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Episode begins in Marco Diaz's bedroom at the Monster Temple; Star Butterfly looks an almanac.
Star Butterfly Hmmm...
Marco Diaz (o.s.) Whatcha lookin' at over there?
Star Oh, it's, uh, Alphonse's Atlas of the Multiverse. Tom gave it to me, so I could circle places I wanted to go on our trip, but, man, I didn't realize how many places I've already been to.
Marco Oh. Well, in that case, might I recommend... [pulls out a hook from his right sleeve] ...Pie Island? One taste of our pies, and you'll be hooked! [chuckles, drops hook in the box next to him]
Star Oh, Pie King. I remember him. [in a deep voice] Oh, look at me! I'm the king of pies, and I'm going to make pies out of you! [gnaws on Marco's left sleeve]
Marco [chuckles] Uh, Star?
Star [stops gnawing] Hmm?
Marco I should, uh, probably get going.
Star Oh, yeah! [chuckles] Of course. Gotta head back to Earth.
Marco Still can't believe I'm going to be a big brother!
Star You're going to be such a good big bro.
Janna enters the room with a large pile of luggage.
Janna Ordonia Hey, Diaz. Give me a hand with this stuff, would ya?
Marco Janna, what is all that?
Janna I've acquired a few...
The top of a pouch falls off, revealing a huge eyeball inside of it.
Janna ...souvenirs. Always lift with your back.
Tom Lucitor Hey, Star! Are you almost ready for our trip?
Star [turns around to see Tom and a couple of backpacks behind him]
Tom These bags are pretty heavy. Aren't they, Petey?
Camera pans up to reveal a tiny red demon flapping his wings to lift the bags off the ground.
Petey [pants] Maybe just a little, Master Thomas.
Star [waves] Hi, Petey!
Marco [hugs Star] Have a great trip, guys.
Star [hugs Marco back] Aw, thanks, Marco!
Tom [hugs both of them]
Janna You better send some cheesy postcards!
Tom Oh, you know we will!
Star Oh yeah, you've got some Limburger comin' your way, Janna! [opens dimensional portal using Marco's dimensional scissors] Bon voyage!
Janna Whew! Thank goodness for portals. I'd never be able to get this stuff through airport security.
Janna and Marco walk through the portal, leaving Star alone with Tom and Petey.
Tom So, are you stoked for our trip?
Star Oh, I am so ready for some time away! I'm done being a princess. [scoffs] I can finally do whatever I want! [laughs] Okay, I just need to say a few goodbyes, then we are out of here!
Tom Hey, no rush! We've got all day.
Petey [sweats and chuckles nervously] All day...
Star Hey, Petey! Look alive! [throws the atlas at Petey]
The atlas hits Petey, knocking him down to the ground. Scene shifts to the Monster Temple, where calm chattering can be heard.
Tom Wow, Monster Temple is gonig off!
Star Yeah! It's pretty cool to see things going so well in the kingdom.
Inside the Monster Temple, Mewmans and monsters are seen mingling with each other.
Globgor lifts Eclipsa over the crowd, and Eclipsa waves to Star and Tom.
Eclipsa Butterfly Yoo-hoo! Star! Tom!
Tom and Star approach Eclipsa and Globgor's thrones.
Eclipsa Well, hello, you two.
Meteora Butterfly [babbles, gives Star a piece of paper with scribbles on it]
Star Oh, what is this, li'l baby Meteora?
Glossaryck Meteora made you a going-away card.
Star Awww! Baby, it's perfect!
Eclipsa Globgor and I have a little something for you too.
Globgor pulls out a Mewman-shaped cake.
Eclipsa and Globgor Surprise!
Eclipsa We baked it ourselves!
Star You baked us... a Mewman?
Tom Yes!
Eclipsa Oh, heavens, no! It's a cake, darling!
Globgor It's vegan!
Star Oh, you guys! [takes head of the Mewman cake and eats it] Mm, that's good Mewman.
Petey Oh, my goodness!
Tom I love you so much.
Globgor We're very sad to see you guys go.
Eclipsa But, even so, though it may be a new chapter for Mewni, it's also a new chapter for you. So get out there and write! Write the rest of your marvelous story!
Star Thank you, Eclipsa. Bye, Globgor! Bye, guys!
Tom Bye, see ya.
Eclipsa [waves goodbye] Bye!
Globgor [waves goodbye] Bye-bye! Bye! Where are they going, anyway?
Eclipsa I don't know.
Scene cuts to Pony Head's house.
Pony Head Aww, like, you guys! Our lives are totally changing, or whatever! Like, you're going on your big trip with your handsome demon boy!
Star [hugs Pony Head]
Pony Head And then it's just, like, little old me. Like, what am I left with? [sheds a rainbow tear]
Star Are you kidding? You've got The Ponyhead Show!
Pony Head [gasps] That's right! Seahorse!
Seahorse appears with his back turned to Star, Tom, and Pony Head. The set for The Ponyhead Show! sets up around them.
Seahorse Yes?
Pony Head Get a close-up of my tears, fool!
Seahorse [wheels camera towards Pony Head] Y-y-y-y-yes, of course, my dear!
Star Pony Head, why is Seahorse wearing that blinking bracelet?
Pony Head Oh, he's on probation.
Seahorse If I go outside, I'll explode.
Tom All right, good show! We got to get going here.
Star [whimpers] I'm going to miss this so much! [hugs Pony Head] Oh, I love you, Pony Head!
Pony Head Aw, I love you too, baby girl! You crazy kids go have fun, now!
Star [waves goodbye] We will!
Tom Bye, Pony Head!
Pony Head (o.s) Seahorse, tell me you filmed that fond farewell!
Scene cuts to Star on a cornball field, rubbing her hands together.
Star All right, Katrina! Let's see what you've got— [gets hit in stomach with cornball] Oof!
Katrina charges towards her.
Star [screams]
Cut to back when Katrina tackles Star. Star opens her eyes, and Katrina stands over her.
Katrina Star? [helps Star stand up] You can still take a tackle.
Star Oh! And you... are stronger than I remember. [hands the cornball back to Katrina]
Buff Frog and some of Katrina's siblings walk up to Katrina.
Buff Frog Hey, hey! That's my girl, eh? Strong like bull! Eh, frog. Bullfrog.
Katrina [autographs cornball] Here you go, Star. It'll be worth a lot of money someday, when I'm a famous athlete. [gives signed cornball to Star]
Star There's not a doubt in my mind that you'll be the next cornball queen! [shoves cornball into Tom's stomach]
Tom Oof!
Buff Frog Is funny thing, Star Butterfly. One moment you are young, having whole life ahead of you. And next, kaboomski! You are fat old Buff Frog with teenagers for boss! [chuckles, hugs his children] As parent, I live for my children's choices now!
Star [tearing up] Aw, Buff Frog, that is the sweetest I've ever heard! Come here, you guys! [hugs Buff Frogs and his kids] Ohhh!
Tom OK, see ya. [looks at his watch] We are... almost out of here. We just got to say goodbye to your folks. We should really get going.
Buff Frog Hey, demon boy, one more thing. You watch out for Star on this trip. [menacingly] Or you will answer to me.
Tom [sweating] Oh, I-I will, sir.
Buff Frog [expression changes to smile] Great! Go and have a good time!
Katrina Bye! Bye, Star!
Tom Think fast, Petey. [tosses cornball at Petey]
Petey [catches cornball with his feet, chuckles nervously, follows Star and Tom]
Scene cuts to Moon Butterfly's village of yurt people. Camera pans right and stops at a table, at which Star and Moon are having tea.
Star [sips tea] So, you probably don't approve of me going on such a long trip, huh?
Moon Butterfly On the contrary, dear. You're going to experience so much! [sips tea]
Star How about you and Dad? What are your plans?
Moon We're actually very happy where we are. I would never have imagined that I would be comfortable living in a house made of sticks and leaves, but there's a beautiful simplicity to life in a yurt. And, of course, your father has his hunting classto keep him busy.
River Butterfly, dressed as a bear, teaches the villagers to hunt.
River Butterfly Now, hunt me, like you mean it! [pounces on Mewman and pretends to gnaw on him]
Mewman [whimpers] Help!
River Rah! You are being mauled by a bear! Come on! [continues pretending to gnaw on Mewman]
Mewman Please help! [screams]
Scene cuts to Star, Tom, and Petey leaving the village and walking through the woods.
Tom So, uh, that went pretty well actually.
Star Yeah!
Tom And we've said goodbye to everyone, right?
Star Uh, yeah...
Tom Great!
Star Oh, no, wait! Uh, maybe, uh... Maybe we, uh... Maybe we didn't, um... get, uh, get everyone... Oh! Doop-Doop!
Tom Uh, what?
Star and Tom stand outside an abandoned outhouse.
Star [excitedly dancing] Doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doop-doooop!
Tom O-Oh, you have to, uh, make a "doop-doop"?
Star Oh, I already did. In here. [kicks open outhouse door]
Inside the outhouse is a broomstick with eyes and a mouth, sleeping against the wall.
Star [gasps] Doop-Doop! Aw, you know I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to my first magic spell!
Doop-Doop [opens eyes] Hello...?
Star Hey, buddy! Ah, Doop-Doop, what's new?
Doop-Doop Uh... Oh, Star! Oh, w-w-well, nothing's new s-since you abandoned me in here, roasting in the sun all these years!
Star Yeah. Pretty hot, huh?
Doop-Doop [coughing]
Tom stares blankly as Doop-Doop coughes and wheezes.
Tom Okay, well... See you later, Doop-Doop. Uh, but we really have to— W-We've got to get going.
Star Yeah, yeah, we should go. We've got to go... to Apple Jeff's!
Tom Apple who?!
Star Apple Jeff! Duh! The last last person I need to say goodbye to! Or is he? [starts to raise another finger]
Tom Uhhhh...
Star Oh, come on! He's real close! [pushes Tom out of the outhouse]
Doop-Doop Huh? Oh, yay, an adventure! All right, let's get going! W-Whoa [falls on the floor face-down] Ugh. Ohhh. I fell down. Just like a regular broom!
Scene cuts to Star and Tom walking through the woods again.
Tom Star. Okay, w-what, what's going on here? Are we taking this trip or not?
Star Trip? Yeah, of course we're going, Tom! It's just... There's more friends to say goodbye to.
Tom Sorry, more people than Apple Jeff? Who I never heard of before?
Star Well... yeah! Like Rasticore. Uh, t-that robot guy who used to hang out with Meteora. Or is he dead?
Tom Okay, okay, all right, all right. Petey, let me see that atlas.
Petey [panting, carries atlas over to Tom]
Tom [flips through atlas' pages] Ugh! You didn't circle anything! Is there anywhere in here that looks cool?
Star Well... Tom, it's just...
Tom smiles, while Star continues to give him a worried look.
Star ...I don't know where to go!
Tom Um, oh. Yeah, okay. Well, that's fine. We can pick a place together.
Star No, I really don't know where to go or what to do.
Tom [gives atlas back to Petey] Star, you're... you're acting like you don't want to go. You do want to go, don't you?
Star I think... I'm really excited to not be a princess. And now that Mewni doesn't need me, now that I'm free... I think I need time to figure things out.
Tom But I... [groans] Oh, I wish you would've told me this sooner!
Star Oh, Tom, please... don't be upset.
Tom [strained] Nope! Not upset! I... don't want to pressure you or anything!
Star Oh, you are upset. I can tell.
Tom Okay! Okay, I'm upset! But I'm allowed to be! Just like how you're allowed to be, uh, you know, I...! [groans, sighs] Look. You should take your time. If you want to. If you need to. [starts walking away]
Star You don't have to go.
Tom Oh, I'm gonna go. I don't know where, but you know what? It's gonna be great.
Tom summons a wall of fire, along with his skeleton horse-drawn carriage.
Tom I'll leave my phone on. Let me know when you've figured it out, okay?
Star Okay...
Tom gets inside the carriage. The wall of fire appears again, transporting Tom and his carriage to the Underworld.
Petey Master! Don't forget your bags! [throws the backpacks in the fire, which disintegrate into ashes] Shhh! [jumps into the fire before it vanishes]
Star kneels down to the ground and places a hand near the hole.
Star [sighs] Oh, Tom.
Scene cuts to the exterior of the Diaz Household; Star rings the doorbell, and Rafael Diaz answers.
Rafael Diaz [gasps] Star! Star Butterfly! [pulls Star into the house and hugs her] Look who came to visit!
Marco [turns around] Star? You're... here?! You're here!
Star Uh-huh. [attempts to hug Marco, but misses as Marco moves away]
Marco Awesome! Hey, close your eyes for a second! [runs off-screen]
Rafael Diaz [covers Star's eyes with his hand] Got 'em!
Star [laughs] Okay. What's going on?
Marco brings Angie over to Star. Rafael uncovers Star's eyes. Angie has a baby girl in her arms.
Marco Star, meet Mariposa, my new baby sister.
Star [gasps] Sister?! I-I thought you were getting a brother!
Rafael For how much money these doctors charge, you'd think they would be much better at their jobs.
Angie hands the baby to Star, who immediately cradles her in her arms. Mariposa looks at Star before setting her head on Star's chest and cooing. Star smiles warmly at the baby.
Marco It's so good to see you.
Star Yeah. It's... It's good to be back.
Episode ends on exterior shot of the Diaz Household.
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