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I'd rather be hated for who I am than liked for who I pretend to be.
―Eclipsa Butterfly[src]

Eclipsa Butterfly, also known as Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness, is the 29th and 38th Queen of the Kingdom of Mewni.[5] Once presumed to be Star Butterfly's sixth great-grandmother and Moon Butterfly's fifth great-grandmother, she is later revealed to be the mother of Meteora Butterfly. She is first alluded to in "Into the Wand".

Eclipsa unofficially regains her status as Queen of Mewni after Star gives the wand back to her in "Conquer", and she officially regains her status in "Cornonation", up until she returns the wand to Moon in "Pizza Party".


Eclipsa has pale skin, poofy teal hair, mauve eyes, and hibiscus red spade-shaped marks on her cheeks. She wears a long, dark purple Gothic-themed dress with a brown ring at the waist, a large black sun hat with gray and white feathers and a thorny branch, a white cravat with a light purple crescent moon on it, long mauve gloves, and black flats with pale purple socks. Eclipsa also has maroon-colored lipstick and black mascara and purple eye shadow. Underneath her gloves, her hands are dark purple with purple veins sprouting out on her arms. Eclipsa also wears a wedding ring on the middle finger of her left hand. She is 5' 2" (1.57 m) tall.[5]

In "Stranger Danger", it is revealed that, without her hat, Eclipsa's hair reaches down to her waist. She does not wear the cravat around her neck.

In "Sweet Dreams" and "Total Eclipsa the Moon", she wears pink-and-white pajamas with spades, a purple bandanna, and white furry slippers.

In "Butterfly Trap", Eclipsa dons a red dress with a red coat and red flats along with a white beaded necklace and cuffs alongside her usual purple gloves, wedding ring, and her hat. In the same episode, it's revealed that as queen, Eclipsa wore a long grey dress with translucent fabric over the shoulders and a black broach around the neck, grey flats, and a gold crown very similar to Moon's. Her hair also appeared a bit wider.

In her Butterfly Form in "Cleaved", Eclipsa has six arms, large purple wings, and two furry antennae, and her hair stands up slightly. As of this episode, her arms are also cleansed of their black veins (due to being plunged into the liquid magic), and she no longer has cheek marks (due to the destruction of magic itself).


According to Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells, Eclipsa was born to Solaria Butterfly. When she was still young, she snuck out of the castle and its here that she seems to have first met Globgor. During the next round of negotiations with the monsters, Eclipsa snuck out again and met Globgor there. However, her mother saw them and, believing Globgor had kidnapped her, attacked him, causing Eclipsa to cry. Over the years, Eclipsa and Globgor would continue to meet up in secret and their relationship eventually blossomed into a romance.

As Solaria's only child, Eclipsa was to be designated the heir apparent and as such, her mother passed the royal wand onto her when she turned 14. A few years later, when Eclipsa was still a teenager, Queen Solaria was killed in an ambush and Eclipsa inherited the throne. Throughout her rule, she secretly worked with Globgor to secure peace with the monsters. However, in her will, Solaria demanded Eclipsa marry Prince Shastacan from the Spiderbite Kingdom for political reasons. Eclipsa complied with her late mother's wishes, despite Shastacan's repellent personality and sole interest in marrying for status. At first the two gave each other space, until Shastacan wanted her to bear his children to continue the royal line. This caused Eclipsa to reveal her love for Globgor and henceforth she became known as the "Queen of Darkness." Eclipsa eventually left the kingdom, believing it to be for the best.

Details on what happened next are sparse, but Eclipsa seems to have moved in with Globgor at the Monster Temple where the two had their child, Meteora Butterfly. However, at some point Shastacan and the Magic High Commission found Eclipsa and her family, now believing she was evil due to her loving a monster. While the exact order of what followed is unclear, Eclipsa and Globgor ended up being crystallized by Rhombulus and held in the Crystal Dimension and Monster Temple respectively, while Shastacan took Meteora and gave her to St. Olga, before being eaten by Globgor.

In the episode "Into the Wand", Star Butterfly travels inside her magic wand and learns about some of her royal ancestors via the tapestries in what she calls the "Grandma Room" of Butterfly Castle. According to a passage inscribed on her tapestry's pedestal, Eclipsa was wed to the Mewman king Shastacan, but she took a monster named Globgor as her lover and ran away with him.

During her life, Eclipsa developed a number of spells that were (or would later come to be) associated with dark magic, including the All-Seeing Eye.[6] These spells were recorded in the pages of the wand's Magic Instruction Book, and her entire chapter was deemed "forbidden" and sealed behind a skull-shaped lock (which could only be opened by Glossaryck) to prevent others from reading them. She is also the only queen who never questioned Glossaryck's teaching methods.[7]

According to Baby in the episode of the same name, Eclipsa had a very high affinity for magic compared to other queens, rivaled only by Star herself. It is also presumed from a remark by King Butterfly that Eclipsa harbored sympathy for Mewni's monsters, a sentiment shared by very few of her fellow Mewmans and royals.

In "Crystal Clear", Eclipsa is seen among the various interdimensional creatures that Rhombulus has imprisoned in crystal.

In Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni, Eclipsa appears in Queen Moon's flashback. Rhombulus briefly unfreezes part of her body so Moon can make a deal with her in order to defeat Toffee. Upon being unfrozen, Eclipsa asks Moon for a chocolate bar from the nearby vending machine, having gone for several centuries without any food, and she sympathizes with Moon, since they both lost their mothers at a young age. When Moon asks Eclipsa to teach her a spell that can kill an immortal, Eclipsa agrees in exchange for her eventual freedom, and they form a magical contract. As soon as they strike the deal, however, Rhombulus immediately freezes Eclipsa again. In the present, following Toffee's defeat and a brief visit from Moon, part of Eclipsa's crystal prison cracks, hinting at an eventual escape.

In "Stranger Danger", Eclipsa meets Star Butterfly after escaping from her crystal prison, and the two strike up a friendship. However, once her escape is discovered, the Magic High Commission put her in a dungeon. Although she is revealed to have committed several questionable acts in the past, including eloping with a monster, the Commission is unsure if she is truly evil, and Star convinces them to give Eclipsa a fair trial.

In "Lint Catcher", Eclipsa appears to be under some form of house arrest until her trial, chained by her ankle to a tree with dragon shackles as she feeds the local birds, and helps Star with her troubles concerning Marco. Eclipsa warns Star that, contrary to popular opinion, attending to the laundry is the most dangerous job in the castle, prompting Star to rescue Marco.

In "Sweet Dreams", Eclipsa saves Marco and Star from being lost in the void. When Marco reacts to her presence with hostility, she playfully mocks his karate stance. After Star ejects Marco from her room, she and Eclipsa talk, with Eclipsa revealing she managed to escape her confinement in her tower through the use of secret passages. Eclipsa encourages Star to embrace the dreams she's been having and see where they lead, telling her "all knowledge is good knowledge". Eclipsa then goes back to her tower through a passageway behind a picture on Star's bedroom wall.

In "Monster Bash", Eclipsa is revealed to be the mother of Meteora Butterfly, the true identity of Miss Heinous.

In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", Eclipsa helps Queen Moon solve a mystery involving the true identity of Eclipsa's daughter, with Moon reluctantly allowing Eclipsa to accompany her to the Bureaucracy of Magic's royal archives. Inside the archives, Eclipsa discovers that all records of her daughter Meteora were replaced by Festivia the Fun. After escaping detection by the Magic High Commission, Eclipsa is distraught at the erasure of her daughter's existence, but Moon believes that her daughter is still alive.

In "Butterfly Trap", Eclipsa's trial is held, which reveals that her daughter's erasure from the Mewni records was orchestrated by the Magic High Commission on orders from her ex-husband King Shastacan. Despite being found guilty of "crimes against Mewmanity", Star nonetheless sets her free.

In "Tough Love", Eclipsa works together with Moon to find Meteora as she wreaks destruction across Mewni. Upon reuniting with her daughter, Eclipsa tries to reason with her using tough love. When that fails, Moon attempts to capture and incapacitate Meteora by force, but Eclipsa intervenes, resulting in an attack that leaves Moon in a vulnerable state and forcing her to escape through a portal.

In "Divide", Eclipsa informs Star of everything that happened during the events of "Tough Love", and Star confines her to her chambers to prevent her from intervening during the upcoming battle against Meteora. In "Conquer", Eclipsa escapes her confinement and is forced to once again take up the royal magic wand to defeat Meteora once and for all. After Meteora is reverted to a baby, Eclipsa takes her and leaves Mewni to be with her husband Globgor again.

In "Butterfly Follies", Eclipsa becomes the new queen of Mewni after Star relinquishes the throne to her. As queen, she forbids the wrongful imprisonment and mistreatment of monsters. She also has the monsters to help her free Globgor from his crystal prison, only to no avail.

In "Moon Remembers", she is overjoyed to see Queen Moon safe, and the two greet on friendly terms, bonding over guitar-playing and chat at the royal dinner.

In "Swim Suit", she engages in a battle with Rhombulus after he refused to free Globgor from his crystal prison, and attacks with several dark magic spells, including a body-swap charm in hopes of freeing her husband herself. She is eventually persuaded by Star to stop, and shows remorse for her actions.

In "Yada Yada Berries", Eclipsa learns of a plot by someone in the kingdom to turn her to stone and that her popularity among Mewmans (and even some monsters) is very low. Despite this, she seeks to turn public opinion of herself around, going on Pony Head's self-made talk show in "The Ponyhead Show!" to do so. In "Surviving the Spiderbites", she hosts a gathering at the temple with the Spiderbite royal family, eventually gaining their favor, and she reveals that she wants to restore the Magic Book of Spells so that she can learn more advanced spells. In "Curse of the Blood Moon", Marco talks with Eclipsa regarding his feelings for Star.

In "The Knight Shift", Eclipsa holds a knighting ceremony for several new Knights of Mewni, including Marco. In "Queen-Napped", she is part of an elaborate social media hoax pulled off by Pony Head and her sisters to increase her popularity. In "Junkin' Janna, Eclipsa meets with the Magic High Commission to discuss a potential new threat to Mewni.

In "The Monster and the Queen", Eclipsa uses her magic to go inside Globgor's mind and spend time with him. When he learns that the kingdom is still scared of him, he chooses to remain trapped in crystal until they accept him.

In "Cornonation", Eclipsa's official queen coronation is held, but the festivities are interrupted by Globgor's sudden release from his crystal prison, and the Magic High Commission immediately suspect her. After Globgor runs away to try and protect his family and Star convinces him to return, it is revealed that Rhombulus released Globgor to prove he's nothing but a monster. However, the Mewmans witness the love Globgor has for his wife and daughter, the Mewmans come to accept him, allowing Eclipsa to have her family together again.

In "Ready, Aim, Fire", Eclipsa defends the Monster Temple when it suddenly comes under attack by Mina Loveberry in a giant suit of armor. In "The Right Way", Eclipsa uses the Total Annihilation Spell to destroy Mina's suit of armor. However, it is revealed that it was not Mina inside the armor and that Mina was on her way to the Monster Temple with an entire army of newly-created Solarian Warriors.

In "Here to Help", Eclipsa gets into a confrontation with Moon when it is also revealed that Moon conspired with Mina to remove Eclipsa from power. When Moon demands that Eclipsa step down as queen and leave Mewni with her family in exchange for calling off Mina's attack, Eclipsa begrudgingly acquiesces. However, Mina betrays Moon and carries out her plot to wipe out all monsters, causing Eclipsa to flee with Star, Marco, Moon, and Meteora (with Hekapoo's help) in "Pizza Party".

In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", Eclipsa consoles Moon after Star disowns her for her actions, and offers to play pool with her, holding no grudge regarding Moon's actions at all.

In "Cleaved", Eclipsa helps Star destroy all magic. While doing this, the ghost of the previous queens appear before them, including her mother Queen Solaria. While initially shunning her, after accomplishing their goal, the two have a brief heart-to-heart and seemingly reconcile when Solaria accepts Meteora. After Globgor is healed of his wounds and the family is together again, Eclipsa decides to enroll Meteora in kindergarten.


When introduced in "Moon the Undaunted", Eclipsa is portrayed as calm, approachable, and sympathetic to young Moon's loss of her mother, despite her reputation as a queen of evil. Her demeanor toward Moon, however, provides little indication towards her true nature and motives, and she was initially hesitant to teach Moon her darkest spell. In "Stranger Danger", she bears no ill will toward her jailers, despite her long time in crystal captivity, and she displays a carefree, fun-loving attitude similar to Star's own. As of "Sweet Dreams", she maintains her calm demeanor and is more than willing to help Star, from warning her about the dangers of the castle laundry room to rescuing her from being trapped in a different dimension. She also has a playful side to her, casually telling Star to "call [her] a villainess" for her perceived crimes, then later responding to Marco's hostility with light-hearted teasing when the two of them first meet.

Unlike most magic users in the show, Eclipsa takes a more academic approach to magic, exploring "dark magics" for the sake of knowledge rather than malice. She notably encourages Star to ride out her unconscious Mewberty transformations to discover what they mean, and states her opinion is that "all knowledge is good knowledge".

Even after three centuries, Eclipsa has no regrets about abandoning her own kingdom and lawful husband, King Shastacan, for a monster. She cares deeply for her monster husband Globgor and is determined to discover the whereabouts of their daughter, Meteora. When she finally does locate Meteora, she attempts to convince her to halt her rampage, and prevents Moon from killing her. But when it becomes clear that Meteora cannot be reasoned with, Eclipsa, with a heavy heart, attempts to do the job herself. She is initially heartbroken when she appears to succeed, then overjoyed to learn that her attack only regressed Meteora back to her infant self.

This sense of doing what is best for the people over what is best for herself is evident again in "Surviving the Spiderbites" where she expresses a resigned willingness to sacrifice her attempts to reunite with Globgor if it means putting her allies at ease. Her love for Globgor was most notably shown when despite how dangerous Mewni was, she demanded the dimensional scissors from Hekapoo to go back and help him anyways.

She has a fondness for chocolate bars and roses, consuming a whole bucket of Snookers bars over the course of an afternoon.

In "The Ponyhead Show!", Eclipsa shows a strong sense of self-pride, stating that she would rather be hated being herself than be loved and adored pretending to be someone else.

In "Junkin' Janna", she has an intolerance towards people being tardy and prefers punctuality, evident by how she complained about the Magic High Commission being late with annoyance.

She has also shown to be quite impulsive at times, such as when "negotiating" with Rhombulus in "Swim Suit", and is shown to resort to using dark magic to achieve her goals when desperate. By the end of the episode, however, she comes to realize this aspect of her personality only further deepens the huge degrees of mistrust people have for her, and she strives to change her ways.

Eclipsa also demonstrates a great willingness to forgive others; she forgave Moon for her coup in "Pizza Party", and she also reconciles with the ghost of her mother Solaria in "Cleaved".

Powers and abilities[]

  • Royal Magic Wand: As a queen of Mewni, Eclipsa once wielded the royal magic wand, taking the form of a parasol in her possession. Although Baby claims that she had the greatest magical potential she had ever seen before Star, Eclipsa never learned to use magic without the wand, though in "Tough Love" she used magic without a wand against Moon. After retaking possession of the wand in "Conquer", Eclipsa demonstrates incredible power with its magic, being able to overpower and defeat Meteora as well as duel and incapacitate Rhombulus. This is further demonstrated in "Ready, Aim, Fire", when she battles against a Solarian Warrior.
  • Creativity: Eclipsa is infamous for her creation and use of dark magic, creating many dark spells that would be logged into the Book of Spells and some of which never made it into the final draft. She has also displayed her creativity by making a guitar out of a skeleton.
  • Music: Eclipsa displays a talent for singing and playing the guitar in "Total Eclipsa the Moon", "Moon Remembers", "The Ponyhead Show!", "The Monster and the Queen", and "Cornonation".
  • Ultimate Magic Form: In "Cleaved", Eclipsa briefly gains access to her butterfly-like mewberty form.


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  • Eclipsa was designed by Jushtin Lee.[8]
  • Eclipsa is voiced by Esmé Bianco, who is best known for her recurring role as Ros in Game of Thrones.
  • Like the hearts on Star Butterfly's cheeks, the diamonds on Queen Butterfly's cheeks, and the clubs on Meteora's (Miss Heinous) cheeks, the marks on Eclipsa's cheeks are also themed after one of the four suits in playing cards - in Eclipsa's case, spades.
  • When in Eclipsa's possession, the royal magic wand resembles a closed parasol with a long handle, the wand's head has black wings, the bell resembles an orb, and it has a black crescent on top.
  • Due to the possibility of Rhombulus having imprisoned innocent people, it is unclear whether Eclipsa was frozen for being evil or merely under suspicion of being evil.
  • Due to Eclipsa's "black sheep" status in the Butterfly family, Star did not know about her existence until "Into the Wand".[9]
  • Eclipsa's dark veins are a very common trait in many media with dark-embodied creatures, indicating that darkness (or similar form of dark magic) is devouring its host. The signs can also symbolize death, if not treated (e.g. Star's mother feeling pain on her arms as an adult rather than at a young age when she had no pain), however, they usually are just a physical trait that symbolizes evil.
  • Until "Butterfly Trap", Eclipsa doesn't know anything about Festivia, who replaced Meteora as her daughter in the Butterfly records.
  • In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", Eclipsa reveals she does not know how to "dip down", or use magic without the wand.
  • Eclipsa and her daughter, Meteora, are the last living true-blooded members of the Butterfly family.
  • From "Conquer" to "Pizza Party", Eclipsa is the owner of the Royal Magic Wand.
    • Eclipsa is the last true-blooded member of the Butterfly family to wield the Royal Magic Wand.
  • Eclipsa shares some similarities with Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto from the Sailor Moon series, including her reputation as a terrible person who dabbled in dark magic, whispering the names of her spells,[10] and her Black Velvet Inferno spell, which shares its effect with Sailor Saturn's Death Reborn Revolution.
  • According to the book Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells, Eclipsa was forced to marry King Shastacan as ordered in her mother Solaria's will. In life, Solaria had been trying to set them up for some time.[11]
  • Eclipsa's attributes in The Magic Book of Spells are:
    • Strength: 14
    • Intelligence: 18
    • Wisdom: 16
    • Dexterity: 15
    • Constitution: 18
    • Charisma: 18
  • Solaria described Eclipsa as being very intelligent and clever for her age, and loved how she liked to explore the castle's secrets and passageways.
  • "Swim Suit" reveals that Eclipsa doesn't know how to reverse her spells, having never needed to do so before, though she learns how to with help from Star.
  • It can be assumed that Eclipsa is born out of wedlock since her father is never stated as her mother’s husband in the first place.
  • As of "The Monster and the Queen", Eclipsa may have had her ears pierced, as it was a requirement for her to free Globgor with the Crystal Pulverizing Spell from the Book of Spells.
  • In Eclipsa's own words in "Here to Help", she's a "nervous eater".
  • A flashback in "Pizza Party" shows that Eclipsa shared her love of Snookers bars with her mother, Solaria.


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