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"Gone Baby Gone" is the twenty-eighth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on April 28, 2019 alongside "Beach Day".


Marco misplaces both Mariposa and Meteora somewhere in Hekapoo's dimension.


The episode begins at the Diaz Household, where Marco is babysitting Mariposa and Meteora. After he tells them a bedtime story and puts them to sleep, Hekapoo suddenly appears and informs him that something bad is about to happen on Mewni, warning him to stay on Earth and not get involved. When Marco relays this warning to Star, Star remembers that Eclipsa wanted a photo of the babies together. She and Marco return to Marco's bedroom and discover that Hekapoo left her portal open, and the babies are missing from their cribs.

Worried that Mariposa and Meteora have aged drastically due to the time difference between Hekapoo's dimension and Earth, Star and Marco head there to search for them. Marco summons Brunzetta and asks for her help in finding the babies, and Brunzetta says a sage named Old Irma who lives in the nearby mountains may be able to help. Star and Marco fly to the mountaintop and meet Old Irma, but she suddenly attacks them with magic. The sage is revealed to be a disguised Meteora and Mariposa, who have grown into teenagers because of the time difference. Meteora attacks in her Butterfly form, but Mariposa stops the battle when she discovers Star can also use magic.

Mariposa and Meteora introduce themselves as "Bork" and "Grobb" respectively and apologize to Star and Marco for attacking. After inviting Star and Marco to their cave home and serving them garlic spider soup, Mariposa and Meteora explain that they were found as babies and raised by a clan of mountain witches, who also taught Meteora to use magic. Eating the soup causes Star and Marco to suddenly fall unconscious, and Mariposa and Meteora carry them to the top of the mountain. There, they summon a magic-eating demon named Wyscan the Granter and offer to give him Star in exchange for giving Mariposa magic powers. However, Mariposa starts to have second thoughts about letting Star be devoured.

Marco regains consciousness and tries to convince Mariposa that she's making a bad decision. Mariposa changes her mind about the trade, and she and Meteora decide to fight, but Wyscan's magic-eating stomach makes him immune to Meteora's spells. Mariposa and Marco team up to fight Wyscan, and they manage to defeat him by feeding him garlic spiders. When Mariposa refuses to believe that Marco is her brother, he convinces her by telling the bedtime story he told her when she was a baby.

Star and Marco try to convince Mariposa and Meteora to come back home with them, but the girls refuse, saying they are happy with the life they built together in Hekapoo's dimension. Star and Marco only succeed in convincing them when they tell about all the different foods that Earth and Mewni have to offer. Mariposa and Meteora agree to go back home as long as they are able to grow up together again. The episode ends with Marco putting Mariposa and Meteora (reverted back to infancy) to sleep in their cribs.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 마리포사와 미티오라 Mariposa and Meteora
Portuguese (Portugal) Adeus, Bebé, Adeus Goodbye, Baby, Goodbye


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Production notes



  • Isabella Gomez, best known for her role as Elena Alvarez in the Netflix original series One Day at a Time, guest-stars as Teen Mariposa.
  • Pop singer-songwriter Bryana Salaz guest-stars as Teen Meteora.
  • Max Mittelman, known for his voice roles in various anime and video games (most notably as English voice actor for Saitama from One Punch Man anime), guest-stars as Wyscan the Granter.

Revelations and continuity

  • Hekapoo informs Marco that something is happening on Mewni and warns him to stay on Earth.
  • Brunzetta has forgotten about Star since "Ransomgram", probably because she has known Star for just one day, and thousands of years have passed from her perspective.
    • Contrarily, since Brunzetta and Marco lived several adventures together during "Running with Scissors", she still fondly remembers him.
  • As a result of spending time in Hekapoo's dimension, Mariposa and Meteora grow up into teenagers.
    • Teen Meteora has no memories of her original adult self, but she retains her hatred for Marco.
      • During her time in the Neverzone, she learned magic from the people who raised her, and she mastered her Butterfly form.
    • They revert back to infants upon returning to Earth.


  • The title of the episode could be a reference to the 2007 film of the same name.
  • Wyscan's gate resembles the Kabbalistic tree of life.


  • Mariposa's mole as a baby is closer to her mouth than usual in some scenes.