"Fetch" is the sixth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 25, 2016, alongside "Star on Wheels".[1]


A mysterious stray dog steals Star's wand and refuses to give it back.[2]


In Echo Creek Park, Marco struggles to poke a hole in his juice pouch with his straw, and the laser puppies serve as a constant distraction. Star is also distracted by frequent calls from her mother Queen Butterfly to send a thank-you note to her Aunt Felicity for a butterfly necklace she received as a gift. After hanging up on her mother, Star distracts the puppies with a game of fetch, but she throws her magic wand instead of a stick. When the wand lands in a bush, it ends up in the clutches of a stray dog, who refuses to surrender it and growls at Star when she tries to take it back. Because the dog doesn't appear to have an owner, Star takes the dog home with her.

The dog holds tightly onto Star's wand, even when she eats, goes to the bathroom, and sleeps. The next morning, when Star takes the dog to school with her, she gets in trouble with Principal Skeeves because the school doesn't allow pets. Later, at the Stop & Slurp, Star finds a "Lost Dog" flyer that appears to match the dog's description. When she calls the number on the flyer, it belongs to a crazy lady named Lydia, who claims that the dog's name is Willoughby. However, Star learns that Lydia is not actually Willoughby's owner and just desperately wants a dog.

Back at the Diaz Household, Marco continues having trouble with his juice pouch. When Star returns to talk about her frustration, Marco suggests they go back to the park to see if Willoughby's real owner put up a flyer. Upon returning to the park, Star's attempts to find Willoughby's owner are still unsuccessful. When she follows Willoughby into a public restroom, she discovers her standing on two legs and trying to cast magic on herself.

As it turns out, Willoughby is a walking and talking dog from another dimension where "dogs are the ones with all the problems", and she escaped to Earth to live life as a normal dog. Star tells Willoughby that she can't just run from her problems—which Marco protests because Star runs from her problems all the time. To help Willoughby out, Star sets her up with Lydia, the dog lady from earlier. She also gives Willoughby her butterfly necklace and turns it into a dog tag. As Lydia showers Willoughby with affection, Willoughby instantly feels much happier.

As Lydia and Willoughby leave, Star tells Marco that she does face her problems—which she immediately contradicts by ignoring another call from Queen Butterfly.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Apporte Go Fetch
French Va Chercher Go Fetch
German Der Mysteriöse Hund The Mysterious Dog
Hebrew תפסי! Get It!
Hungarian Kapd El! Get It!
Italian Restituiscimi la Bacchetta Give Me Back the Wand
Indonesian Tangkap Catch
Japanese 迷い犬 A Stray Dog
Polish Aport Fetch
Portuguese (Brazil) Buscas Fetch
Portuguese (Portugal) Apanha Catch
Russian Принеси Bring
Spanish (Latin America) El Perro The Dog
Spanish (Spain) ¡A Por Ella! To Her!


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S2E6 Star pointing to the dog on her head
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