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"Freeze Day" is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on July 26, 2015, in Canada and on July 27, 2015, in the United States alongside "Royal Pain".[1]


Star accidentally freezes time with her wand and must convince Father Time to set things right.[2]


Star is in the bathroom trying out different sets of headbands when Marco suddenly rushes in panicking, despite being reminded they have plenty of time to get to school. However, Marco is not worried about being late for school; he is worried about missing his daily nod with Jackie as she arrives at school at 7:56 am. When Marco notices the time, he is certain he will not make it. So as a last resort, he asks Star to freeze time so he can get to school before Jackie does. With a quick wave of her magic wand, Star freezes time throughout the universe. Apart from the fact that Marco can now get to his daily nod with Jackie on time, Star points out they can do much more. With the whole universe frozen, Star and Marco spend sixty hours having fun in their time-free world.

After having their fun, Star and Marco arrive at school and see Jackie frozen where she and Marco would normally cross paths. Marco gets into position, but when Star tries to unfreeze time, nothing happens. When a second try does not work, Marco and Star return home and look in the Magic Instruction Book to find out why they cannot unfreeze time. According to the book, they can only get time to move again by pushing the Wheel of Progress, which is located in the Plains of Time. They travel to the Plains of Time and find the Wheel of Progress, but are unable to get it moving again. Just then, they meet an elderly blue-skinned man known as Father Time, who is the one meant to move the Wheel of Progress until he got knocked off after Star cast her time-freezing spell. Star and Marco try to get him back on the wheel, but now that Father Time is off the wheel, he has become overly interested in his surroundings and newfound freedom. He is soon all over the place with excitement while Star and Marco struggle to keep up with him.

The chase soon brings them to a place where all of the universe's history is recorded. A strange eye appears from the ceiling and looks at Star and Marco, showing them their childhood on the surrounding monitors. As Marco watches his own past, he sees that all he has ever done with Jackie when she arrives at school is nod and never speak to her. Just then, they spot Father Time and finally catch him. Before they can get him back to his wheel, the eye shows Father Time's past, revealing that he has done nothing but run on the Wheel of Progress. Star and Marco see how upset he looks, knowing that once he gets back on the wheel, he will lose his freedom. They come up with another way to move the Wheel of Progress by turning it into a carriage pulled by giant hamsters. Father Time thanks them for the help and soon gets the Wheel of Progress moving again, causing time to resume.

Star and Marco arrive back to school just in time for Marco to nod to Jackie as she passes him on her skateboard. Remembering what the eye showed him, he decides to take his greetings to Jackie to the next level. He says hello to her, and she says hello in return. Star congratulates Marco, only for time to suddenly stop again. Back in the Plains of Time, Father Time and the Time Hamsters are shown to be playing in the mud.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 時間凍結 Time Freeze
Dutch Stil-Sta Dag Stand-Still Day
French Temps suspendu Suspended Time
German Eingefrorene Zeit Frozen Time
Hebrew יום קפוא Frozen Day
Hungarian Amikor megállt az idő When Time Stopped
Italian La giornata del congelamento del tempo The Day Of The Time Freezing
Japanese 時間よ止まれ! Stop Time!
Korean 시간아, 흘러라 Time, Flow
Polish Zamrożony dzień Frozen Day
Portuguese Dia Congelado Frozen Day
Russian Замороженный день Frozen Day
Spanish (Latin America) Día Congelado Frozen Day
Spanish (Spain) El Día sin Tiempo The Day Without Time



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  • Jim Gaffigan guest-stars for the first time as Father Time.
  • Star switches between different types of headwear at the beginning of the episode, including a flower headband, a pirate hat, a fez, a unicorn horn and mane, and a cactus headband (which she wears for the rest of this episode).
  • Among the pages seen in the Magic Instruction Book are "What to do if you delete gravity", "What to do if you make a dimension explode", and "What to do if you raise the dead".

Revelations and continuity



  • The first time Father Time is seen he has five toes on each foot. In the next scene, and there after, he has four toes on each foot.
  • When Star and Marco are having their picnic on the frozen traffic, on the first shot of the scene Star has her Cacti-headband but on the next shot her headband turns into her regular headband, only keeping the same color.
  • Charlie Booth has blue eyes rather than black.
  • At one point when Jackie is still frozen, she doesn't have the aqua streak in her hair and her helmet doesn't have its chin strap.
  • Timmy's sweater is orange instead of lime green.


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