"Divide" is the thirty-seventh episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 7, 2018, alongside "Conquer".[2][3]


Star becomes acting Queen and plans for Marco and his warriors to delay Meteora from reaching Castle Butterfly long enough for Star to find Moon and destroy the monster princess.[4]


The episode begins with Eclipsa explaining to Star everything that happened during the events of "Tough Love": she stopped Queen Moon from destroying Meteora, Moon ran away through a giant rainbow-colored dimensional portal, and now Meteora is on her way to Butterfly Castle. With Moon gone, Star has assumed the role of acting queen of Mewni, but she insists it is only temporarily until her mother returns, and she is overwhelmed by the sudden wave of responsibility and decision-making.

Star is informed by Manfred that Meteora is stealing more people's souls, and she meets with her royal council to discuss a plan of action. However, she does not trust the Magic High Commission after they deceived the Butterfly family for generations, Mina Loveberry has already lost against Meteora, and the rest of Star's council offers no viable solutions. She retreats to her bedroom, refusing to even decide on the castle's dinner menu. When Sir Lavabo enters with a freshly-cleaned and organized set of laundry, Star sees how dependable and independent Lavabo is and considers sending him to fight Meteora.

Marco disagrees with this decision and volunteers to go after Meteora himself. Star is skeptical of Marco's skills, but he demonstrates his capability and fighting prowess by fending off Star's strongest spells. Star is still not sure Marco can defeat Meteora, but Marco says he just has to buy Star enough time for her to find her mother and bring her home. The two agree to "divide and conquer"; Star goes to find her mother in the Realm of Magic while Marco keeps Meteora from reaching the castle. Marco warns Star that the last time she visited the Realm of Magic, she lost her memories, but Star says she has no choice. With a farewell hug, they each set out on their respective missions.

In the Realm of Magic, Star searches for her mother and blocks out all distractions around her. In preparation for the dimension's effects on her memories, Star left herself a repeating message on her compact phone to remind her of who she is and what her mission is. Meanwhile, Marco assembles a fighting force to combat Meteora that he calls the "Marc-nificent Seven", consisting of himself, Hekapoo, Kelly, Jorby, Talon Raventalon, Pony Head, and Tom Lucitor. Together, they make a plan to lure Meteora to the center of a large circle—using Marco as bait—and trap her in a ring of flames. As they prepare for Meteora's arrival, Tom tells Marco that, despite how tenuous their relationship has been in the past, he truly likes and respects Marco, and he is confident they'll make it through this coming battle.

Back in the Realm of Magic, Star's search for her mother (and continued resistance against the realm's effects on her memories) leads her to a trail of black water in the gold stream. She follows the trail to her mother Moon, bathing naked in a small grotto surrounded by crystal spires. Thanks to the gold water's healing properties, Moon's eyes are back to normal, and her arms are completely healed of their black veins. However, due to the Realm of Magic's effects on her memories, she doesn't know who she is or who Star is. Star tries to remind her with pictures of their family on her phone, but it doesn't work. She tries to drag Moon away, but then she starts to lose her own memories as well.

Dressed up as "Princess Turdina", Marco pretends to be a rebel princess in distress to draw out Meteora. Meteora appears, and Marco tries to run away on his dragoncycle Nachos, but Meteora uses her soul-stealing powers to absorb Nachos' soul. Marco, Kelly, and Jorby lure Meteora toward their trap, but Meteora steals Jorby's soul as well. Marco and Kelly lure Meteora into the circle, and Tom sets the circle on fire, seemingly trapping Meteora inside. Unfortunately, Meteora uses her tail to instantly put out the flames, causing Marco and his friends to flee.

In the Realm of Magic, Star and Moon have fun dipping their feet in the water. However, Star finds a note addressed to herself and more compact phone recordings in her boot, and she briefly gets her memories back. She transforms into her mewberty form and opens a portal for her and her mother to escape through, but she loses her memories again before they can. Back on Mewni, Marco and his friends continue to fight against Meteora, but Pony Head eventually has her soul taken as well. As Marco wonders where Star is, Star and Moon frolic through the Realm of Magic, and the portal Star opened earlier closes.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Opgesplitst Divided
Japanese 決戦 Decisive Battle
European Portuguese Dividir Divide


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S3E37 Star 'I'm here to take you home'
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Revelations and continuity

  • Star's struggles as acting queen of Mewni share many parallels with her mother's struggles in "Moon the Undaunted".
  • Marco is revealed to have retained his sixteen years of fighting experience while pursuing Hekapoo in "Running with Scissors".
  • Hekapoo is suggested to have a crush on Talon Raventalon because of his body.
  • Tom recalls the events of "Blood Moon Ball", "Mr. Candle Cares", "Friendenemies", "Naysaya", and "Monster Arm".
  • Nachos, Jorby, and Pony Head lose their souls to Meteora.
  • Moon's black veins and her soulless eye disappear due to the Realm of Magic's healing properties.


  • Tom's battle outfit shares some similarities with the armor worn by Zuko and the Fire Nation soldiers in Avatar: The Last Airbender, including the top knot in his hair.
  • "Marc-nificent Seven" is a reference to the 1960 film The Magnificent Seven, in which a group of seven gunmen are hired to protect a small Mexican village from bandits.
  • Marco's sword "El Choppo" is named after real-life Mexican drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.


  • When Moon is bathing, both her eyes appear normal. However, when she splashes herself and opens her eyes, one of them is black and then comes in.
  • When Marco swings his sword at Tom, Tom briefly has five fingers on his right hand instead of four.
  • In one scene where Tom looks upwards, his sharp teeth are replaced with normal teeth.
  • In one scene, the buttons on Star's outfit in her mewberty form are miscolored.


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