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Dimensional scissors are magical scissors that can cut open portals to other dimensions. Hekapoo of the Magic High Commission forges them for other people's use, but only when they rightfully earn them.


Dimensional scissors are used for traveling between dimensions. By cutting anywhere in the air with the desired dimension to travel to in mind, the scissors create a portal. The portal itself usually reflects the designated dimension, like the portal to the Amethyst Arcade being pixelated and the portal to the Scum Bucket looking like blue waves. After someone passes through the portal, the portal either closes by itself or it can manually be closed by someone.

The scissors can also be used as weapons, as demonstrated by Hekapoo. As revealed in "Deep Dive" and "Ludo, Where Art Thou?", if a scissors user does not have a specific destination in mind when using them, the portal that they open leads to a dead end.

Scissor variations

Hekapoo/Pony Head/Star Butterfly's scissors

Star's scissors have a red handle with a light blue diamond in it and silver blades. They were originally Pony Head's, but before distracting the Guards of St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses in an attempt to rescue Marco, Pony Head gives them to Star in "Party With a Pony". Despite Star's regular use of the scissors, her parents have forbidden her from using them, as revealed in "Diaz Family Vacation". In "Running with Scissors", it is revealed that Pony Head originally stole these scissors from Hekapoo, and she retrieves the scissors from Marco after he misuses them.

In "Starcrushed", Hekapoo has a different pair of scissors that she can separate and wield like short swords. These scissors have bronze, sharp-edged handles, and dark-silver blades.

Manfred's scissors

Manfred's scissors have a crystal-like appearance, with a very pale blue jewel in the handle.

Buff Frog's scissors

Buff Frog's scissors are gray with a spiky dark gray handle.

Ludo's scissors

Ludo's scissors are light gray with horns on the handle.

Princess Smooshy's scissors

Princess Smooshy's scissors are yellow with blue and pink handles.

Marco Diaz's scissors

Marco's scissors have pale gold blades with bluish-gray handles and a fireball-like emblem on the center hinge. He receives these scissors from Hekapoo after he beats the sixteen-year-long challenge of blowing out the flame on her head.

Ruberiot's scissors

Ruberiot's scissors are entirely silver with straight blades, a gold bolt on the center hinge, and a circular gap in the handles.


  • Multiple characters possess them, as the scissors appear to be the main way of traveling to other dimensions.
  • Each pair of scissors have different designs, such as different colors, shapes, and details, normally in a way that matches their wielder.
    • Buff Frog's handles resemble his ears. Princess Smooshy's match her color scheme, one handle being blue, the other being lavender.
  • Dimensional scissors cannot be used to cut like normal scissors. Star tries to trick her parents into believing her scissors are just a normal pair of scissors by cutting a piece of paper in "Diaz Family Vacation", but it also opens a tiny portal.
  • Instead of scissors, Rasticore uses a dimensional chainsaw, which also functions as a regular chainsaw. According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Rasticore converted this chainsaw from a pair of dimensional scissors, which his wanted poster classifies as "unlawful alteration of unregistered, protected magic items". The chainsaw is less efficient than regular dimensional scissors, as it usually takes a few tries for Rasticore to start it up.
  • St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses has a "Tramorfidian Crystal" tower that prevents the use of dimensional scissors. The tower is later destroyed by Star.
  • It is likely that, after magic is destroyed and Hekapoo is erased from existence, all dimensional scissors are either destroyed as well or rendered inactive, and just like normal scissors.