Scene opens at Echo Creek Academy
Miss Skullnick Now, when you carry the four, let V be the finite dimensional vector space over K. Where we're solving for K, this is...
Star Butterfly [in back of class, sighs, looks at hamster] 'Sup?
The hamster nods back at Star.
Skullnick For cosine localized algebra, we write K.
Star Blaah!
Skullnick Just like this on the graph. When we put it on the structure to linear algebraic group, the x axes minus the...
Star [to hamster] Okay
Skullnick ...y axes equals the dimension over...
Star, out of boredom during Miss Skullnick's lecture opens up the hamster's and grabs the hamster.
Star Fly free, little Marisol!
She throws the hamster at the window. It slides down.
Skullnick [gasps loudly]
Marco Diaz Oh no.
Star [opening window] Be free!
The hamster escapes.
Skullnick Why did you do that?
Star Because she was bored! We're all bored! she's bored, he's bored, he's bored, Marco's definitely bored.
Marco Oh, don't drag me into this.
Star [in a low voice] Bored out of his mind.
Skullnick That's it. [points at Star] Detention.
Star For that?
Skullnick Marco, go get my hamster.
Star [crying] Viva Marisol!
Skullnick literally drags Star across the floor of the school to detention.
Star Oof! [growls]
Skullnick Sit in there and think about what you did, hooligan. [slams door]
Star starts attacking the door like a wild animal
Janna 'Sup Star? Welcome to D-ten. Looks like you're one of us now.
Star Math cage, hamster cage, detention cage. You guys can stay in here if you want, but I won't be caged. [creates a square hole in the wall with her wand] I'm outta here.
Janna Oh yeah, that's cool. I mean, you were elected mayor of detention but whatever. It's no big deal.
Star What?
Janna Yeah. It says so right here on this thing. This paper... piece of paper.
The sheet of paper reads "Mayor Election Results: Star is Mayor"
Star But I just got here.
Janna No, no, I get it. It's cool. The mayor has more important things to do. [to detention squad] Uh, hey everybody, can I have your attention? Listen up. So I have some bad news. The mayor is busy and won't be able to help us today, so I guess we'll just go back to our previous system of anarchy. [throws a stool, glass shatters]
Star Let me see that. [picks up paper] Hey. This is fake.
Janna Every election is fake.
Star What does the mayor of detention even do?
Janna Well, the townspeople have a list of requests.
Janna pins a paper star badge saying "Mayor" on Star.
Janna And the mayor, you, fulfills them.
Janna hands Star another sheet of paper. It reads "Requests: 1)Serge: Candy 2)Me: Tat 3)Ingrid:–"
Star Let's get this over with.
Star looks under a desk, grabs a piece of gum stuck under it, and throws it in Serge's mouth.
Star Candy.
Star grabs her wand and uses it on Janna's arm
Star Tattoo.
Star spins Serge around, grabs a comb from his back pocket and hands it to Ingrid.
Star And comb.
Ingrid [in foreign language] What is this? I said I wanted a guillotine. [to teddy bear] I guess you live today.
Star Well, looks like my work here is done. [crumples up paper] See you guys. Won't be needing this anymore.
A boy cries in the back of the room. Star turns around.
Star What's up with Waterworks over there?
Janna Oh, that's Toby.
Star Yeah, but why is he crying?
Janna Oh, he's just bummed 'cause he didn't get his request in on time. Not your problem.
Star Ugh. Okay, fine. One last thing, but then I'm gone. Toby, what's your request?
Toby Well, [moving to door] usually we all gather around this little window like so, and we watch wrestling on the TV across the hall. I can control it with this stolen remote. Except the batteries are dead.
Serge Worst timing ever. The Junior Mustache is fighting the Sterling Stallion at 4:00 p.m.
Ingrid [in foreign language] I need to see it live!
Janna So where we gonna get fresh batteries, Miss Mayor?
Star Hmmm. [hears music playing, gasps,looks out window, sees Oskar] That's it. Oskar's keytar uses batteries.
Janna I like your style. [ties to fist bump Star]
Star [grabs Janna's hand like a joystick]
Scene changes to Marco in search of Miss Skullnick's hamster.
Marco [looking in to a rain gutter pipe] Come out, Marisol.
Marisol [squeaks]
Marco Here, baby.
Marisol [squeaks]
Marco Fine, I'm comin' in.
Marco sticks his hand into the gutter. His arm is not quite long enough to reach Marisol. His hand gets stuck inside.
Marco Aw, come on.
Jackie Lynn Thomas walks by.
Marco Huh? Oh, hey Jackie.
Jackie Do you need some help?
Marco: [bolts upright against the wall, upside down] Just hangin' out.
Scene changes back to Star and Janna
Janna I drew up a plan. We'll cross the field to the parking lot, but we have to get back by 1:00 p.m. sharp. That's when Skullnick checks in every day for roll call. The school ground's a harsh, unforgiving landscape, not to be taken lightly.
Scene changes to several students slipping on a wet floor mopped by a janitor. The janitor keeps a tally of how many have slipped.
Janna First, we gotta get past the fall hall.
As Janna narrates, Star and Janna sneak across.
Janna Next, we must blend in with band practice.
Janna mounts Star, and while holding a trash can lid to make the pair look like a sousaphone, they parade with the band.
Scene changes to a bench outside the school. Miss Skullnick sits on a bench eating celery.
Janna And lastly, Miss Skullnick.
Star I got it. Shimmering destructo cannon.
Star's wand turns into a formidable weapon with several rocket launchers.
Janna How about we call that Plan B? I was thinking we could just scare her away with this. [holds out a cylindrical canister]
Star Potato chips! I don't get it.
Janna [popping the lid] Not chips. This [pulls out a snake from inside]
Star Aw, he's so cute.
Miss Skullnick continues to chew on celery. Star puts the fake canister of chips by her left.
Skullnick Oh, when did I pack you? Sour cream and ham flavored? My favorite. Oooh, I better not. Oh, but what could one chip hurt? Who are you kidding, Margaret? You wouldn't just stop at one. But you have been doing your water aerobics every day so you deserve this. [pops lid] What's going on here?
Star and Janna frown, but Miss Skullnick isn't looking at them. A large crowd has gathered around Marco, taking pictures of him with his hand stuck in the pipe.
Skullnick They better not be having fun on school grounds.
Star and Janna walk over to Oskar.
Star Don't worry. I have him pretty much wrapped around my finger. Let me do the talking. Hey there Oskar. We'd like to borrow your...
Star watches Oskar's hair flip back and forth. She starts shuddering, her mouth opens, and she starts drooling.
Janna Uh, Madame Mayor. Batteries.
Star But, but, but...
Janna Mayor. Star! Ugh, forget it. Hey Oskar, can we borrow your keytar batteries to watch wrestling?
Oskar There is no cause worthier than the wrestling arts.
Oskar lowers his keytar, revealing a wrestling t-shirt.
Janna Oh great. I'll just take those batteries then.
Oskar No, you can't have these. I gotta keep jammin'. But I have a spare set of batteries in the trunk.
They go around to the back of the car.
Oskar Somewhere in one of these.
His trunk is full of nothing but keytars.
Star [snaps out of it] Batteries! Nailed it.
Scene changes back to Marco. The crowd has disappeared.
Skullnick I hope you didn't hurt my sweet Marisol.
Marco No, I'm fine, thanks.
Firefighter Where's the stuck kid?
Marco Ahem.
Firefighter Ah. It's probably him. Don't worry little fella. We'll get you out in no time. [turns on a circular saw]
Marco Wait. Wait, wait! Is this safe?
Firefighter Yeah, I'll be fine.
Marco winces as the firefighter cuts the pipe.
Firefighter All free.
Marco Finally! Whoo, I don't have to look like an idiot anymore...
Marco trips and falls, one half of the pipe still on his hand. The other firefighter snaps a photo. The hamster drops out of the other half.
Skullnick Marisol! My little Marisol. [smooches the hamster] It's almost time to check on the degenerates. You wanna check on the degenerates, Marisol? Yes you do, yes you do.
Scene changes back to Oskar's Car.
Oskar Oh yeah, this bad boy is one of my favorites. I got it near that library that serves the best tacos.
Star That is such a great story.
Janna [facepalms, cell alarm goes off] Mayor Butterfly, it's almost 1:00.
Star Ah! [grabs keytar]
Janna [holding keytar] No, not this one.
Star No.
Janna Zilch. Nope.
Star Aha!
Star takes out the two batteries.
Star Thanks Oskar!
Oskar No problem. [plays his keytar]
Star and Janna book it across the school. They come to a cart of janitor's supplies.
Star Get in. Porcupine beast transformation!
The cart changes into a giant porcupine.
Star Hiya!
The porcupine runs across the school, nearly hitting some cheerleaders, who jump immediately into formation. The porcupine runs through the gap they created.
Sabrina Those girls are so weird.
Inside the school
Skullnick Oh, my little Marisolita.
Zeke That cloud looks like a tree.
Becky And that one looks like...
The giant porcupine monster jumps right in front of Becky.
Becky [screams]
The monster gets too far to be seen away as Zeke turns to look.
Zeke Oh yeah, that one does look like an [screams] aaah!
Star, Janna, and their porcupine monster run past the hallway where all the kids who slipped are lying on the ground.
Students [scream]
Janna [laughs, gasps] Skullnick.
The marching band crosses in front of them.
Janna Star.
Star Radiant rainbow bridge!
The two scream as the monster jumps on the bridge, runs over the school, and jumps off at the other side. Now inside the correct building, they race Miss Skullnick to the detention room.
Star Made it.
Miss Skullnick walks around the corner. Star and Janna hide behind a locker.
Skullnick Oh, you must be so hungry. Aren't you? HOw about something to eat, huh?
In front of the room, Miss Skullnick pulls out the chips, opens the canister, and screams when the snake comes out. Star and Janna run into room, grabbing Marisol as the snake tries to eat it. Miss Skullnick bursts in wearing her troll armor.
Skullnick Has anyone seen my Marisol?
Star Oh, you mean this Marisol?
Skullnick Oh, I'm so sorry. [grabs the hamster, kisses it]
Star Does this mean we can leave detention?
Skullnick No. [slams door]
Ingrid [picks up Skullnick's battle axe, speaks in a foreign language] It's not a guillotine, but it'll work.
Toby puts his batteries into the remote controller. He turns the TV on across the hall.
TV Announcer This has been one exciting Wrestle Rama, ladies and gentlemen. Looks like Junior Mustache is getting ready to pull off his Boom Boom of Doom.
Junior Mustache crashes into the horse.
Announcer Oh! That looks like it hurt.
Referee One, two, three...
Announcer And he's out.
The students in detention cheer.
Janna Well, duties fulfilled. You are free to go.
Star Why thank you. You, too.
Star pauses for a moment. The scene changes to all of the detention students and Star watching the match.
Announcer This has been one exciting match, folks.
Janna You know you don't have to wear that badge anymore, right?
Star I know, but if I take it off, we wouldn't be matching!
Star holds out a "Deputy Mayor" badge for Janna. Janna puts it on.
Star Rip his head off!
Janna Tear him apart!
(end credits)
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