I'd rather be hated for who I am than liked for who I pretend to be.
―Eclipsa Butterfly[src]

"Here I Am" is a song featured in "The Ponyhead Show!" It is an acoustic guitar ballad performed by Eclipsa Butterfly's during Pony Head's mobile talk show, expressing her desire to be a good queen in spite of her past.[1]


Imagine waking up
To a world turned upside-down
Those you know are gone
And suddenly you have the crown

Here I am, this is me
Brokenhearted but finally free
Never quite fit the mold
Just not great at doing what I'm told

Now I'm here in your world
So much bigger from my point of view
Centuries from my home
Can't go back, so let's start something new

Here I am, this is me
Open-hearted, I proudly decree
Now as queen, I am yours
Let's make magic and reach for the stars
Let's make magic and reach for the stars


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