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Glossaryck, or Sir Glossaryck of Terms, is the living embodiment of the Magic Instruction Book for Star Butterfly's magic wand, and Star's guide in magical matters. His first official appearance is in "Mewberty", but he makes some cameo appearances beforehand in "Star Comes to Earth" and "Monster Arm".

He is burned into ashes in "Book Be Gone" along with the Magic Instruction Book, but he is restored in "Rest in Pudding". As of "Cleaved", he is wiped from existence after all magic in the universe is destroyed.


Glossaryck is a small, dark blue humanoid with pink eyes (with diamond-shaped irises and pupils) and lips, twelve fingers (six on each hand), a white beard that parts in the middle, a long nose, and a magenta gem embedded in his forehead. He wears a yellow tunic with a belt and a pendant with a blue gem. He has visibly hairy legs at all times, and has four nipples as well as an additional gem mounted over his navel. He usually floats in a meditation stance.

Glossaryck's eyes, tongue, and forehead gem glow purple when he is angered/frustrated.


Glossaryck is shown to be very wise, but he can be very silly and playful at times. He is known to be overly cryptic in his advice, and quite sarcastic. He also has a recurring fondness for pudding.

Despite this, Glossaryck takes his job seriously and understands the importance of preparing Star for queenhood. However, he views friendship as a "simple concept", and his loyalties appear to shift depending on who is in possession of the book of spells. According to Glossaryck himself in "The Hard Way", he does not "have a side", indicating he takes a largely neutral stance during conflicts. The other members of the Magic High Commission agree that Glossaryck is very unpredictable and prone to doing his own thing, earning him contempt from others such as Rhombulus.

As of "Stranger Danger", Glossaryck has an impaired mind since his restoration, capable of little more than basic motor skills and repeating the word "Globgor!" This, however, is revealed to have been a complete ruse in "Conquer", with Glossaryck possessing his full intelligence from the start.


Star Butterfly[]

Glossaryck is Star's former magic guide, there to help her improve her magic, or assist her when she has problems. Star considers him a friend, and he takes his role of guiding her seriously in "Page Turner", but his frequent crypticness wears on her patience at times. In addition, Glossaryck appears to view Star only as a student rather than as a friend in "Raid the Cave". While he apologizes to Star for making it seem like he betrayed her in "Toffee", he tries to encourage Star to put it behind her so they can enjoy their time together.

Though Glossaryck is no longer Star's magic guide, he still interacts with her from time to time. In "Butterfly Follies", she asks Glossaryck for help in searching for her mother with clues about the Realm of Magic, though Glossaryck retorts by pointing out her decision of going there in the first place and deems her action a mistake.

In "Cleaved", before his demise, Glossaryck expresses his approval of Star's decision to destroy magic and says he's proud of her.

Marco Diaz[]

S2E5 Glossaryck 'it's up to you, Marco'

When Marco first meets Glossaryck in "Mewberty", Glossaryck mistakes him for a girl and refuses to help him. Marco dislikes Glossaryck's intentionally roundabout helping methods and overall mischief, demonstrated further in "My New Wand!", "Star on Wheels", and "By the Book", but Glossaryck does tolerate Marco and enjoys messing with him. In "Cleaved", he provides Marco wth several cups of pudding, which is required to protect him and Star from the Realm of Magic's affects on their minds (though he doesn't tell him the reason why).

Oskar Greason[]

When Glossaryck meets Oskar in "Star on Wheels", they bond immediately over a love of meatball subs and music, even considering forming a band together.

Moon and River Butterfly[]

S1e1 she can't handle it

Glossaryck with Moon and River.

Glossaryck has close ties with the royal family of Mewni, watching over Star at the request of the king and queen. He also previously served as the magic guide for Queen Butterfly and her predecessors. Despite his loyalty, however, Glossaryck is not afraid to defy the queen's wishes if his ability to teach is called into question, as demonstrated in "Page Turner". King Butterfly seems to harbor negative feelings for Glossaryck as shown in "Baby" when he felt content about Glossaryck being gone. However, Queen Butterfly, while also somewhat resentful toward Glossaryck for his vague teaching methods, feels at least some amount of fondness for him, calling him "Glossy" during the flashback in "Moon the Undaunted".

Ludo Avarius[]

The nature of Glossaryck's relationship with Ludo is largely unknown. However, after Ludo steals Star's spell book in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Glossaryck begrudgingly accepts Ludo as his new master. In "The Hard Way", he teaches Ludo by simply having him read the Magic Instruction Book, even admitting Ludo does a better job at learning from it than Star. He lightly applauds Ludo's progress, but is unnerved by Ludo's desire for fatherly affection, and shows little reaction when Ludo is possessed by Toffee. He also ridicules Ludo further in "Book Be Gone", indicating that he only seems to view Ludo as a student or source of amusement.

Magic High Commission[]

Glossaryck appears to have a tenuous relationship with the Magic High Commission, especially the short-tempered Rhombulus. In "Page Turner", he refers to them as children and accuses them of wasting his time. It is revealed in "Crystal Clear" that Rhombulus gave Glossaryck his forehead gem but Glossaryck never thanked him. Also, he dislikes Reynaldo the Bald Pate greatly due to his tendency to speak in riddles.

Eclipsa Butterfly[]

Glossaryck is implied to be very close with Eclipsa. In "Page Turner", he states that Eclipsa was the only Butterfly to leave him be as he taught her magic. In "Stranger Danger", Glossaryck is affectionate with Eclipsa even in his mentally impaired state, and she knows how to pacify him by scratching his forehead jewel. In "Conquer", he follows after Eclipsa when she departs to reunite with her husband. Although in "Swim Suit", he scoffs at Eclipsa asking if he knows of a way to restore Rhombulus by saying "I don't work for you".

Meteora Butterfly[]

S4E17 Meteora asking Glossaryck about Toffee

Glossaryck appears to be quite fond of Meteora in her baby form, as he sneaks her out at night to help her learn magic, seems to consider her a respected princess even as a baby, and even communicates with her. Meteora in return seems to see him as a friend she cares about the safety of, something Glossaryck capitalizes on in "Meteora's Lesson" to encourage her to "dip down".

Powers and abilities[]

  • Levitation: Glossaryck can hover in place at a fixed height and aerodynamically maneuver along the air.
  • Telekinesis: Glossaryck can move objects telekinetically; his ability to levitate may be a manifestation/extension of this. His telekinesis is powerful enough to move an entire portion of a building, as demonstrated in "Page Turner".
  • Teleportation/astral projection: Glossaryck can teleport himself and others to other locations, or project the consciousnesses of himself and others to other locations, as demonstrated in "My New Wand!" and "Page Turner".
  • Shapeshifting: Glossaryck can morph his body to suit his needs. In "My New Wand!", he enlarges his hands, and in "Page Turner", he enlarges his legs in order to quickly climb a flight of stairs.
  • Photokinesis: Glossaryck can project light from his forehead gem to light up dark areas, as demonstrated in "My New Wand!" and "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". In the latter episode, he tells Janna that it is "not natural", suggesting that he had the gem implanted in him (later confirmed in "Crystal Clear"). He also uses this offensively against Rhombulus in "Page Turner".
  • Clairvoyance/omniscience: Glossaryck seems to possess some form of clairvoyance. In "My New Wand!", he is apparently aware that Marco reading Star's journal would cause her to "dip down", and in "By the Book", he seems to predict the episode's course of events. In "Crystal Clear", Glossaryck is the most powerful, all-knowing being in the universe according to Rhombulus. In "Book Be Gone", Glossaryck even knew that Ludo would throw the book in the fire thereby presumably killing him as he is bound to the book. However, his knowledge has its limits, such as in "Page Turner" when he doesn't expect to end up on back on the first floor after climbing the Bureaucracy of Magic's stairs.
  • Construct creation: Glossaryck can form objects or magical constructs from his forehead gem, such as meatball subs in "Star on Wheels", methods of defense in "Page Turner", apples in "The Hard Way", and an umbrella in "Conquer".
  • Immortality: "Into the Wand" reveals that Glossaryck is virtually immortal, having served and guided many past queens of Mewni. In Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, it is stated that he was the first living being the universe had ever birthed, thereby putting his age beyond even sextillions years, so as to round it to at least the amount of a googolplex.
  • Omnipresence: In "Swim Suit", Glossaryck shows that he can be in two locations at one time.
  • Life creation: According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension and "Meteora's Lesson", Glossaryck created Omnitraxus Prime, Lekmet, Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Reynaldo the Bald Pate.
  • Healing: In "Yada Yada Berries", it is revealed that he can undo the petrification effect of the eponymous berries instantly.
  • Time travel: In "Meteora's Lesson", Glossaryck states he can travel through time but without a passenger (unlike Father Time and Reynaldo the Bald Pate).


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  • His name is a play on the word "glossary", used to describe a list of terms featured in a particular book.
  • Glossaryck is the second character in a Disney Channel animated series to have six fingers on each hand, after Stanford Pines in Gravity Falls.
  • Glossaryck is similar to Genie from Aladdin, a magical blue jinn-like creature only to serve to it's master and being it's comedic guide.
  • As shown in "Mewberty", he will only serve princesses, unless a person provides him with pudding. Once the pudding runs out however, he will refuse to divulge any further information.
    • He also refuses to handle any problem that isn't magic-based.
    • "The Hard Way" suggests that his service is given to whoever is in possession of the book of spells.
  • In "Raid the Cave", Glossaryck reveals that he is "bound" to the Magic Instruction Book, meaning he cannot stray too far from it. "Book Be Gone" shows that his physical form itself is tied to the book; When the book is destroyed in fire, Glossaryck burns along with it.
  • In "The Hard Way", Glossaryck claims that he has "no side" in terms of good and evil.
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Glossaryck was created by the universe as a means of understanding all of the magic that flows within it.
  • From "Mewberty" to "Conquer", Glossaryck is voiced by Jeffrey Tambor. As of the end of "Conquer", he is voiced by Keith David, likely due to sexual harassment allegations against Tambor.


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