(theme song)
Episode begins on Pie Island. At the pier, Star is next to a boat, wearing red Pie Folk clothes. Several Pie Folk walk past her. She reaches into her handbag and takes out the pie from the end of the previous episode.
Star Butterfly Okay, Mom. Where are you? [walks forward]
King River [appears in Pie Folk clothes and eye patch] Star, wait! Look, I want to find your mom as much as you do, but trust the Pie Folk here, and you'll lose everything. Even your mind.
Man with Axe You guys obviously aren't from around here, huh?
River Ha! What are you talking about? This is our home. Did you not notice that we're dressed in the traditional garb of the Pie Folk?
Man with Axe Yeah, whatever. Anyway, if you're gonna leave, you should have somebody keep an eye on your boat. I'll be happy to do it for a few bucks.
River Good idea! Just allow me to grab my things.
River tosses an anchor onto the boat and through its hull, causing it to sink.
Star Dad!
Man with Axe A'ight. I'm out. [walks away]
River That's right! Run away! I won't be swindled by you and yours!
Star Dad, what are you doing?
River Oh, can't you see he's a racketeer? That scoundrel wants us to pay him to protect our boat from himself. We have to stay ahead of these schemes if we're going to find your mother. Now, where's Marco?
Marco Diaz (o.s.) Here.
Marco appears wearing a giant pie over his usual outfit.
Marco Uh, where's the boat?
River I sank it. Where's the bloodhound?
Marco The sales guy said that only a fool would use a bloodhound to track someone. So, I bought this instead! [takes out a white monkey]
Monkey [chitters]
Star You got... a monkey.
River No, Pumpkin, he got swindled.
Marco No, it'll work. Just look at his beauty mark. Our spirits are bonded. Have him sniff the pie.
Star holds the pie up to the monkey's face.
Monkey [sniffs]
Marco Now, go find Queen Moon! [tosses monkey onto the pier]
The monkey slowly blinks its eyes and holds up Marco's wallet.
Marco Is that my wallet?!
The monkey waves its hand over its face and looks mischievous.
Marco But... But we're spirit bonded!
The monkey removes its own beauty mark, revealed to be fake, and flicks it away.
Marco No! Not the beauty mark!
Monkey [laughs, clicks tongue, runs away]
Marco Monkey, no!
River You see, Star? Swindled. Uh, Star?
Marco and River notice Star is gone. In the Pie Folk village, Star goes up to a little boy sitting by a pig-drawn wagon.
Star Aw, hey there, little guy. Do you think you can tell me where they make these pies?
Sandy Sure, I know where. And I'll tell you – if you help me steal this wagon.
Star Steal? J— No! What?! No!
River (o.s.) It's a deal!
Star Dad, what are you doing?
River Um, give us a second, my boy. [pulls Star aside] It's okay. You see, this kid is running a classic Pie Folk scam. The wagon belongs to him, and he wants us to steal his wagon so that the shill can come out of hiding and catch us in the act of stealing his wagon. We need to draw the shill out of hiding! [gnaws on wagon padlock]
Short Pie Folk Man [runs up to River] Hey, you there, stop!
River There he is! Ho-hah!
River belly-flops the short man to the ground.
River Ah-ha!
Star Dad, stop! You're hurting him!
River No! Don't you see? He's the shill!
Short Pie Folk Man Ah! I'm not the shill! The shill is over there!
Shifty Man with Cane Yeah, he's right. I am the shill. Me and the boy were trying to trick you out of your wallet, but it didn't work.
Star and Marco What?
Shifty Man with Cane All right, come on, Sandy. Get back in your little hole there. Let's get going.
The little boy gets sucked up into the cane-holding man's stubby right leg, and they walk off.
River Ugh! I got the wrong shill!
Short Pie Folk Man I was just trying to stop him from robbing you. They robbed me last week. That's why I've got the broken arm.
Star and Marco help the short man off the ground.
Marco Easy does it, sir.
Star I am so sorry. You will have to forgive my dad.
Short Pie Folk Man Typical lazy thinking, if you ask me. You think all Pie Folk are liars and thieves! Some of us are good, you know? Luckily, I have a pretty thick crust. [crying] Oh, Boysenberry! Why are people so cruel?!
Star W-W-W-Wait, please. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. We didn't mean any harm. Before you go, just... Do you know who made this pie?
Short Pie Folk Man Well, actually, I... I do.
Star Oh, sweet! Can you take us there? Please, please, please, please, please, please, please?
Short Pie Folk Man I'm not too keen on doing favors for people who assault me. [climbs onto wagon] Okay, Boysenberry, let's be on our way. [to Star] I wish you well. Sorry I wasn't able to help you.
River [stops wagon] Just a moment, please! [groans] This... This does not come easy for me, for I am but an old man set in his ways. But please, please forgive me. I just... I just miss my Moonpie! [crying]
Star Dad, no. Shh, shh, shh, shh. It's okay. We're going to find her.
Short Pie Folk Man You know, I-I lost a pie myself, once. Oh, please... please allow me to take you to where your pie was made.
The short man gives Star, Marco, and River a wagon ride through the village.
Star We really, really appreciate this. I was beginning to lose hope.
Short Pie Folk Man Well, not to worry. Always happy to help.
River [crying]
Marco [gives River a handkerchief] Don't cry, River. Here.
River [sobbing softly, grabs Marco's wrist] Aah! Marco!
Marco What?! What is going on?
River Marco, these tears are fake tears.
Marco [teary-eyed] Mine are real.
River I want to show you something.
Marco Oh, no, no. You— No. You don't have to do that.
River pulls up his left pant leg. Several crabs are pinching his leg.
River Ho-ho! That's bracing. That is bracing. Those little devils get the tears flowing. You see, I played on the little fool's sympathy to get him to take us to Moon. I've got him right where I want— [groans] Ouch!
Short Pie Folk Man I say, would you be a dear and pull that lever for me, please? What with the arm and all.
Star pulls the lever, and the wagon rattles. The top half of a pillory raises up and falls to capture Star, Marco, and River inside.
River Ow! [stammers] What's this?! This wasn't supposed to happen!
Short Pie Folk Man Is everyone comfy?
River What's going on here, you little weirdo?!
Short Pie Folk Man Oh, honestly. Did you really think your petty scams and those ridiculous disguises would work on us? [chuckles]
Marco Aww, my disguise was starting to grow on me.
Short Pie Folk Man Oh! [giggles] That's shocking... because I find them to be rather confining.
The short man unzips his disguise to reveal a very tall man inside. He un-contorts his body and stands up straight.
Star and Marco Ugh...!
River I was wrong again.
Pie King [sinister laughter] Everyone, everyone, gather round, gather round! And say hello to our new guests. [removes hook hand] And for the right price, I'm sure they'll make delicious pies.
Star Wait, what? Make pies?
Pie King [puts on auctioning gavel] Now, who will start the bidding?
Lanky, Bearded Man I'll give ya five bucks!
Short, Chubby Man I'll give you ten.
Man with Fork and Knife I'll pay twenty!
Marco They're gonna eat us!
Star No, Marco, I took that to mean we're gonna help them make pies. Right, Dad?
River [crying] I don't know anything anymore!
The Pie Folk shout over each other making bids. The white monkey that stole Marco's wallet appears in the crowd.
Marco [gasps] Monkey!
The monkey takes out a gold key.
Marco Monkey, the key! Yes! I just knew we had a connection, you little—!
Monkey [steals Marco's shoes]
Monkey Hey! My shoes!
The monkey makes off with Marco's shoes and tosses the key away.
Marco The key!
Pie King [bangs gavel] Sold! To Fat Brett Scamson for the price of—!
A tall, gravelly-voiced figure in a cloak appears in the crowd.
Cloaked Figure Wait! I'll give you 45 billion, 710 million, 412 thousand, 242... pennies!
Crowd [gasps]
Pie King Sold.
Cloaked Figure [writes a check] Do not cash this till Monday. [gives check to Pie King]
Pie King [sniffs the check] Deal! [bangs gavel]
Star, Marco, and River are tossed into the cloaked figure's house. They stand over them and reach into their cloak.
Star I hope you get a refund, 'cause you just made a bad purchase.
Star gets ready to fight, but she gets hit in the face with a rubber chicken.
Star Wha...?!
Cloaked Figure The only thing bad...
Four eyes appear under the cloaked figure's hood. They pull back their hood to reveal Foolduke and her monkey.
Foolduke ...is that check I just wrote! Whoops! I have no money.
Monkey [shrieks]
Star Foolduke!
Marco Monkey?!
Monkey [shrieks]
Foolduke Oh, I was wondering where he got these. [holds Marco's shoes]
Star [hugs Foolduke] Aww, I knew there was somebody good on this island!
Foolduke [to monkey] Give the wallet back.
The monkey gives Marco his wallet. Marco takes his wallet and shoes and backs away.
Star What the— What are you doing here?
Foolduke Well... I'm from here.
Star You Pie Folk?
Foolduke Yup, just came to visit the old family. Hey, family! We got company!
Foolduke's Father They got anything good?
Foolduke No! And quit scamming my husband!
Foolduke's parents are playing a board game with Ruberiot.
Ruberiot It's okay, honey. I can feel a winning streak coming my way. [rolls dice] Noooo!
Ruberiot gives his hat to Foolduke's parents, and they put it on a pile of stuff they already won from him.
Foolduke Star, what are you doing here?
Star Well, we've been trying to find my mom. [shows Foolduke the pie]
Foolduke That's a pie.
Star Yup. This pie is gonna lead us to my mom. Only she bakes pies like this.
Foolduke [sighs, walks off-screen]
Star We just need to find where she's making them.
Foolduke (o.s.) Star?
Foolduke reveals several pies that look identical to Star's pie.
Star You Queen-napped my mom?
Foolduke No. Pie Folk have been making pies like this for hundreds of years.
Star Even with the little butterfly?
Foolduke Actually, it's a moth. I'm sorry, Star, but your mom's not here. Maybe that's a good thing. This place is terrible! Ruberiot's lost everything except the hot air balloon we got here with!
Ruberiot Nooooo! My wife is gonna kill me.
The white monkey hangs from the hot air balloon that Foolduke's parents just won from Ruberiot.
River How do you play this game?
Foolduke's Father Give me that ring, and I'll teach ya.
Star Oh, no.
River [starts to remove his ring]
Star Come on, Dad. Let's go.
River [puts ring back on] Okay, honey.
Star [sighs]
Star, Marco, and River leave Foolduke's house and fly away from Pie Island on Cloudy.
Marco So, what do we do now?
River [teary-eyed] Sleep... until the pain in my heart is gone. [whimpering, covers himself with Cloudy]
Star [crying]
They fly into a cloud of smoke.
Marco It's okay. We'll... We'll figure something out.
Star [crying, sniffing]
Marco Wait. Are you crying, or are those allergies?
Star [sniffing]
Marco What—? Uh, what—? What are you doing?
River [sniffing]
Marco Uh, what's going on?
Star You smell that?
River I'd recognize that particular blend of cinnamon and cardamom anywhere!
Star Foolduke's pies didn't smell like that. Mom's here! Cloudy, take us into that volcano.
Cloudy Okay! [flies down toward volcano]
Marco Wait, we're going into a volcano?!
Scene cuts to black. Cut back to Star, Marco, River, and Cloudy flying down into the volcano's mouth.
Star I know you're down here, Mom. I just know it.
River Okay, does everyone have their emergency preparation meat in case we're held captive for the rest of our lives?
Star Yes, Dad.
Monkey [appears on Marco head, hooting]
Star [gasps]
Cloudy hits the bottom of the volcano, causing Star, Marco, and River to fall off.
Star, Marco, and River [scream, grunt]
Cloudy Oops! Sorry! I-I didn't see the ground there.
A steam whistle blows.
Star What?
Star and Marco walk over to and look over a nearby ledge.
Star and Marco Whoa...!
In a giant factory, dozens of Pie Folk make pies together. One of them churns butter, two others squish dirt with their feet, three others mold the dirt into pie shapes, and several more carry them to a table. Someone, from off-screen, uses magic to levitate the pies, turn their dirt filling into more edible ingredients, and cover them with pie crust, all while humming a song.
Marco That song! Star, isn't that your—?
Star [gasps] It is!
The person humming folds pie dough into a butterfly shape and places it on top of a pie. They levitate several pies into the central oven to bake, and use their magic to stoke the flames. When one of the pies is fully baked, they levitate it out of the oven. It is revealed to be Queen Moon.
Star [echoing] MOM!
Marco [covers Star's mouth] What are you doing?!
Star [shoves Marco away] Marco, get your hands off of me!
Marco Star, I know we finally found your mom, but let's not blow this.
A chef's hat flies past Star's face.
River (o.s.) [grunting]
Star Huh?
River beats up a couple of Pie Folk and removes their hats and aprons.
Star Oh, great idea, Dad! We'll get in using disguises!
River Disguises? Oh! Yes! That's exactly what I was doing.
Pie Folk Man [pained groan]
Star dresses up like a Pie Folk baker.
Star Okay, let's go get my mom.
Marco Ugh! You know we already did disguises, and it didn't work?
Star Yup! Let's go.
River But don't I get a costume? I'm the one who beat them up.
Star No, you can't go! Oh, I'm sorry. You always mess things up! Uh, is that mean? I know that sounds mean. I love you so much, Dad.
River Uh, [stammers] I love you, too.
Star [pulls Marco along and runs toward factory] Don't worry! You have a purpose on this mission, Daddy! Just not right now!
Cloudy Uh, bring back some pie for Cloudy, okay?
The monkey pops out of Cloudy with a slice of pie.
Cloudy [long breathy gasp]
Star and Marco lower down to the factory from a rope and spy on the Pie Folk from behind a rock wall.
Star All right, I got an idea.
Marco Great. What is it?
Star [runs into the factory]
Marco W-What? Star, what are you doing?
Moon hands freshly-baked pies to a line of Pie Folk chefs. Star gets in line and approaches Moon from behind.
Star Hey, Mom!
Moon [turns to face Star] You call me "Mom"?
Star [takes pie from Moon] No.
Star walks away, and Moon looks confused. Star goes back behind the rock wall where Marco is.
Star All right, my mom's completely lost her memory.
Marco Okay, so what do we do?
Star I got an idea.
Marco Great. What is it?
Star [runs into the factory again]
Marco [stammers] Star, wait! What are you doing?!
Star makes a pair of Rainbow Fists and charges at the Pie Folk.
Star Yaaaaaah!
Marco Star?!
Pie Folk surround Marco, and he fights them off with karate.
Star Bunny Rabbit Blast!
Star blasts some Pie Folk away with a blast of bunnies, then jumps into a circle of Pie Folk.
Star Tiara Tornado!
Star blows away all the surrounding Pie Folk except for a green-haired woman with an eye patch.
Woman with Eye Patch Intruder!
Star Super Geyser Windstorm!
Star launches the green-haired woman into the air with a geyser of water.
Moon [giving pie to chef] Here you go.
The green-haired woman falls into the lava near Moon.
Moon What?
The chef Moon was about to hand the pie to gets blasted with more water.
Star Sorry, Mom! [ties burlap sack over Moon's head]
Star puts a burlap sack over Moon's head and carries her off. She blasts away a chef that Marco is fighting and places Moon onto a cart. Marco sits on the cart, and Star pushes the cart. Three Pie Folk block Star's path.
Star Starfish Tsunami!
Star washes the Pie Folk away with a tidal wave of starfish.
Star Quick, this way!
Star and Marco duck behind a rock wall as more Pie Folk come running.
Pie Folk Woman Get her!
Star Dad, we're back! Let's go!
River So what if I mess things up? Shouldn't I still get a costume?
A narwhal from Star's Narwhal Blast lands on River's lap.
Star (o.s.) Dad!
River Mm? Oh! [laughs] Right.
River and Cloudy reach the bottom of the rock wall next to Star and Marco. Star and Marco jump onto Cloudy with Moon in a sack.
River Moonpie! [hugs Moon] You're even more beautiful than I remembered.
Moon [muffled] I am not a pie!
Pie Folk Woman [turns around] Hey, get 'em!
Pie Folk [clamoring] Get 'em! Don't let 'em go! Don't let 'em get away!
The Pie Folk try to stop Star and the others, but they start flying upward and out of range.
Star and Marco [cheering]
Cloudy suddenly turns green and starts losing altitude, falling back toward the ground.
Pie Folk Woman You come back here!
Star No! No-no-no-no-no-no-no! What's going on?!
Marco Uh, I think something's going on with Cloudy.
The monkey force-feeds numerous pies to Cloudy, causing him to get physically sick.
Cloudy [groaning]
Marco stops the monkey from feeding Cloudy.
Marco Oh! Monkey!
Star, Marco, and River fall into a circle of Pie Folk. Three of them catch Moon in their arms.
Pie Folk [sinister laugh]
Star [growls] Sparkle Lightning Blast!
Star makes an opening in the Pie Folk's circle with a blast of magic.
Pie Folk [exclaim]
Star [charging another blast] Give me my mom!
Pie King [shoving through Pie Folk crowd] Ugh! Stop, stop, stop! Knock it off, you!
Star What? What are you doing here?
Pie King Granting you my royal audience. After all... I'm the Pie King! [reveals crown under his hat]
Star Pie King? How many disguises do you have?
Pie King [pops up behind Star] That doesn't matter right now. What does matter is the Sky Baker is free to go whenever and wherever she likes.
Star What? Sky Baker?
Pie King Yeah, she fell to us from the sky!
Star She's not the Sky Baker. She's my mom! [to Moon] You're my mom, and I'm the princess. Well, I was the queen, too. But anyway... Look, you need to come back with us to our home.
Marco [jumps up behind crowd] There's lots of corn!
River [jumps up behind crowd] And you are the prettiest one there!
Moon Goodness.
Pie King Well, that sounds lovely. But that's not the full story, is it?
Star What?
A giant pie is wheeled out on a cart. Some of the Pie Folk bow their heads. The Pie King jumps on top of the giant pie.
Pie King Behold! The Pie of Truth!
Marco [behind the crowd] I can't see anything.
River Get on my shoulders, my boy!
River hoists Marco up on his shoulders, allowing Marco to see over the crowd.
River What do you see?
Marco Well, there's, uh, a giant pie.
River What? Pie? [hoists himself onto Marco's shoulders] What are they plotting?
Marco How the—?! [grunts]
Pie King The Pie of Truth reveals everything. Long ago, a Pie Folk girl traveled to the mainland with a Pie Carnival and was accidentally left behind. She was taken by the king of Mewni and raised by the Magical High Commission. No one knew that she was not of royal blood. Her name was Festivia. And she became the queen of Mewni. So, that means your great, great, greaty-great, etcetera granny was Pie Folk. And if Sky Baker is your mama... then you're Pie Folk, too!
River No! [shoves crowd aside] My Moon is not some dirty pie-monger! I won't allow it!
The Pie Folk drag River back.
River Nooooo!
Star No! No, no, no! You're a liar! You're literally the king of liars! There is no way we're Pie Folk!
Pie King Oh, you think it's a coincidence that your mother just happened to end up here on Pie Island?
Star I-I don't know why she ended up here. But Mom, this isn't your home. Don't you remember anything besides this place?
Moon I don't. I know how to make pies.
Pie King And what delicious pies they are! Thanks to you, we finally have a pie that we can be proud of.
Moon Oh, you... you like my pies?
Pie King I do like your pies. And if you don't mind, could you get back to the oven and bake some more? We're way behind schedule.
Moon [to Star] I'm going to go make pies now.
Marco and River shove through the crowd again.
River No!
Several Pie Folk appear to block them.
River [growls]
Moon I do hope you find your mother.
Pie King Oh, long bake the pies!
Pie Folk [cheering]
The Pie Folk carry Moon back over to the oven.
Pie King Sorry to cut this short, but we are behind schedule. Pinkus, give them a parting gift – one of the day-old pies.
Pinkus But those are Pinkus' favorite.
Pie King What did I say about sharing? Hmm?
Pinkus [muttering] I'll show you sharing. [grumbles]
Pie King Okay, everyone, back to work!
Pie Folk [grumbling]
Moon [humming]
Star Maybe... this is where she belongs.
Star turns to leave, but looks back at Moon one more time.
Star [to the tune of Moon's humming]
Over, under, around, and through
♪ Grab the little Mewni rabbit, pull him through ♪
Moon stops humming and drops her floating pies on the floor. She looks back at Star.
Moon ♪ Pinch it and fold it and tie it in a bow ♪
Star and Moon ♪ Like two little bunny ears made out of dough ♪
Moon [smiles]
Star [gasps]
Marco and River [gasps]
Pie Folk [murmuring] Stupid music...
Star and Moon ♪ Over and under, wherever you roam ♪
♪ Sweet little Mewni rabbit, hop back home ♪
Moon and Star hold a pie together, and Moon tops it with a butterfly crust.
Moon [teary-eyed] I... I remember this song. I don't remember anything, but I remember this song.
The Pie King knocks the pie out of their hands.
Pie King Wow! Beautiful voices. Now, scoot! Sky Baker has pies to make. [shoves Star away]
Star Aah! What?!
Moon I thought I was free to choose.
Pie King Yes, and you chose to stay here and make pies for us. By the way, they're delicious pies. They're selling like crazy at the Pie Carnival.
Moon No, I think I've changed my mind. I'd like to go and sing songs with that girl. [runs toward Star]
Pie King What?!
Moon [grabs Star's hand] Come on, let's go!
Pie King Argh! Seize them!
The Pie Folk chase after Star and Moon.
Marco This way!
Star [laughs] Eat my sparkles!
Star destroys a bridge between them and the Pie Folk, and one of them falls over to bridge the gap. The other Pie Folk trample over him while crossing.
Pie Folk Man Oh, yeah, thanks, Craig! Just keep walking all over me like usual!
The Pie Folk chase Star and company through the volcano tunnels. Star, Marco, Moon, and River stop at a dead end over the molten lava.
Bearded Pie Folk Man You can't run anymore, kid!
Star Shooting Star Explosion!
Star shoots several stars that hit the wall behind the Pie Folk. Far below, the Pie King loads a giant pie with a skull-shaped crust onto a catapult.
Star Strawberry death pie...!
Pie King Ready for your last meal?
A rubber chicken dangles in front of the Pie King's face. The chicken hits the back of his head and knocks him over.
Pie King Ow!
Foolduke and Ruberiot appear in the hot air balloon.
Foolduke Ha-ha! I committed treason against my homeland!
Star and River Foolduke! Ruberiot!
Foolduke What'd I say, husband?
Ruberiot You said the rubber chick—
Foolduke The rubber chicken was a good idea!
Foolduke's balloon rises up toward Star and company.
Pie Folk They're getting away! Don't let 'em get away!
Star, River, and Moon grab onto the balloon as it rises, leaving Marco behind.
Marco Huh?! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Star Marco!
Pie Folk Get back here!
The Pie Folk close in on Marco. He leaps toward the balloon, but he fails to grab Star's hand and starts to fall.
Marco [screaming]
The monkey grabs Marco's hand and saves him.
Marco Huh? Monkey! [gasps] You do care!
Monkey [hoots]
Marco [whispers] No.
Monkey [hoots, curls fingers in a "Gimme" motion]
Marco [whispers] No!
The monkey loosens his grip on Marco's hand, and Marco's grip starts slipping.
Marco Fine! Take it! [gives monkey his wallet]
Marco climbs up into the balloon basket, and the balloon floats away from Pie Island.
Marco I can't believe your monkey was gonna let me fall into lava.
Foolduke It's not lava. It's lukewarm tomato sauce.
Marco [chuckling] Okay. What?
Foolduke I hate coming here.
Star So, Mom, are you okay? I mean, you've been through kind of a lot.
Moon I'm fine. You know, it's funny. I have no idea what will happen, but I have this feeling that no matter what, it's going to be okay because I'm meant to be here with you.
Star hugs Moon. Moon, Star, and River share a family hug. The hot air balloon leaves Pie Island as the sun sets.
(end song)
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