Emily Anne Brundige is an American writer, creator, voice actress, and executive producer for animation best known for creating the animated web series Pubertina for Shut Up! Cartoons.

She was a staff writer on season 1 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Early life

Brundige was born in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007 with B.A. in fine art and creative writing and from the California Institute of the Arts in 2012 with a M.F.A. in experimental animation.


Brundige is best known for creating, writing, storyboarding, and providing voiceover for her own original animated web series called Pubertina for the YouTube channel Shut Up! Cartoons.

Brundige's other credits include interning for the Titmouse animated series China, IL, providing voiceover for Cartoon Network's Over the Garden Wall, freelance writing for The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go!, and staff writing for DreamWorks' Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh. She is also developing and executive producing unannounced animated series for DreamWorks and Netflix.


  • Staff Writer
    • All season 1 episodes

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