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Ludo's giant spider is a Mewnian arachnid. Formerly a wild animal surviving in a web-strewn cave, she is subjugated and tamed by Ludo to be his minion in "Ludo in the Wild". She does not have an officially confirmed name, referred to only as "arachnid" in "Ludo in the Wild" and collectively with the bald eagle as "girls".


The spider is a giant arachnid with a blue exoskeleton, six legs, four red eyes, and large mandibles.


Initially a regular, if overly large, spider (albeit with picky tastes), she is later subjugated and tamed by Ludo to be his loyal minion.



Ludo was initially the giant spider's prey caught in her web, but she released him because he tasted bad. After Ludo bests her in battle, he figures out how to tame her into a loyal minion using potato chips. At the end of "Toffee", Ludo releases her back into the wild. In "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell", he gleefully reunites with her.

Bald eagle[]

She cooperates with the bald eagle as a comrade in battle. In "Starcrushed", she is shown letting the eagle feed her potato chips and insects, implying that they have a close bond.

Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz[]

As enemies of her master, she is hostile and aggressive towards them on command.


In "Ludo, Where Art Thou?", it is revealed that the spider has been hiding out with Dennis at his parents' house. At the end of the episode, Dennis promises to look after the spider for Ludo.


Like normal spiders, the spider can produce webs from its abdomen that are strong enough to support a lot of weight. It is also somewhat skilled in physical combat, able to grapple with Ludo and use its legs like cutting and piercing weapons.


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