Dimension X-103 is Hekapoo's home dimension and where the dimensional scissors are forged. It has a time flow different from that of the Earth, where eight minutes on Earth are equivalent to sixteen years.


X-103 consists mainly of barren and arid lands. It has decayed vegetation and large crags and volcanoes.

The main and only known location is Hekapoo's forge where the dimensional scissors are manufactured.


In "Running with Scissors", Marco is pulled into X-103 by Hekapoo, who had discovered he had been abusing the scissors Star lent him, which were actually Hekapoo's scissors. In order to get the scissors back, Marco agrees to win them by blowing out the flame on Hekapoo's head, which she makes nearly impossible by creating hundreds of clones of herself. However, Marco spends the next sixteen years hunting down Hekapoo's clones until he finally finds the original and earns his own pair of scissors. When Star arrives, revealing that only eight minutes have passed since his departure from Earth, Marco decides to return with her, though Hekapoo reminds him that he can return whenever he wants with his new scissors.

In "Night Life", Marco and Hekapoo travel through X-103 looking for one of the portals that Star had been unknowingly opening for the last few days. There, it is revealed that Marco resumes his adult form when he enters Hekapoo's dimension.


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