The episode begins with Marco telling a bedtime story to his baby sister Mariposa and her playmate Meteora Butterfly, with a little penguin finger puppet to illustrate the story.
Marco Diaz [in a silly voice] And after the battle, they had all the breakfast burritos they could ever want.
Mariposa was giggling and clapping with Meteora was staring and drooling
Marco [silly voice] The end.
Mariposa Diaz [laughing]
Marco [normal voice] Okay, that's enough goofing off.
Meteora giving Mariposa a piggyback ride. Marco then takes Mariposa off of her back.
Marco Time for Bed. Goodnight Meteora.
Meteora Butterfly [Hisses] then falls over [Goo]
Marco It's really great you two get along so well.
He place Mariposa in her own crib, and plays the penguin finger puppet saying goodnight.
Marco Goodnight Mariposa, {placing his penguin puppet in the crib} sweet dreams.
Mariposa [Mariposa grabs the finger puppet off Marco's finger and cuddles with it to sleep]
Marco watches his sister fall asleep, suddenly a portal open behind him, revealing to be Hekapoo.
Hekapoo Marco!
Marco turned around in his karate defense mode, then stops immediately after realizing its Hekapoo.
Marco [whispering] Hekapoo! What the heck are you doing here?!
Hekapoo I need to talk to you about so-
Marco [placing his finger on Hekapoo's mouth] Shh shhh! Not in front of the babies!
Marco took Hekapoo arm, and pushed her out of the door then closed it
Marco [whispering] Mariposa and Meteora just fell asleep!
Hekapoo What are you? Eclipsa's babysitter?
Marco I'm Eclipsa's "favorite" babysitter! And I think it's nice that she and Globgor are having the night out after three hundred years-
Hekapoo Just Listen! Alright. I shouldn't be telling you this, but I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to go down on Mewni.
Marco Well that sounds ominous.
Hekapoo Okay I know you like to [finger quoting] "Get involved" because "you care" but trust me...[poking hard on Marco chest] Stay. On. Earth!
Marco Ow!
Hekapoo [reopens her portal with her scissors, and went inside, but return slightly to repeat] Stay on Earth!
Marco was getting suspicious. The scene later cut to Star, brushing her teeth in Marco's bathroom. Marco then enters in
Marco Star, Heckapoo just gave me this really incepted warning about bad things happening on Mewni. Have you hear anything about that?
Star Butterfly
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