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"Fortune Cookies" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 20, 2015, alongside "Blood Moon Ball".[1]


Marco convinces Star that fortune cookies contain magical prophecies, which leads her to dangerously believe a fake fortune provided by Ludo's new evil efficiency expert, Toffee.[2]


After beating Ludo's monsters yet again, Marco and Star decide to treat themselves to Chinese food. Ludo returns to his castle and vents his frustrations on his monsters, calling them useless. He decides to hire someone to whip them into shape.

At the Chinese restaurant, Star and Marco share a meal, and a waitress serves them a plate of fortune cookies. After Star mistakenly eats a cookie without removing the fortune inside, Marco plays a trick on her and tells her that fortune cookies can magically predict the future. His first fortune reads, "A friend will greet you with a smile." Star smiles at the sentiment, and Marco says his fortune came true. Star opens another cookie and gets a fortune that reads, "Think positive and good luck will come your way." One of the restaurant employees is about to throw out some stale cookies, but when she sees how excited Star gets over them, she gives the cookies to her. Marco says Star's fortune came true, and Star is completely enthralled by the cookies' "magic".

Back at his castle, Ludo interviews a multitude of monsters for his new job opening, but is disappointed by every job applicant. As he gets a headache, a blue lizard-like creature in a business suit suddenly appears and gives him a glass of West Mewnian swamp water. Through the lizard's smooth talk, Ludo hires him on the spot, and he gives Ludo his business card before leaving. The business card bears the creature's name: Toffee.

The next day, Star still worships fortune cookies as being prophetic. Marco confesses that he was only playing a trick on her, but Star does not believe him. Her next fortune reads, "An unexpected visitor will soon arrive." To prove his point, Marco opens the front door and says no one is there. But as soon as he mentions nachos, Ferguson appears. Marco tries to get Ferguson to side with him, but Ferguson also believes fortune cookies are real. Star unwraps another fortune, and it reads, "Reach for the stars and achieve your dream." Using her magic wand, Star blasts a hole in the ceiling, saying she always dreamed of putting in a skylight.

Meanwhile, at Ludo's castle, Ludo shows Toffee to the castle breakroom, where Ludo's monsters are dancing and goofing off. Buff Frog appears through a dimensional portal and reports to Ludo about Star and her fortune cookie obsession. This gives Toffee an idea, but Buff Frog is unsure that he can be trusted.

Later that day, Star has one fortune cookie left. Marco again tries to convince her that food can not predict the future, but she does not listen, mentioning that Mewni has calzones that predict a person's death. As two of Ludo's monsters distract Star and Marco while disguised as street performers, a third monster sneaks up and replaces Star's last cookie with another one.

Suddenly, the rest of Ludo's army jumps out to attack. Before Marco can fight them, Star reads her last fortune: "Love is always the answer." Blindly trusting in the fortune, Star refuses to fight back. She only gives the monsters hugs. Ludo thinks this is a perfect opportunity to take Star's wand, but Toffee holds him back, telling him to have patience. With Marco having to fight on his own, the monsters quickly overpower him and trap him in a dumpster. As Star hugs the unnamed two headed monster, Ludo moves in to seize the wand, but the monster is enjoying Star's hug too much to carry out the plan. Feeling guilty, the two-headed monster tells Star everything about Ludo's plan and says fortune cookies truly are not real. Star finally accepts the truth and blasts the monsters away with a mushroom blast. On top of a roof, Toffee watches with much curiosity.

Defeated, Ludo and his army retreat through a dimensional portal. Star apologizes to Marco for not listening to him, and Marco apologizes for playing a trick on her. The Chinese restaurant employee from before appears through a back door and offers Star more stale fortune cookies, and Star accepts. Star and Marco read one last fortune together: "A great evil has been unleashed." The two are amused by the fortune and throw it away.

Back at Ludo's castle, Ludo and Toffee toast their new partnership with Mewnian swamp water. Though they were defeated yet again, Ludo is pleased because that was the closest they had ever gotten to victory. Toffee looks out the window toward Butterfly Castle and says Ludo is not "the first monster to fall victim to their magic." As Ludo fantasizes about owning the magic wand, Toffee gazes ominously into the distance.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 幸運餅乾 Fortune Cookie
Dutch Gelukskoekjes Fortune Cookies
French Prédictions sucrées Sweet Predictions
German Magische Kekse Magic Cookies
Hebrew עוגיות מזל Fortune Cookies
Hungarian Szerencsesütik Fortune Cookies
Italian I biscotti della fortuna Fortune Cookies
Japanese フォーチュンクッキーのお告げ Fortune Cookie Telling
Korean 포춘쿠키 Fortune Cookie
Malay Biskut Ramalan Fortune Cookies
Polish Ciasteczka z wróżbą Fortune Cookies
Portuguese (Brazil) Biscoitos da Fortuna Fortune Cookies
Portuguese (Portugal) Bolinhos da Sorte Fortune Cookies
Russian Печенья с предсказанием Fortune Cookies
Spanish (Latin America) Galletas de la Fortuna Fortune Cookies
Spanish (Spain) Las Galletas de la Suerte Fortune Cookies


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  • Michael C. Hall stars for the first time as Toffee.
  • Due to it being animated by both Mercury Filmworks and Toon City, this episode retains some elements of the "Flash"-like animation style that were present in earlier season 1 episodes.

Revelations and continuity

  • When Marco tries to tell Star that food can't predict the future, Star tells him that Mewni has calzones that tell the eater how they're going to die.
  • At the end of this episode, Star gets a fortune that says "A great evil has been unleashed." Toffee is heavily hinted to be this "great evil."
  • This episode shows that Ludo's castle is located in Mewni, considering that Toffee is able to view Butterfly Castle from there.


  • After Star grabs two of the four fortune cookies off the plate in the Chinese restaurant and eats them, the cookies reappear on the plate in the next shot.


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