
The gong rings, and the head demoncist comes out of another tent holding a skull staff and a book titled "An Exercise in Demoncism". He steps behind the podium on the stage.
Head Demoncist Brethren, this world is in danger. There is a blight that plagues it. Of course, we dream of a world pure as a piece of sweet corn. But if one kernel is infected, then the entire harvest is at risk. Bring forth the son of the blight.
Tom comes out of his tent in a dark-blue suit.
Tom Son of the blight has arrived! Thanks for coming out, everybody.
Two demoncists grab Tom by the arms and drag him forward.
Tom Whoa! Heh. Tight grip there.
Scene cuts to Star and Pony Head walking through the forest.
Star That fool is so frustrating! I just wanna— I just wanna—!
Pony Head Like, punch a tree or something?
Star I need to punch a tree!
Pony Head Girl! You know I hate trees.
Cut back to site of Tom's demoncism. Tom is chained to an X-shaped table.
Tom Hey, hey! Thanks for the ride, guys! Love the massage table.
Head Demoncist Commence the purification ritual.
A censer is suspended over Tom and sprinkles ritualistic incense all over him.
Tom [sneezes]
Head Demoncist Okie-doke. Let the ceremony begin. [reciting in foreign language] EH-VAH-TEY-REP-TOE-LU-CI-TAY
Demoncists [responding in foreign language] EH-TU. REP-I-DAY
A flock of crows appears and forms a ring in the sky.
Tom Oh. That's a nice touch.
Head Demoncist [reciting in foreign language] EH-VAH-TEY-SHAN-DAY-O
Demoncists [responding in foreign language] EH-TU. REP-I-DAY
Tom's shackles start to glow.
Tom Wow. Magic manacles. "Magicles".
Head Demoncist The cauldron!
Four demoncists carry a large cauldron up to the stage. The head demoncist dips his fingers in the gold liquid inside, then walks up to Tom.
Head Demoncist Close your eyes.
Tom Okay, but no tickling.
Tom closes his eyes, and the head demoncists draws a gold sigil on his face.
Tom Hey. Hey, man, this is real ceremonious and stuff, but it seems kind of flim-flam to— [hiccup]
The gold sigil on Tom's face turns blue and covers his face in bright veins.
Tom [screams]
Head Demoncist It begins!
Tom spasms and pulls against his shackles.
Head Demoncist Hold him! [continues reciting in foreign language] EH-VAH-TEY-REP-TOE-CAN-NO-I-AY
The other demoncists hold Tom down, but he throws them backward.
Demoncist Aah!
Tom Tom starts floating over the table and continues to scream in pain. Blue flames surround the demoncism site. Cut back to Star punching a tree.
Star [grunting]
Pony Head Harder! HARDER!
Star [kiais] Yah!
When Star kiais, blue flames appear in the distance behind them.
Pony Head Dang, not that hard.
Demoncists run past Star, screaming in terror.
Pony Head What? That's weird.
Star Something's wrong. [runs back to demoncism site]
Pony Head Huh? Where are you going?
Star returns to the site of Tom's demoncism. She sees him screaming and floating while he's chained and the table, and blue flames continue to burn around him. The head demoncist flips through the pages of his book, but when the flames reach him, he runs away.
Star You're just gonna leave him up there like that?
Head Demoncist He'll be fine!
Star runs through the flames.
Star Magical Moth Chain Blast!
Star tries to unlock Tom's chains, but her magic has no effect.
Star [gasps]
Star slowly approaches Tom's table. She pulls him down and holds him as he growls.
Star Tom, it's okay. I'm... I'm here. I'm right here.
Scene cuts to black, then cuts to Tom lying in bed.
Tom [groans]
When Tom wakes up, he sees Star pacing around the tent.
Tom Star?
Star Tom? Oh, my gosh! Are you okay?
Tom I'm... [excitedly] in tremendous pain!
Head Demoncist Congratulations, Master Lucitor. The procedure was a success. [holding a tiny demon in a jar]
Tiny Demon [growling]
Tom Wow. Hard to believe that one little demon was the source of so much rage.
Head Demoncist What? No, no. No, no, no. You still got thousands of these little guys inside. We're gonna have to start you on a thirteen-year plan.
Tom W-What?!
Head Demoncist Yeah, this is all gonna be a long and painful process for all of us. But you were such a good boy today, you can help yourself to just one toy from the toy chest.
Tom Oh, no... No...! No, no! I'm gonna be an evil demon forever!
Star The important thing is that you want to improve yourself! You can still do that with a bunch of those little guys inside of you.
Tom [smiles at Star]
Head Demoncist So, should we go again next weekend?
Star and Tom look at each other.
Tom No. This is not worth it.
Head Demoncist Well, if you're not coming back, you'd better make that one toy count.
Scene cuts to Star and Tom walking through the forest together holding pinwheels.
Star So, still up for that corn shake?
Tom Yeah, that'd be cool.
Pony Head [gasps] You two have got to be kidding me.
Star and Tom look down. They are shown holding hands.
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