(theme song)
Episode begins at the Diaz Household. In the bathroom, Star straightens her red horned headband in the mirror.
Star Butterfly Eh.
Using her magic wand, Star cycles through several different headbands: a flower headband...
Star Ugh.
...a pirate hat...
Star Uhh.
...a red fez with a gold tassel...
Star Eh.
...a blue unicorn horn and mane...
Star Ugh.
...and a green cactus headband.
Star Ah! Cacti for the win.
Marco bursts into the bathroom as laser puppies yap around his feet. He rushes up to the mirror and shoves Star out of the way.
Marco Diaz [screams] Out of the way! I overslept! I'm gonna be late!
Marco briefly rummages through things on a nearby shelf. He brushes his teeth with a hairbrush and his hair with a toothbrush. Behind him, the laser puppies scurry around shooting lasers in random directions.
Marco Ah! Where's my hoodie?!
Star Whoa, chill, Marco. We can still get to school by first period.
Marco puts his red hoodie on backwards and pulls the hood off his face.
Marco This isn't about learning! This is about love.
Flashback to Marco standing next to the Echo Creek Academy lockers. He looks at his phone while straightening his hair. His phone clock reads "7:56".
Marco (v.o.) Every day, I get there by 7:55, because at exactly 7:56, Jackie Lynn Thomas gets there.
Jackie skates up to Marco on her skateboard. She skates past him.
Marco (v.o.) And we share a nod.
Marco nods to Jackie. Jackie nods back and continues skating away.
Marco (v.o.) It's kind of our thing.
Marco [sighs]
Cut back to Diaz Household bathroom – present day. Star's eyes are wide with affection.
Star Awww... Wait. A nod? You don't even say hi?
Marco I'm working up to that.
Marco takes a folded-up paper out of his pocket and unfolds it.
Marco See? It's all a part of my 23-step plan. I'm already on step 4: nodding every day.
Star Hmm.
A laser puppy shoots its lasers at Marco's hands.
Marco Hey! Down, boy! [falls over] Bad laser puppy! [looks at clock] It's 7:54! I can't make it! Can't you just... uh, uh, magically stop time or something?
Star [scoffs, laughs] Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Easy Peasy Time Freezie.
A magic ticking clock effect appears over Star and Marco. The laser puppies' movements and barking slow to a halt. In the kitchen, Mrs. Diaz flips a pancake; the pancake freezes in midair. In the shower, Mr. Diaz—wearing his Viking helmet and holding a rubber duck—sings opera; his singing slows down and stops. Marco touches one of the laser puppies' lasers mid-fire with one of his fingers then he puts his hurt finger in his mouth to heal it.
Marco Ow! Do you know what you just did?
Star Uh... froze time?
Marco You froze time! [touching Star excitedly] Now I can get to school and nod at Jackie! Hurry!
Star School? [touches Marco's face] But it's a [singsong] freeze day!
Marco's eyes widen with excitement. As the two run out the front door jumping and laughing, a time-frozen laser puppy chases a time-frozen mailman. Star uses her magic to give an infant a mustache.
Star and Marco [laughing]
Star gives everyone in the area mustaches. Later, at a birthday party for Amy, a little girl in one of Charlie Booth's foreign exchange families, Star and Marco eat birthday cake. Star has a lit candle on her tongue.
Star and Marco [laughing]
Later, at the school, Lars gives a nerdy-looking kid a wedgie. Marco frees the kid from the wedgie, and Star gives Lars an atomic wedgie. Later, Star and Marco have a picnic on top of a car in the middle of a freeway.
Star Yee-hee!
Marco [laughing]
Later, in Marco's dojo, Star and Marco laugh while Jeremy Birnbaum is in the middle of a flying kick. Marco slaps him off-screen. Later, as Ludo emerges from a dimensional portal, Star switches his skull crown with her cactus headband. Marco takes a picture of Ludo wearing the cactus headband. Star and Marco return to the school.
Marco [laughing] That was the funnest sixty hours of my life!
Star Oh, hey, there's frozen Jackie!
Marco I better get into optimal nod position.
Marco straightens his hair and leans against the lockers.
Marco Ready.
Star ...Or maybe now's the time to move on to the next step of your crazy plan. [o.s., singsong] You could talk to her...!
Marco [looks at Jackie, stammering] T-The wind isn't right. I've got a pimple coming in. Uh, I'll just do the nod today.
Star [disappointed] Okay... Easy Peasy Time Unfreezie!
Nothing happens. Time remains frozen.
Star Huh. Easy Peasy Time Unfreezie!
Still nothing happens.
Star Ooh.
Marco Come on, Star. What's going on?
Marco approaches Star, who has a frozen smile.
Marco Star?! Star! Not you too!
Star Ha-ha! I'm just messin' with ya!
Marco [groans]
Scene transitions to Diaz Household. Star pulls her Magic Instruction Book out from under her bed.
Star Okay, Magic Instruction Book, instruct me.
Star opens up to a page with Glossaryck, who is also frozen.
Star Oh, no, Glossaryck is frozen too.
Marco Good. I never liked that guy. [turns a page] "Scrape the sides", buddy.
Star Okay, let's see, let's see. What to do if you make a dimension explode, what to do if you delete gravity... [soft gasp] Ooh.
Marco Don't get any ideas.
Star Heh-heh. Sorry. Ah! What to do if you freeze time. We can move time forward if we go to the Plains of Time and push the Wheel of Progress.
Star uses her dimensional scissors to open a portal to the Plains of Time. Marco steps through the portal.
Marco Whoa.
The surrounding landscape is covered in sand and melting clocks. There's also an umoving stream of water, a frozen waterfall, a giant hourglass, and a cuckoo clock.
Marco This is definitely one of the weirder places we've been to.
Star Weirder than that dimension of cats with human faces?
Flashback to Star and Marco in a different dimension. In front of them is a cat sitting in a litter box with its back turned.
Star Here, kitty, kitty!
The cat turns to face Star and Marco. It has a human-like face.
Cat [demonic voice] Look away!
Cut back to Plains of Time – present day.
Star and Marco [shuddering]
Star Look! That must be it.
Star points to the Wheel of Progress.
Star Whoooaaa...
Marco Looks like a giant hamster wheel.
Star Now, how do we start this thing?
Marco Hmm. I got this.
Marco steps onto the Wheel and tries moving it. It doesn't budge.
Marco [grunting]
Marco's various attempts to start the Wheel end with him landing on his head and getting his head stuck between two wheel spokes.
Star New plan. Rainbow Raccoon Rotation!
Star conjures a Rotating Raccoon. It bounces across and stands next to Star, mimicking her motions.
Star Hmm.
Father Time Magic won't work on that. You gotta use the magic of toesies. [wiggles toes]
Star Who are you?
Father Time I'm Father Time. And this is Rocksworth. He's a rock, but don't bring it up. He's kind of sensitive about it. [makes motorboat sounds]
Star helps Marco off the Wheel of Progress.
Marco Father Time? So you must push this thing. [grunting]
Father Time Hey, look! I'm over here! [moves a little to the left] And now I'm over here! [laughing]
Star And how long were you on the wheel?
Father Time Oh, you know... forever. Until someone cast a freeze spell and knocked me off of it. What is that? [runs up to a mud puddle]
Marco Uh, mud?
Father Time falls face-first into the mud and rolls around in it.
Father Time Oh, it's glorious! I love mud.
Father Time slathers mud in his tongue. He gags in disgust and spits the mud in Marco's face.
Marco So, Mr. Time, how would you feel about getting the universe started up again?
Father Time Oh, where has this been all of my life?
Star Uh... look, look, look.
Star picks up some mud and slathers it on the Wheel of Progress.
Star You can play with mud on your wheel.
Marco Huh? Huh?
Father Time Well, that is an enticing offer, but nah.
Marco Argh!
Father Time Oh! There's some mud that's a slightly different color.
Father Time runs off, and Star and Marco chase after him. He looks at a twig on the ground, a bush with arrows in it, and a goose wearing a clock around its neck.
Father Time And there's a twig, and there's a bush, and I-I don't know what that thing is, but it's waddling.
Goose [quacking]
Marco Wait! You can't just leave time stopped!
Father Time starts taking incredibly high jumps across the landscape. Star and Marco can hardly keep up with him.
Father Time Whoo!
Star But without time, rainbows can't shoot across the sky! Glitter can't glitter!
Marco And everyone we know will be frozen forever!
Father Time finds a hourglass with a door.
Father Time What's this?
The door whooshes open.
Father Time Ooh!
Father Time dances through the door, and Star and Marco approach just as the door closes.
Father Time [o.s., laughing]
Suddenly, Father Time is racing across the sand on the back of a speedy turtle.
Father Time YOLO! [laughing] Anything's possible!
Attempting to give chase, Star and Marco jump on the back of a large rabbit...
Marco Yah! Whoo-hoo!
...but the rabbit moves slowly.
Marco I hate this dimension.
Elsewhere, Father Time plays in the water.
Father Time [laughing] Whoo!
He crosses to the other side of the stream, still laughing.
Star and Marco chase after him, using clocks in the stream as stepping stones. They step onto one clock, transforming them into infants. Star helps Marco before he falls into the water. She steps onto the next clock, transforming into an elderly woman. The hearts on her cheeks droop.
Star [feeble moaning] Oh, my hearts...
Marco [squealing]
Marco falls over, and his chin lands on the next clock. Only his head is aged up while the rest of his body is still that of an infant.
Marco Not a word.
Star [giggling]
Star and Marco reach the other side of the stream, and their bodies are returned to normal. They follow Father Time into a large building filled with television screens.
Star I think he went in there.
Marco Wow...
The history of the universe is shown on the screens.
Marco It's the history of the whole universe! Ooh! Battle of Lexington. Nailed it.
A giant eyeball extends down from the ceiling and looks at Star. All of the television screens suddenly show Star as a baby.
Star [gasps] It... It's me!
The screens show baby Star playing with toys, young Star taking the royal carriage for a joyride, and young Star being taught how to swordfight by her babysitter.
Star Oh, I remember that!
The screens also show young Star and Pony Head stealing treasure from Cyclopes, young Star watching fireworks, and teenage Star and Pony Head going through a punk phase.
Star [laughing] Watching me is fun.
The screens also show Star riding the warnicorn in "Star Comes to Earth" before ending on Star's mirror image.
Star Oh! Hi, me!
Marco This place must keep track of everything we've done in our lives.
The giant eyeball looks at Marco, and the television screens show his life too. They show him nodding to Jackie Lynn Thomas from kindergarten to elementary school to high school. The camera swivels around Marco as he takes in this realization. The screens then cut to static.
Marco Wow. I've been nodding for a long time.
Star puts a comforting hand on Marco's shoulder.
Father Time (o.s.) Hey, guys!
Star and Marco look at Father Time as he plays with a spring door stopper.
Father Time Isn't this place incredible? It's like we're living in the future.
Marco Father Time!
Star Emerald Snake Strike!
Star uses magic to wrap Marco and Father Time in green snakes.
Marco Great. I think we got him. Yuck. Okay, buddy, let's get you back to your wheel.
As Marco and Star guide Father Time out of the building, the giant eye looks at him.
Father Time [gasps]
The television screens show Father Time running endlessly on the Wheel of Progress, slowly becoming depressed as the years go by. Star and Marco look at each other, sympathetic.
Father Time Ah, all right. I guess I'll get back to doing that. Oh, well, it's only for all eternity.
Marco [sighs] We can't just make him.
Star Maybe there's some other way to turn that giant wheel.
Father Time pets a giant hamster. Star and Marco smile.
Star Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Star makes a hamster-drawn carriage for Father Time using the Wheel of Progress as its base.
Marco Actually, I was thinking we'd— ...Never mind, it works.
Star Now you can go anywhere you want and keep the wheel moving!
Father Time Aww, thanks, guys. I owe ya. Please help yourself to any of my mud. Even the nice stuff.
Star and Marco look at Father Time's mud collection. It's a giant mound of mud with several nametags sticking down that read "VOLCANIC", "MOOR MUD", "SLURRY", "BLACK", "MUCK", and "SEA BED".
Marco We're good.
Father Time Oh, and maybe don't freeze time again. It's kind of fragile. You don't want to break it. Know what I mean? Well, so long! [laughs] Time hamsters away! Yoo-hoo!
Father Time whips the carriage reins, and the time hamsters pulls the Wheel of Progress forward. Star and Marco smile at each other.
Star Wait. The wheel's moving.
Star and Marco We've got to get back!
Back on Earth, a clock moves one minute forward. Mrs. Diaz catches the flipping pancake, the laser puppies start moving again, and Mr. Diaz continues singing opera in the shower. Star and Marco return to the school with the dimensional scissors.
Marco Whoa!
Star Aah!
Jackie skates past Marco just as he steps out of the portal. He nods to her. She nods back. Marco bites his lip.
Marco ...Hey, Jackie!
Jackie stops skateboarding and looks back at Marco.
Jackie Hey, Marco!
The two briefly look at each other in silence.
Jackie ...Well, see ya!
Jackie skateboards away, and Marco catches his breath.
Star You did it! You finally talked to her! What happened to waiting for the perfect time?
Marco Well, all of a sudden, I thought: if you have the time, why waste it? Looks like I'm finally geeeettiiiiing sooooooomewheeeeeeeeeere...
Time slows to a halt again. Cut back to the Plains of Time, where Father Time and the time hamsters roll in the mud.
Father Time [laughing] You guys really get me!
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