Hekapoo the Scissors Enforcer is the forger of all dimensional scissors and a member of the Magic High Commission, who first appears in "Page Turner".


Hekapoo has pale white skin, spiked arms, long red hair (tied back in a black spiky hair tie) with bangs that cover her right eye, orange eyes, fangs, pointed ears, and yellow-orange horns. She primarily wears a yellow-orange ballgown, brown high-heeled boots, and a black tiara. A small orange flame constantly burns over her head.


Hekapoo is normally laid-back and something of a trickster toward beings she considers to be lesser than herself. As the creator of dimensional scissors, however, she takes her job very seriously and becomes deeply offended when someone steals or abuses them.


Hekapoo first appears in "Page Turner" as a member of the Magic High Commission. Her role in the episode is mainly to discipline Rhombulus after he gets into a fight with Glossaryck.

She has a bigger starring role alongside Marco Diaz in "Running with Scissors". As the "Scissors Enforcer", Hekapoo forges all dimensional scissors and gives them to those who earn them. When she discovers that Marco has been abusing Star Butterfly's scissors, she drags him into another dimension to seize them from him, especially since they originally belonged to her. When Marco resolves to take them back, Hekapoo challenges him to blow out the flame over her head, but she makes it difficult for him due to her super speed, duplicating, and dimension-hopping abilities.

After Marco spends sixteen years tracking Hekapoo down and eliminating her clones, she officially recognizes his resolve. As a reward, she grants him his own pair of dimensional scissors, inscribed with his name. When Marco returns to Earth, she agrees to take care of his dragon-cycle Nachos and says he can return anytime he wants.

In "Face the Music", Hekapoo attends Star's Song Day with the rest of the High Commission. Like the other members, she is shocked at the song's revelations about Glossaryck and the spellbook, and afterwards, directly confronts Queen Butterfly for withholding the sensitive information.

In "Starcrushed", Hekapoo takes part in a mission to recover Glossaryck and the book of spells from Ludo, wielding two halves of a pair of dimensional scissors like daggers. She engages Toffee in battle, but Toffee absorbs her powers. Before Toffee can finish them all off, Queen Butterfly pulls her through a portal with the other incapacitated High Commission members.

In "Return to Mewni", Hekapoo is stated to be in stasis, and Star and Moon bring her and the rest of the Commission's bodies to the Magic Sanctuary in an effort to restore them. In "Moon the Undaunted", she appears in flashback as a member of Queen Moon's royal court, urging the rest of the court to sign the Mewman/Monster Accord. In "Toffee", Hekapoo and the other High Commission members (except Lekmet) are brought back to life when Star restores the universe's magic.

In "Rest in Pudding", she attends Lekmet's funeral.

In "Night Life", Hekapoo teams up with Marco to close a string of rogue interdimensional portals. When she discovers Star to be the cause of the portals, Marco convinces her to keep it a secret from the Magic High Commission. However, she angrily breaks off their partnership due to Marco keeping Star's sleep-portalling from her.

In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", Hekapoo and the rest of the High Commission are seen rushing to the Bureaucracy of Magic's archive room after Moon accidentally triggers the alarm. In "Butterfly Trap", Hekapoo takes part in Eclipsa's trial, where it is revealed she and the rest of the High Commission orchestrated a conspiracy to replace Eclipsa's daughter Meteora on the throne with the peasant girl Festivia.

In "Divide" and "Conquer", Hekapoo takes part in the battle against Meteora as part of Marco's "Marc-nificent Seven". She attempts to use her dimensional portals to stay one step ahead of Meteora, but is struck down half-way through one.


Marco Diaz

Hekapoo originally looks down upon Marco for being a human and abusing the dimensional scissors, initially calling him "fleshwad" and "little boy". Over the course of sixteen years, however, she comes to respect him after he defeats hundreds of her clones and tenaciously hunts her down across several dimensions, admitting that she underestimated him.

She maintains a respectful yet playful (and slightly flirtatious) relationship with Marco; she likes to slap the back of his head and leave a burn mark, and he calls her "H-Poo", much to her dislike. In "Night Life", Hekapoo appears to enjoy going on missions with Marco, and she likes his adult voice. When she finds out that the rogue interdimensional portals were being created by Star in her sleep, Hekapoo becomes angry with Marco for not telling her. While she agrees not to tell the rest of the High Commission, she says that they are done working together. However, in "Divide" and "Conquer", she is shown to be a part of his "Marc-nificent Seven" to try and stop Meteora.

Pony Head

Pony Head stole Hekapoo's personal pair of dimensional scissors before giving them to Star. It is unknown if Hekapoo is aware she is the one who stole them.

Magic High Commission

Hekapoo serves on the Magic High Commission with Rhombulus, Lekmet, and Omnitraxus Prime. She appears to be the among the more authoritative members of the group, as she regularly disciplines the short-tempered Rhombulus.

Powers and abilities

  • Forging: Hekapoo is the only known creator of dimensional scissors, which she forges from vats of molten metal.
  • Telekinesis: Hekapoo does not require tools to create new scissors and simply levitates them in place while forging.
  • Pyrokinesis/heat generation: Hekapoo can generate and control fire; this usually manifests as a small flame above her head. She can also channel heat through her hands, hot enough to leave a burn mark on Marco's head.
  • Super speed: Hekapoo can move and run at speeds faster than an average human.
  • Self-duplication: Hekapoo can create multiple clones of herself with the same skills she has. They can only be destroyed by blowing out their flames.
  • Longevity: Hekapoo appears to have a very long lifespan, having gone sixteen years without showing any signs of physically aging.
  • Close combat: Hekapoo can use her dimensional scissors as close-combat weapons, wielding each half of a pair of scissors like short swords.


Season 2

Season 3


S2E31 Hekapoo forging scissors with a smile
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  • Time passes faster in Hekapoo's home dimension; specifically, at a rate of 12 days for every second that passes on Earth, or 1,051,200 times faster, as 16 years passed in her dimension while Star stated it was only 8 minutes on Earth.
  • Hekapoo's name is sometimes spelled by series crew members and other sources as "Heckapoo".
  • Hekapoo's name may be a play on the ancient Greek goddess Hecate. Her position on the Magic High Commission and as the forger of dimensional scissors resonate with Hecate's domain of magic, crossroads, and entrance-ways.
    • Hekapoo's name may also be a play on the ancient Greek Hecatoncheires, or "Hundred-Handed", which could be directly tied to her duplication ability.
  • Hekapoo's horns, black-colored crown, the spikes on her arms, and her association with fire give her a slight resemblance to Lord Dominator, from the Disney Channel original series "Wander Over Yonder".
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Glossaryck created Hekapoo to allow Mewmans to traverse the different dimensions of the multiverse.
  • It is suggested in "Divide" that Hekapoo has a crush on Talon Raventalon, but only for his body.
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