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"Escape from the Pie Folk" is the second episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 10, 2019 alongside "Butterfly Follies".


Star's search for her mom takes her to the home of the Pie Folk, where she must outwit them in order to reunite her family.


Star, Marco, and River travel to Pie Island, the home of the Pie Folk, in search of Moon Butterfly, and they dress in traditional Pie Folk clothes in an effort to blend in. Distrustful of the Pie Folk, River warns Star to be careful around them or else they might scam her out of all her valuables. Marco, for example, gets tricked into buying a white monkey to follow the scent of the pie he bought in the previous episode, but the monkey runs off with his wallet instead.

In the island village, Star almost gets scammed into stealing a wagon, and River tackles who he believes to be the mastermind behind the scam: a short and friendly Pie Folk villager. Star apologizes to the villager and asks for help in finding the person who baked the butterfly pie, but the villager refuses after being attacked by Star's father. After River (pretends to) ask for the villager's forgiveness, he agrees to take them to the pie baker. However, in the middle of the wagon ride, the villager captures Star, Marco, and River in a pillory.

Having seen through their disguises from the start, the short villager reveals himself to be a very tall man with an eye patch, hook hand, and spatula leg. He auctions off Star, Marco, and River as pie-making servants to one of the other villagers, and a tall figure in a cloak wins the auction. When the cloaked figure takes Star, Marco, and River to their home, it is revealed to be Foolduke, to whom the white monkey belongs. She explains that she herself is one of the Pie Folk and that she is visiting family with her husband Ruberiot.

Star asks Foolduke about her mother and shows her the pie with the butterfly shape in its crust, but Foolduke says it is a Pie Folk baking technique that has been used for centuries. Star is dejected that her search for her mother has led to another dead end, and she, Marco, and River leave the island on Cloudy's back. However, as they leave, Star and River smell a very familiar scent coming from the island's volcano. They fly inside and discover a giant pie-making factory with dozens of Pie Folk workers, and Queen Moon works as the baker in charge.

River incapacitates a couple of factory workers, and Star and Marco steal their outfits in order to get closer to Moon. Star tries to address Moon as "Mom", but Moon has completely lost her memories. Discarding her disguise, Star decides to take Moon by force. She and Marco fight their way through the Pie Folk, seize Moon in a burlap sack, and attempt to escape on Cloudy, but Cloudy is immobilized from Foolduke's monkey feeding him too much pie, leaving them trapped.

The tall man who auctioned off Star, Marco, and River earlier appears before them, revealing himself to be the Pie King, the ruler of Pie Island. He explains that Moon, whom the Pie Folk refer to as the "Sky Baker", fell to Pie Island from the sky some time ago with no memory of who she was. Star tries to remind Moon of who she really is, but the Pie King continues: long ago, a Pie Folk girl traveled to the mainland with a Pie Carnival and was accidentally left behind. She was adopted by the King of Mewni, raised by the Magic High Commission, and eventually crowned as Queen. That girl was Festivia Butterfly, meaning all members of the Butterfly family that succeeded her (Moon and Star included) are descended from Pie Folk.

Star and River refuse to believe this revelation, and Star tries desperately to remind Moon of her old life, but Moon says making pies is all she knows. At the Pie King's command, Moon goes back to making pies, and Star can't bring herself to take Moon away from her new life. Just as she is about to leave, Star sings along to the song that Moon hums while she bakes, and Moon recognizes the lyrics. As the two sing together, Moon's memories start to return, and she decides to leave with Star and the others. Enraged by this development, the Pie King orders his subjects to stop them.

Star, Marco, River, and Moon flee through the pie factory, but they are eventually cornered. Luckily, Foolduke and Ruberiot arrive by hot-air balloon to carry them to safety. As the group leaves Pie Island, Moon says despite not remembering everything yet and not knowing what the future holds, she feels that Star and River are who she truly belongs with.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 脱出!パイ島 Escape! Pie island
Korean 파이 아일랜드 Pie Island
European Portuguese Fuga aos Tartários Escape from the Pie Folk
Spanish (Latin America) Escape de los Pasteleños Escape from the Pie Folk


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Production notes



  • This is the eleventh half hour-long episode in the series.
  • Tony Hale, best known for his roles as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development, Gary Walsh on Veep, and Forky in Toy Story 4, guest-stars as the Pie King.

Revelations and continuity


  • The board game that Ruberiot plays with Foolduke's parents is structurally similar to the Hasbro board game Trouble.
  • The Pie King bears some similarity to the Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak from the Strawberry Shortcake franchise.


  • Star is first seen holding Moon's pie, but when Marco shows up, she no longer appears holding it until a later scene.
  • The high-security wallet that Marco bought in "Gift of the Card" was Prussian blue. In this episode, however, it's plum.
  • When Star and Moon sing "Over and under, wherever you roam", the inside of Star's mouth briefly appears to be entirely white.