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Globgor is the monster husband of Eclipsa Butterfly and father of Meteora Butterfly who is first alluded to in "Into the Wand".

He is released from his crystal prison in "Cornonation". From "Doop-Doop" to "Pizza Party", he rules as the king of Mewni alongside Eclipsa.


Globgor seems to be a buff monster with red skin covered in darker red tiger-like stripes, long white hair tied into a topknot, four yellow eyes with slitted pupils, pointy ears and nose, short horns, and fanged teeth. He wears a black boxer-briefs-like garment, gold wristbands, and a ring on his left ring finger. As revealed in "The Monster and the Queen", he has a tufted tail similar to Meteora's.

In portraiture and other dramatized depictions, Globgor stands a little more than twice the size of Eclipsa. In "Conquer", he is shown to be of gigantic size. This is thanks to his abilities as a size shifter.


S4E23 Globgor catches Eclipsa in his hands

Eclipsa and Globgor

In spite of multiple depictions that portrayed him as a villainous barbarian who had ravaged the Spiderbite kingdom and eaten countless people, Globgor is portrayed a loving husband to Eclipsa and a caring father to Meteora. In "The Monster and the Queen", he is affectionate and sensitive, but also a little short-tempered. In "Cornonation", he flies into a rage when he sees his family in danger.

Globgor is self-aware and mindful of his Mewman-eating reputation, as when Eclipsa offers to set him free in his mind space, he rejects the idea because he believes Mewni is not ready for him yet. He also harbors a sense of pride and protection in "Ready, Aim, Fire", wanting to keep fighting Doug-Doug in spite of his injuries and feeling like a coward for failing to do so.


According to Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells, Globgor, referred to in Eclipsa Butterfly's chapter only as "the Prince of Darkness", first met Eclipsa when they were both relatively young, during the reign of Eclipsa's mother Solaria. As war was waged between Mewmans and monsters, Globgor and Eclipsa met in secret and slowly fell in love, though at one point Solaria discovered them and presumed that Globgor was trying to kill Eclipsa.

Globgor and Eclipsa would continue to see each other in secret at the Rose Tower up until Eclipsa inherited the Royal Magic Wand and Solaria was assassinated by a rebel faction of the monster army. Despite the war between their respective races, they advocated for peace between Mewmans and monsters. After Eclipsa married King Shastacan Spiderbite and the Mewman-monster war grew more violent, Globgor convinced Eclipsa to leave with him, promising that she would be welcomed among the monsters for a brief period.

As revealed in a passage in "Into the Wand" and trial testimony in "Butterfly Trap", Eclipsa accepted Globgor's invitation, abandoning Shastacan and Mewni in order to be with him. They and the rest of the monster army left and found refuge in an ancient monster temple, where Globgor and Eclipsa later bore a half-Mewman, half-monster daughter, naming her Meteora.

The Magic High Commission eventually discovered where Globgor and his army were hiding. Globgor was crystallized and remained imprisoned at the temple, while Eclipsa was imprisoned in the Crystal Dimension for breaking the Mewman taboo of fraternizing with a monster. Their daughter Meteora would later be disowned by Shastacan, adopted by St. Olga, and replaced with the peasant girl Festivia.

At the end of "Conquer", after Meteora is defeated and reverted to an infant, Eclipsa brings her to the Monster Temple and discovers where Globgor still lies in crystallized stasis.

In "Butterfly Follies" and "Moon Remembers", Eclipsa's monster subjects work to try and free Globgor with pickaxes and chisels, but according to Moon Butterfly, such methods are ineffective against Rhombulus' magic. In "Swim Suit", however, his right hand and a piece of his hair are freed by Eclipsa using Rhombulus' powers through a body-swapping spell, later to be recrystallized by Rhombulus himself at the end of the episode.

In "Surviving the Spiderbites", Globgor is revealed to have a dark history with the Spiderbite Kingdom in particular, infamous for burning down the Spiderbite village, devouring King Shastacan, and having numerous pieces of monster art and culture as tribute to these acts.

In "The Monster and the Queen", Eclipsa uses her magic to go inside Globgor's mind and spend time with him. When he learns that the kingdom is still scared of him, he chooses to remain trapped in crystal until they accept him.

In "Cornonation", Globgor is finally released from his crystal prison, and suspicion immediately falls upon Eclipsa. Globgor runs away in order to try and protect his family, but Star convinces him to return. After a brief confrontation with the Magic High Commission, it is revealed that Rhombulus released Globgor to prove he's nothing but a monster. However, after seeing the love Globgor has for his wife and daughter, the Mewmans come to accept him.

In "Ready, Aim, Fire", Globgor defends the Monster Temple from a sudden attack by a Solarian Warrior piloting a giant suit of armor, and he is injured by a Solarian Sword, disabling his ability to change size. As a result of his injury, he remains incapacitated from "The Right Way" to "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", and River keeps him hidden from Mina Loveberry when she tries hunting him down to finish him off. River and Eddie then desperately rush Globgor to the Magic Sanctuary to heal his wound before it consumes him.

In "Cleaved", Globgor is healed of his wounds after Star, Moon, Eclipsa, and Meteora destroy all magic, and he reunites once again with his wife and daughter.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Size alteration: As a Size-Shifter, Globgor can shift his size from being small enough to stand on Eclipsa's shoulder to as tall as a mountain. He can also alter the size of individual body parts independently from the rest of his body. Being injured by Solarian magic can disable this ability.
  • Super breath: Globgor's breath is powerful enough to blast away trees and extinguish fires in one blow.


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Season 4[]


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  • Globgor is voiced by Jaime Camil, best known for his role as Rogelio de la Vega in Jane the Virgin.[1]
    • As a result, Globgor speaks with a distinct Hispanic accent.
  • Between "Rest in Pudding" and "Conquer", Glossaryck only says the word "Globgor". At the end of "Conquer", it is revealed he was trying to tell Star about him.
  • According to "Swim Suit", Globgor is a vegetarian, having become one after he and Eclipsa fell in love (though he still ate King Shastacan after his family was taken away).
  • According to "Surviving the Spiderbites", Globgor destroyed Spiderbite Village and devoured King Shastacan.
    • While the veracity of the first part is unclear, Eclipsa confirms the second part to be true.
      • If true, it isn't known when Globgor attacked the village, whether it happened before falling in love with Eclipsa, or after he and his family were discovered, probably in a desperate attempt to find his lost daughter, likely believing that King Shastacan had hidden her in his own birthplace.
    • Considering King Shastacan is seen alive in one of St Olga's recordings in "Skooled!" giving Meteora away, it can be speculated he did so out of revenge. He has been shown to react violently in "Cornonation" when his family is put in danger.
  • According to Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Magic Book of Spells, the monsters once wanted to elect Globgor as their king.
  • Globgor is the first and only known monster to rule as a king of Mewni.
  • As revealed in The Magic Book of Spells, Globgor strongly disagreed with Toffee's plan to commit a Mewman genocide, and advocated for peace.


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