Dennis Avarius is Ludo's younger brother who first appears in "Face the Music". He lives with his parents in Castle Avarius II after Ludo took over their original home. In "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell" he purchases the deed for Castle Avarius and moves out of his parents' home to live in it with Ludo and their other siblings.


Like Ludo and the other members of their family, Dennis is a bird-like monster with green feathers. Unlike Ludo, however, Dennis is very tall, standing even taller than Moon Butterfly with long, feathered arms. He has a perfectly round head, a ring-shaped patch of blue hair that resembles a kappa's water dish, yellow eyes, and a dark green beak with white fangs. He wears a white tank top and brown pants.


In a stark contrast to Ludo, Dennis speaks with a meek, high-pitched voice. In fact, he seems to behave more maturely than Ludo even though he's younger. While his mother and father speak of Ludo with shame and disappointment, Dennis cares deeply about Ludo and his well-being, so much so that he regularly observes his older brother from a distance.

However, as shown in "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell", Dennis can be too overwhelmed by his concerns for Ludo, which in turn can make him easily find the wrong people to help with, and he also comes off as quite gullible towards others, as he fell for Evil J. LandBaron III's trickery quite easily before reading the full terms of the contract he signed.


Dennis first appears in "Face the Music" when Queen Moon visits his family's dilapidated manor in Mewni's Forest of Certain Death, asking about Ludo's whereabouts. After Queen Moon leaves, Dennis follows and approaches her, explaining that Ludo is not well and needs help. When asked if he knows where Ludo is, Dennis offers to fly Moon to Ludo's location.

Dennis takes Moon to an abandoned monster temple in the mountains, but they quickly leave once Moon sees that Ludo is in possession of a magic wand. Upon returning to the Forest of Certain Death, Dennis asks Moon if she can help Ludo, and Moon says she'll do what she can.

In "Starcrushed", Dennis is briefly mentioned by Moon, who tells Ludo that he misses his big brother and is worried about him.

In "Ludo, Where Art Thou?", Dennis, with the help of Ludo's giant spider, goes on a journey to locate his brother after finding his dimensional scissors. He eventually finds him living in a house made of garbage within the dimensional void, where Ludo has apparently gone mad from prolonged solitude. With Ludo's inadvertent help, Dennis works through his issues involving his parents, built up from their constant verbal abuse.

In "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell", Dennis finally moves out of his parents' home and buys back the deed to Castle Avarius with his family's life savings, unaware that he had been conned by a seedy land baron into having to surrender the deed again after the castle is rebuilt. With Ludo's help, Dennis keeps the deed to the castle, and the two brothers try to make a new life for themselves.

In "Cleaved", Dennis briefly appears playing basketball with Ludo just before the Earth and Mewni dimensions are merged into one.



Ludo and Dennis.

Dennis's relationship with Ludo is suggested to be very warm and friendly, unlike Ludo's relationship with the rest of his family. Dennis expresses concern and worry for Ludo in "Face the Music", and Ludo asks Queen Moon how Dennis is doing in "Starcrushed", suggesting that they are (or were previously) very close. In "Ludo, Where Art Thou?", Dennis calls Ludo his hero because he was the only one among their siblings brave enough to leave home.

In "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell", Dennis tries his best to help Ludo build a new life, but is irritated by his inablity to let go of his old one (despite unknowingly exacerbating these feelings), eventually storming off in anger over Ludo seeming caring more about stealing the wand than him. He regains his faith in Ludo after his brother retrieves the deed to Castle Avarius, and happily plays basketball with him.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: With his large feathered arms, Dennis is capable of flying through the sky like a bird, even while carrying at least one person on his back.


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