"Girls' Day Out" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on September 19, 2016, alongside "Game of Flags".[3]


When Star is nominated as Mayor of Detention, she must help her constituents with their various problems.[4]


At Echo Creek Academy, Miss Skullnick gives an algebra lesson as her students look bored. Star is the most bored among them, lying back in her seat with her feet on her desk. She notices the class hamster Marisol looking equally bored in her cage and sets her free out the classroom window. Because of this, Miss Skullnick gives Star detention and orders Marco to bring back Marisol.

When Star is dragged to detention, she meets the habitual troublemaker Janna and three other students: big kid Serge, macabre German-speaking Ingrid, and wheelchair-bound Toby. Frustrated with being cooped up in classrooms, Star attempts to escape by using her magic wand to create an escape window. Janna stops her, however, and tells her she has been elected "Mayor of Detention"—which Star questions the legitimacy of since she arrived just moments ago. Janna explains that, as the "mayor", it is Star's duty to address the needs of her "townspeople". Reluctantly, Star agrees to fulfill the requests of some of her fellow detainees.

The last request comes from Toby, who explains that he and the other kids in detention get together to watch wrestling on a television across the hall using a stolen TV remote. Unfortunately, the remote's batteries are dead. As Star wonders where to find fresh batteries, she hears Oskar Greason playing his keytar outside. Since Oskar's keytar uses batteries, Star suggests they get some from him. Meanwhile, Marco finds Marisol in a drainage pipe and gets his arm stuck trying to get her out. When Jackie Lynn Thomas discovers him, he tries to play off his embarrassing situation.

Janna comes up a plan for her and Star to sneak out of detention and reach Oskar in the parking lot, but she says they have to be back before 1:00pm when Miss Skullnick checks in on them. Together, Star and Janna get past the janitor's wet hallway floors and blend in with band practice; the last obstacle between them and the parking lot is Miss Skullnick eating lunch on a bench. Star suggests they blast her away with a bazooka, but Janna chooses instead to scare her off with a snake in a can of potato chips. Star places the can next to Miss Skullnick, but before she can even open it, she is drawn away when Marco causes a commotion with his pipe-trapped arm.

With Skullnick out of the way, Star and Janna reach Oskar in the parking lot. Before Star can ask him for batteries, she becomes incoherently lovestruck upon seeing him, so Janna asks instead. Oskar says he needs his batteries to keep playing his keytar, but he has a spare set of batteries in his car trunk. Unfortunately, the batteries are in one of his dozens of keytars, and he does not remember which one. Meanwhile, Marco's state of being stuck in the drainage pipe attracts the unwanted attention of the Echo Creek fire department.

After Miss Skullnick retrieves Marisol, she heads back to check on the kids in detention. As Star listens to Oskar's music, Janna mentions that they have four minutes to return to the detention room. They quickly check each keytar in Oskar's car before finally finding the spare batteries. On the race back to detention, Star conjures a giant six-legged porcupine to go faster. As Star and Janna approach the detention room, they notice Miss Skullnick ahead of them and just inches away from the room door. Luckily, Miss Skullnick is scared off by the snake in the can of potato chips, allowing Star and Janna to return to the room before Miss Skullnick realizes that they were gone.

Using the batteries that Oskar provided, Toby turns on the television across the hall just in time for the kids to watch wrestling. Janna relieves Star of her duties as "Mayor of Detention" and says she can leave if she wants, but Star decides to stay and watch the wrestling match. She even appoints Janna as her "Deputy Mayor".


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Meidenuitje Girls' Trip
French Maire de la Salle de Colle Mayor of the Detention Room
German Nachsitzen Mal Anders Detention with a Difference
Hebrew טיול של בנות Girls' Trip
Hungarian Lányos Nap Girls Day
Italian Star in Punizione Star in Punishment
Japanese お仕置き部屋の市長さん Mayor of the Punishment Room
Polish Dzień Według Dziewczyn A Day According to the Girls
Portuguese (Brazil) O Dia das Garotas The Day of the Girls
Portuguese (Portugal) Miúdas à Solta Girls on the Loose
Russian День девочек Girls Day
Spanish Día de Chicas Girls Day


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S2E16 Paper showing 'mayor election results'
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Revelations and continuity

  • Miss Skullnick reveals her first name as Margaret.


  • When Miss Skullnick was opening the chips at one moment, her belly was the same color as her shirt.


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