The scene opens in the park with Marco trying to stick a straw into a juice box.
Marco Diaz Okay Diaz, you got this. Aim it at the little... [the straw becomes scrunched, angry muttering] All right, going again. [laser puppy jumps on juice box] Hey, this is hard enough already. Star, can you please get control of these puppies? I'm trying to focus.
Star Butterfly Oh yeah yeah yeah, no problem. Totally. Come on guys. I believe in you, Marco.
Marco Star, I'm concentrating.
Star Right, right, right, right, right. Okay, I'll be quiet. Even if no one else does... I believe.
Marco Got it. I'm trying to focus. [mirror rings] Ugh. Just answer it please.
Star Ugh. [opens mirror] Hey mom.
Queen Star, your Aunt Felicity still hasn't received her thank-you card for the lovely necklace she sent you.
Marco Grr, just give me the juice!
Star Yeah, I can't right now Mom. Things are happening.
Queen You said that the last time...
Star [closes mirror] Marco, did you free the nectar from the juice cocoon?
The puppies start shooting lasers.
Marco Get the puppies out of the way.
Star Oh, stop it puppies. Here [grabs her wand], go fetch [throws it]. Oh no!
Marco Did you just throw your wand?
Star I threw my wand. The poo-poo bin! No, no, no! [bounces off the trash can into a bush] Oh, thank Mewni. Saved by the bush. [wand is pulled into bush] What? [reaches for it] Got it. [pulls out dog holding wand in mouth, screams] Oh, you're just a doggie. For a second, I thought you were a gargoyle. Thank you for bringing me my wand [touches the wand].
Dog [growls]
Star Ooh! [touches the wand]
Dog [growls]
Star I can just...
Dog [growls]
Star Let me just get...
Dog [growls]
Star All right dude, this is annoying. Is your person here somewhere?
Marco There's no one else in the park, Star. Everyone always leaves when we get here... for some reason [pulls out fire extinguisher to quench a fire]. The laser puppies are hungry. Just grab your wand. Let's go.
Star Hmm.
Scene changes to the Diaz's house, sometime later. Star holds the dog, which still has the wand in its mouth. She taps its muzzle to a coat rack.
Marco Star, what are you doing? That's a dog, not a coat.
Star Fur coat.
Marco No. Look, you're basically a pet owner now; you're gonna have to feed him. He'll put the wand down if he wants to eat.
Dog [eats food with wand in mouth, walks into the bathroom]
Marco Okay.
Star Is that normal?
Dog [flushes toilet, uses sink, leaves bathroom]
Marco Sorry, this is your problem. I'm gonna go to bed. Come on puppies. [goes upstairs with laser puppies]
Star [to dog] Hi. So it's bedtime now, and I sleep best with my wand right under my pillow, even though my mom says not to because of [yawns] radiation [falls asleep with dog].
Dog [growls]
Scene jumps to Marco's room. Marco is asleep with the laser puppies, but the new dog is staring at him.
The next morning, Marco wakes up and walks down the stairs.
Marco Star, you down here?
Star [wakes up, the dog beside her] What?
Marco [screams] Star, come on. We gotta get going; we're gonna be late for school.
Star [groans] Okay, okay. Just give me a sec [reaches for wand]
Dog [growls]
Star [picks up dog] Magic doggie, [shakes dog] get me ready for school. [puts dog on head] Alright. Guess it's a hat day.
Scene changes to Echo Creek Academy. Marco is still complaining about the juice box.
Marco They make this for kids, just open!
Principal Miss Butterfly
Star What?!
Principal Where are you going with that dog?
Star he's got my wand.
Principal A dog in a classroom is a roadblock to learning. Do not come back until you get rid of that dog.
Star Ugh.
Jackie Cool hat Star Butterfly
Star Shut up.
Scene changes to later at the Stop and Slurp. Star is on a call with her mom.
Queen Star, you have to send your aunt a thank-you card. It's a really nice necklace.
Star I can't talk right now Mom, I just got kicked out of school.
Queen What?
Star [hangs up]
Cashier Uh, no dogs in the store. [no response] Sure. Ignore me. I'm not like a person with feelings. Or anything.
Star [puts down a slurpee]
Cashier That'll be a buck fifty.
Star Oh, I can't make any money right now 'cause my dog has my wand.
Dog [growls]
Star See?
Cashier Right. On your tab then?
Star Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's Marco Diaz. Cool. Thanks Joe.
Cashier Name's not Joe.
Star And my name's not Marco. [sees a lost dog poster, gasps] Lost dog!
Poster slides away due to it being on an automatic sliding door
Star What? Come back.
Door continues to open and closes
Cashier Please stop that.
Star Sorry [giggles, grabs poster]. "Lost smallish medium-to-large dog." You're a smallish medium-to-large dog. "Dog-ish face." Yep, dog-ish face. "May or may not bark" [holds hand to dog]
Dog [growls]
Star You may or may not bark! I'm pretty sure this flyer is talking bout you, mister. "Call 555-0199." Okay, 555-0199.
A phone rings inside the store.
Cashier Hello. Thank you for calling...
Star Hi. I got your flyer and I think I found your dog.
Cashier I do not have any pets.
Lydia [to cashier through a window] Tee! Is someone calling about the dog?
Cashier Uh, yeah.
Lydia It's for me. [grabs phone] Hello. This is Lydia.
Star Hi. I found your dog. I am outside the Stop and Slurp.
Lydia Be right there.
Star Okay, bye.
Lydia [walks around corner to Star] Hiiii.
Star Hi. Here for this little gargoyle? I found him. Here you go.
Lydia Come to Mommy, my little, um... Willow...bee.
Star Right, okay. Can you get Willoughby to drop my wand?
Lydia I... I can do that. Willoughby, put it down. Where are you going?
Willoughby walks into the restroom and uses the toilet.
Star It's, uh, cool you taught your dog to use the bathroom.
Lydia Yeah [nervous giggle]
Star That's not your dog, is it?
Lydia [nervous giggle]
The dog leaves the bathroom, Star picks him up and runs.
Lydia But I have... so much love to give.
Scene jumps to Marco at his home. He is talking to one of the laser puppies, with his juice box in hand.
Marco Stand up.
Puppy [stands]
Marco Bark.
Puppy [barks]
Marco Now play pirate.
Puppy [squints left eye shut]
Marco Now laser the hole.
The dog shoots a laser into Marco's eye.
Marco [shrieks, his eye starts emitting red light] Okay, everything is half red.
Star [walks in]
Marco Star, where have you been?
Star I don't wanna talk about it.
Marco Okay.
Star Today was the worst day ever Marco. I got sent home from school, I couldn't make any money so I had to put everything on your tab.
Marco What?
Star I was harassed by a weird lady, and worst of all, Willoughby still won't give me back my wand [groans].
Marco His name's Willoughby?
Star That's what the weird lady called him. I thought I found his owner, but she was just a fake.
Marco Yeah, this flyer's obviously fake, but let's go back to the dog park and see if his real owner put up a flyer.
Star [sighs] Okay. You know your eye is glowing, right?
Marco I know.
Scene transitions to Marco and Star at the park.
Marco Hmm, nope.
Star [holding Willoughby like a metal detector] Beep, beep, beep. Where's your owner?
Lady 1 My problem is, I'm stuck in a doubt loop.
Lady 2 You so are.
Star jumps on the ladies' table, holds Willoughby to the second's face, and beeps rapidly. she holds it over the first's and buzzes.
Star Mm-mm [walks back to Marco] Come on, Willoughby.
Marco [trying to open the juice box]Why is this so hard?
Star I know, right?
Marco Oh, right. Your thing is hard too.
Star [frowns, groans]
Willoughby [Ears rustle rapidly]
Star Willoughby senses something. [gasps as a man approaches] Marco, look. Beautiful businessman. Go Willoughby. Go to your businessman.
Willoughby [runs towards businessman]
Star [gasps]
Willoughby [stops, runs towards outhouse]
Star [burst in to outhouse] that's it! What the...
Willoughby looks in the mirror, waving the wand with his hand.
Willoughby [hands Star the wand, in a female voice] Sorry.
Star What just happened?
They leave the outhouse
Star Who are you?
Willoughby It doesn't matter.
Star Why did you take my wand?
Willoughby [sigh] Because in my dimension, dogs are the ones with all the problems. There's no escape. [grabs Marco's juice box] Only sadness. [pokes the straw in] It's easier if you poke it from the bottom.
Marco You did it. [sips] White grape.
Willoughby All I really want is to be... like them [gestures at the laser puppies]. I thought if I zapped myself with your wand, I could quiet my troubled mind.
Marco [sipping]
Star But you can't just run away from all you're problems.
Marco [chokes] You run away from your problems all the time.
Star No, I just take breaks.
Willoughby That's what I want. I want a break.
Star You don't need magic for that. You need a chew toy [creates a bone shaped toy]. And you need to play fetch [lifts up her wand].
Marco No, Star! No fetch.
Star He. Oh yeah. And you need a Marco too. [calls Lydia with mirror] Hey Lydia, I found your dog. Again.
Lydia [jumps out of a bush] I've been here all along. Come here, my sweet little boy.
Star Actually, he's a girl.
Lydia It doesn't matter. My little cake pop. It's time to come home.
Star Go on.
Willoughby I guess it couldn't hurt.
Star Wait. There's one more thing [gives her necklace to Willoughby].
Willoughby Your necklace? I couldn't.
Star Eh, it's a win-win. This way, I don't have to send my Aunt Felicity a thank you card. [baby talk] Now go get your Lydia.
Willoughby Uh, why are you talking to me like that?
Star [baby talk] 'Cause that's how we talk to wittle doggies [pushes Willoughby to Lydia]
Lydia [picks up Willoughby] This is what happiness feels like.
Willoughby [pants]
Lydia Thank you for finding my dog. Bye [runs away]
Star See, Marco? I do face my problems [mirror buzzes]
Marco Is that your mom calling again?
Star [shoves him] Break!
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