"Here to Help Score Selections" is a collection of musical cues heard in the episode "Here to Help".[1] It consists of the following individual tracks:

  • "Sorry about the Invasion" plays when Mina Loveberry and her Solarian Army march into Monstertown.
  • "Doug Doug" plays when Mina and her army discover the remains of the Solarian Warrior that Eclipsa defeated in "The Right Way".
  • "I Can Get Weird Too" plays when Mina delivers an ultimatum to Eclipsa at the Monster Temple.
  • "Moon Bird" plays when Moon arrives the Monster Temple to help.
  • "Butterfly War Room" plays when Star, Marco, Moon, Eclipsa, and Buff Frog come up with a strategy to fight Mina.
  • "Get Monstertown to Safety" plays when Moon advises Eclipsa to evacuate everyone and surrender herself to Mina.
  • "Star Reflects" plays when Star confides in Marco about how overwhelmed she's been with everything happening.
  • "Pig Goats" plays when Star shows Marco how to get the pig-goats to move, and they talk about what happened in the Realm of Magic.
  • "Since the Beginning" plays when Star and Marco reveal how they truly feel about each other.
  • "Mina Works for Me" plays when Moon reveals her and Mina's secret partnership.



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