Eric Acosta is an American comedian, writer, producer, and director known for his work on various television series, such as Rick and Morty, and in multiple web series and short films.

He is a story writer on Star vs. the Forces of Evil, credited for only one episode in season 2.


Acosta's other writing credits include directing and producing the web miniseries Wade and Eric Sold a Movie (co-created with fellow Rick and Morty writer Wade Randolph), writing and staff-writing for Rick and Morty, writing one episode of DreamWorks' Dawn of the Croods, serving as staff writer for Pig Goat Banana Cricket and The Loud House, and writing for the Hasbro web series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures.

Acosta is also an actor and comedian, playing bit roles in various web series, television shows (such as The Sarah Silverman Program), and films (such as The Crow: City of Angels and Smosh: The Movie.

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