"Diaz Family Vacation" is the ninth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 20, 2015, alongside "Brittney's Party".[2]


After inviting the Diazes on a trip to Mewni as a last minute anniversary present, Star and Marco must save them from a many-headed serpent.[3]


Star talks to her parents on the mirror phone about her father's upcoming throne-sitting lectures. Her mother notices the dimensional scissors she got from Princess Pony Head, but Star manages to play them off as Earth scissors. After she finishes talking with her parents, Marco comes in and tells Star it's his parents' anniversary. Star feels bad because she didn't get them anything and thinks they're cool, much to Marco's disturbance.

As Angie plays with Rafael's chest hair on the couch, Marco gives them their anniversary presents: fanny packs, which he apparently gifts them with every year. While Angie praises Marco for his thoughtful gift, a guilty Star blurts out that she got them a trip to her homeworld of Mewni. Star takes everyone to Mewni and shows them the small villages, staying away from her castle so no one recognizes her. However, Star sees her father, so she drags the Diazes into the Forest of Certain Death. Rafael and Angie narrowly miss many dangers, including man-eating plants and monsters. Star spots her father tracking something and nervously tells Marco that she will take them home, but as soon as she turns back, Marco's parents are gone.

Star and Marco find a Hydra, the Diazes' clothes, and see movement in the hydra's stomach, coming to the conclusion that it ate Marco's parents. Star and Marco fight it off and defeat it by tangling its heads in knots. Just then, Star's father jumps in and slices the hydra's stomach open; the villagers recently devoured by the hydra are freed, but the Diazes are nowhere to be found. Star, Marco, and King Butterfly soon discover Rafael and Angie enjoying a hot spring.

Soon after, Star and her father confront each other. King Butterfly scolds Star for not staying on Earth as she was told, but Star points out that he's supposed to be giving a lecture. As it turns out, King Butterfly has been secretly fighting monsters to vent his frustrations, and Star realizes that she inherited her monster-fighting skills from him. They agree not to mention any of this to Star's mother and reconcile with a hug. Marco tells Star it's cool she got to see a different side of her father. Rafael suddenly walks by, still naked, and Marco shields Star's eyes, wishing that he hadn't seen that side of his father.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 迪亞家度假去 Diaz Family on Vacation
Dutch Diaz Familie Vakantie Diaz Family Vacation
French Les Vacances de la famille Diaz Diaz Family Vacation
German Der verrückte Ausflug The Crazy Trip
Hebrew החופשה המשפחתית של משפחת דיאז Diaz Family Vacation
Hungarian A Diaz család nyaralása The Diaz Family Holiday
Italian Il regalo per l'anniversario The Gift For The Anniversary
Japanese ミューニへようこそ Welcome to Mewni
Polish Wakacje rodziny Diaz Diaz Family Holiday
Portuguese (Brazil) Férias da Família Diaz Diaz Family Vacation
Portuguese (Portugal) As Férias da Família Diaz Diaz Family Vacation
Russian Отпуск семьи Диас Diaz Family Vacation
Spanish Las Vacaciones de la Familia Díaz Diaz Family Vacation


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S1E9 The Diazes enjoying a hot spring
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  • Star visits Mewni for the first time after being sent away in "Star Comes to Earth".
  • Marco, Rafael, and Angie Diaz visit Mewni for the first time in this episode.
  • As an addition to their cheerful and optimistic demeanor, this is the first episode where Rafael and Angie appear to act lovey dovey to each other, because it was their anniversary.

Revelations and continuity

  • It is revealed that King Butterfly likes to take breaks from ruling to fight monsters and that Star inherited her monster-fighting skills from him.


  • The scene where the salesman flashes his cape open in front of the Diazes is similar to a scene from the Disney film Hercules, where Hercules, Phil and Pegasus meet a sundial salesman who flashes his cape open, offering them a sundial.


  • When Star is talking to her parents, her wand is seen next to her scissors, but when Moon calls them out, it disappears until a later scene.
  • Rafael usually has one visible chest hair, but when Angie plays with it, he appears with much more chest hair.
  • The top of Angie's hair shape is different when she cuddles Rafael. When Marco gives them their fanny pack gift, her hair shape returns to normal.
  • Rafael doesn't have his arm around Angie when she plays with his chest hair. When Marco gives walks up to them, he has his arm around her.
  • When Rafael jumps up and down with Star and Angie, Angie's hair appears longer than usual because her upper body suddenly appears smaller.
  • Marco said Rafael and Angie were only wearing the fanny packs in the hot spring. However, in the previous shot where Star and Marco find their clothes, Rafael's fanny pack is seen.


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