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"Here to Help" is the thirty-fourth episode of the fourth season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on May 12, 2019 alongside "The Right Way".


Moon arrives to save the day.


The episode begins with Princess Spiderbite and Slime Monster coming out of Slime's parents' house in Monstertown just as Mina Loveberry and her army of Solarian Warriors invade. As they come across the remains of the Solarian Warrior that was defeated in the previous episode, Star and her friends retreat inside the Monster Temple. When the army reaches the temple, Mina tells everyone inside to surrender Eclipsa and Globgor before her cockerel crows.

With Eclipsa too weak to cast the "Spell With No Name" again, Star says they'll have to be ready for when Mina attacks. All of a sudden, Moon and River arrive on the back of an eagle, and upon seeing the situation, Moon says she's come to help. While she looks over Star's friends inflicted with Solarian wounds and claims they can be healed at the Magic Sanctuary, River visits Globgor in bed and offers to bring him some meat to help him feel better.

Star, Marco, Moon, Eclipsa, Buff Frog, and several members of the royal guard get together to discuss a plan of attack against Mina and her army. Pulling Moon aside to have a private conversation, Eclipsa says she has just enough power to cast the "Spell With No Name" one more time and that if she uses it to take out Mina, it might convince the rest of her army to surrender. Moon, despite not being the queen, suggests evacuating the villagers to safety first, and Eclipsa agrees.

Buff Frog prepares Star's wounded friends for travel to the Sanctuary, Sir Dashing of Muscleton prepares provisions for the evacuees, and Star randomly volunteers to take care of the pig-goats, taking Marco with her to do so. Once Moon and Eclipsa are alone, Eclipsa thanks Moon for her guidance. All of a sudden, Moon opens the temple gates and tells Eclipsa that she and Globgor should surrender themselves to Mina so that everything will be over.

In the temple's pig-goat stables, Marco remarks how random Star's task is, and Star admits she's become so overwhelmed with everything happening lately, and blames herself for her friends getting hurt. To help Star decompress, Marco helps her in her task of evacuating the pig-goats. Now that they're alone together, Star decides to address Marco's love confession to her when they were traveling through the Realm of Magic. Though Marco doesn't remember this confession, he admits that he's had feelings for Star even before they were cursed by the Blood Moon and that his feelings only got stronger over time, despite his attempts to suppress them because he thought she only wanted to remain friends. Instead, Star then asks if they can kiss and they do so, revealing that she loves him too.

After evacuating the pig-goats, Star and Marco return to the temple and find Moon and Eclipsa having a magical confrontation. With some pressuring by Eclipsa, Moon reveals that Mina is working for her, much to Star's complete shock. At that moment, the cockerel crows, and the episode ends.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Korean 폭탄선언 Bombshell Announcement
Portuguese (Portugal) Eu Estou Aqui para Ajudar I'm Here to Help


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Production notes



Revelations and continuity

  • The name of the Solarian Warrior that was defeated in "The Right Way" is revealed to be Doug-Doug.
  • Buff Frog reveals that his ancestors fought the original wave of Solarian Warriors but were hopelessly outmatched.
  • Star remembers Marco's confession of love to her in "Mama Star", but Marco doesn't.
  • Star and Marco confess their love for each other.
    • Marco reveals he has been in love with Star since they first met.
  • Star and Marco share their first genuine kiss since "Booth Buddies".
  • Moon reveals that she orchestrated the attack on the Monster Temple and that Mina is working for her.