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Echo Creek[1] is a fictional[2] town in Los Angeles, California[3][4] that Star is sent to live in and one of the main settings for Star vs. the Forces of Evil. This is where Marco lives and is the main location for Season 1 and 2.


S1E3 Echo Creek Academy exterior

Echo Creek's High school

  • Echo Creek Academy - The town's high school.
  • The Diaz Household - Rafael Diaz, Angie Diaz, and Marco Diaz's home and Star's home while she lives on Earth.
  • Stop & Slurp - A convenience store.
  • Hill-Trank Plaza - A small strip mall where Sensei Brantley's dojo is located.
  • Britta's Tacos - A fast food restaurant that sells Mexican food. After Star destroys the magic in "Cleaved", this establishment partially sinks into the ground.
  • Echo Creek Mud Pits - A tourist attraction that, as the name implies, possesses several pits of mud, with fake mammoths placed within them. It is a parody of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.
  • Echo Creek Park - A park where people go to enjoy being outside and walk their dogs.
  • Emilio's Pizza - A pizzeria, of which Marco is a regular customer.
  • Cemetery - The final resting place for the deceased of Echo Creek.
  • Veterinary Clinic - A place where wounded or sick animals are tended to.
  • Concert Hall - The location of a Love Sentence concert.
  • Echo Creek Pier - A pier with several carnival games and rides, eateries and restaurants, and a small beach.
  • Police Department - The local police headquarters.


  • According to Brian H. Kim, as each dimension has a different "sound", Echo Creek is laid-back LA indie rock.[5]
  • "Collateral Damage" reveals that Echo Creek was founded in 1846 by a group of settlers known as the Bonner Party.


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