"Game of Flags" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on September 19, 2016, alongside "Girls' Day Out".[3]


Star competes in the Game of Flags at the Butterfly-Johansen family reunion against her mother’s orders.[4]


The episode begins on Mewni, at the annual family reunion between the well-dressed and well-mannered Butterfly family (Queen Butterfly's side of the royal family of Mewni) and the loud and obnoxious Johansen family (King Butterfly's side). During the family picnic, Star attempts to sneak onto the adults' table, but she is quickly seated at the kids' table with Marco and the other family children, much to her frustration.

When the Butterfly family's uptight table etiquette clashes with the Johansens' rude manners, the two sides get into a heated argument. At the persuasion of his wife, King Butterfly steps in between the two sides and suggests a more civil way to settle their dispute: the traditional Game of Flags. Star explains to Marco that the objective of the game is to be the first to plant a flag at the top of a treacherous mountain, much like the Earth game "King of the Hill". Unfortunately, Queen Butterfly forbids Star from participating because she is too young. Star, however, is determined to play Flags and win.

Star and Marco sneak to the starting line, and the game begins, with both families racing to the top of the mountain. Queen Butterfly stays on the sidelines as a spectator, and as far as she is aware, Star and Marco are still sitting at the kids' picnic table. As the Flags game progresses, Marco realizes how ruthlessly the other participants play; they use unethical tactics like traps, sabotage other players, and disregard each other's safety in order to win. Nevertheless, Star remains determined to win, using the same tactics as her family and even throwing her own father down the mountain.

Manfred, the game announcer, reveals that Star is participating in the game, and Queen Butterfly discovers that the Star and Marco at the kids' table are just dummies made of corn.

As Star and Marco reach a volcanic pool of lava with small stepping stones, Star gets into a brief clash with her uncle Heartrude and nearly knocks his manservant into the lava. After Marco saves the guard's life, he stops Star and tells her how much the game and the uncontrollable desire to win has changed her. Star sees how angrily her family members fight with each other and realizes she has been acting the same way. Marco suggests they simply stop playing and go back to the bottom of the mountain. Instead, Star races forward, grabbing the other participants' flags along the way, and they chase her up the mountain.

Before the competition escalates into a bare-knuckle brawl, Queen Butterfly appears in her winged, six-armed mewberty form to stop the fighting. The queen scolds her daughter for participating in the Flags game after she forbade her, and Star apologizes for tricking her mother with a corn dummy. However, Star claims that she was not trying to win herself—she was going to plant everyone's flags at the top of the mountain so they could all win. Impressed by her daughter's mature decision and how she represents the best aspects of both sides of the family, Queen Butterfly allows her to finally sit at the adults' table. Just as Star remarks that only an idiot would want to win the game, Marco plants his own flag at the top of the mountain, thus claiming victory, and does a celebratory dance.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Het Vlaggenspel The Flag Game
French Réunion de Famille Family Reunion
German Mögen die Spiele Beginnen! Let the Games Begin!
Hebrew משחק הדגלים The Flag Game
Hungarian Zászlójáték Flag Game
Italian Il Gioco Delle Bandiere The Game of Flags
Japanese 旗の争い Flag Battle
Polish Gra we Flagi Flags Game
Portuguese O Jogo das Bandeiras The Game of Flags
Russian Игра в флаги Game of Flags
Spanish (Latin America) Juego de Banderas Game of Flags
Spanish (Spain) El Juego de las Banderas The Game of Flags


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