Hero Trip, also known as Disney XD Hero Trip, is a platformer puzzle game starring characters from multiple Disney XD animated series, including Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

The current version of the game has forty playable levels.


Characters from across the Disney XD multiverse find themselves in a white void, and Star and Marco are surrounded by unfamiliar faces, including a pair of twins, a furry space nomad, a ninja high-schooler, and a talking triangle. According to this "triangle man", the multiverse is collapsing, and it's up to them to repair it before they all become lost in time and space forever. Along the way, they'll encounter other bizarre characters and creatures...


Disney XD Hero Trip gameplay
The game is a 2D platformer/puzzle game, with gameplay similar to other platformers like Super Mario World. Players control three Disney XD characters at a time, each assigned a different role in the party. Basic controls include moving with the keyboard arrows (Up, Down, Left, and Right) or by clicking and dragging the character that the player is currently in control of, jumping with the "Jump" screen icon, and performing actions in certain circumstances when the "Action" icon appears.

Each character in the player's party is assigned a specific role and specialty: "Power"-type characters (designated by a yellow fist icon) can break walls and push boulders, but they have the shortest jump. "Shoot"-type characters (designated by a blue bow-and-arrow icon) can shoot balloons to drop floating crates and cut ropes to make bridges, and they can jump slightly higher than Power-type characters. "Hook"-type characters (designated by a green grappling hook icon) can use a grappling hook to pull themselves up to higher paths, and they have the highest jump among the three character types.

The objective of each level is to guide each character in the party through a puzzle environment toward color-coded portals; characters can only activate switches and go through portals that match their icon color (Power = yellow, Shoot = blue, Hook = green). If a character falls into a bottomless pit, gets hit by an enemy, or gets crushed by a boulder or platform, they are sent back to their original starting point in the level. Characters can also be reset to their original starting point by pressing and holding their avatar for a few seconds.

Level completions are rated on a 1- to 5-star scoring system. Based on how quickly the player clears a level, they can earn up to three stars. A fourth star is earned by collecting a "Disney XD" icon somewhere in the level, and a fifth star is earned by completing level-specific tasks like finishing the level without dying, defeating all enemies in the level, or beating one's own best completion time.

Playable characters

✊ = Power-type
🏹 = Shoot-type
↩️ = Hook-type





  • The game features 8-bit remixes of the theme songs for Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, and Wander Over Yonder.
  • Super Chico is an original character created by Disney XD in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • At the beginning of the game, Star becomes briefly infatuated with Randy Cunningham, calling him a "ninja hottie".
  • Depending on the player's character selection, each team of characters is assigned a team name at the start of each level. With 14 playable characters, there are 100 possible team names.
  • Marco/Star/Dipper: Team "Kung Fu Hubble"
  • Marco/Star/Mabel: Team "Marco's Angels"
  • Marco/Star/Perry: Team "Star Agents"
  • Marco/Star/Pickle: Team "Insomaniacs"
  • Marco/Wander/Dipper: Team "Featherless Pelicans"
  • Marco/Wander/Mabel: Team "Safe Space Cadets"
  • Marco/Wander/Perry: Team "Secret Agent Fans"
  • Marco/Wander/Pickle: Team "Non-Related Brothers"
  • Marco/Penn/Dipper: Team "Charming Desperados"
  • Marco/Penn/Mabel: Team "Zero Stars"
  • Marco/Penn/Perry: Team "Double-O-Zero"
  • Marco/Penn/Pickle: Team "Pickled Desperados"
  • Marco/Bill/Dipper: Team "Mystery-Fu"
  • Marco/Bill/Mabel: Team "Psychonauts"
  • Marco/Bill/Perry: Team "Stomp Trompers"
  • Marco/Bill/Pickle: Team "The Enforcers"
  • Marco/Chico/Dipper: Team "Mystical Heroes"
  • Marco/Chico/Mabel: Team "The Three Amigos"
  • Marco/Chico/Perry: Team "Stealthy Desperados"
  • Marco/Chico/Pickle: Team "Healthy Warriors"
  • Randy/Star/Dipper: Team "Solar Heroes"
  • Randy/Star/Mabel: Team "Shining Ninjas"
  • Randy/Star/Perry: Team "Moose Burgers"
  • Randy/Star/Pickle: Team "Crouching Cucumbers"
  • Randy/Wander/Dipper: Team "Lightning Squad"
  • Randy/Wander/Mabel: Team "Lost Space Ninjas"
  • Randy/Wander/Perry: Team "Men of Mystery"
  • Randy/Wander/Pickle: Team "Puzzle Butchers"
  • Randy/Penn/Dipper: Team "Ninja Llamas"
  • Randy/Penn/Mabel: Team "Sparkle Dip"
  • Randy/Penn/Perry: Team "Cool Dragons"
  • Randy/Penn/Pickle: Team "Brat Pack"
  • Randy/Bill/Dipper: Team "9th Grade Heroes"
  • Randy/Bill/Mabel: Team "Flying Pigs"
  • Randy/Bill/Perry: Team "The Agile Three"
  • Randy/Bill/Pickle: Team "Laser Ninjas"
  • Randy/Chico/Dipper: Team "Young and Bold"
  • Randy/Chico/Mabel: Team "Mysterious Ones"
  • Randy/Chico/Perry: Team "Masked Agents"
  • Randy/Chico/Pickle: Team "Super Sneaky Salad"
  • Sylvia/Star/Dipper: Team "Party Smashers"
  • Sylvia/Star/Mabel: Team "The Ladybugs"
  • Sylvia/Star/Perry: Team "Space Unicorns"
  • Sylvia/Star/Pickle: Team "The Sparkles"
  • Sylvia/Wander/Dipper: Team "Falling Wanderers"
  • Sylvia/Wander/Mabel: Team "The Gravitationals"
  • Sylvia/Wander/Perry: Team "Knockafliers"
  • Sylvia/Wander/Pickle: Team "Thunderous Burritos"
  • Sylvia/Penn/Dipper: Team "Spinning Churros"
  • Sylvia/Penn/Mabel: Team "Rainbow Unicorns"
  • Sylvia/Penn/Perry: Team "Zombie Blasters"
  • Sylvia/Penn/Pickle: Team "Time Trashers"
  • Sylvia/Bill/Dipper: Team "Frog Riders"
  • Sylvia/Bill/Mabel: Team "Falling Yonders"
  • Sylvia/Bill/Perry: Team "Wise Three"
  • Sylvia/Bill/Pickle: Team "The Eccentrics"
  • Sylvia/Chico/Dipper: Team "Hidden Strenght"[sic]
  • Sylvia/Chico/Mabel: Team "Wonder Astrounauts"[sic]
  • Sylvia/Chico/Perry: Team "Tough Spies"
  • Sylvia/Chico/Pickle: Team "Super Galactic Salad"
  • Peanut/Star/Dipper: Team "Peanut Butter"
  • Peanut/Star/Mabel: Team "Awesome Chipmunks"
  • Peanut/Star/Perry: Team "The Chimichangas"
  • Peanut/Star/Pickle: Team "Rainbow Salad"
  • Peanut/Wander/Dipper: Team "Bros-4-Life"
  • Peanut/Wander/Mabel: Team "For Waddles"
  • Peanut/Wander/Perry: Team "Too Cool for You"
  • Peanut/Wander/Pickle: Team "Bad Taste"
  • Peanut/Penn/Dipper: Team "R2D2 Fans"
  • Peanut/Penn/Mabel: Team "Backyard Explorers"
  • Peanut/Penn/Perry: Team "Potato Potato"
  • Peanut/Penn/Pickle: Team "Green Menace"
  • Peanut/Bill/Dipper: Team "Atomic Heroes"
  • Peanut/Bill/Mabel: Team "Peanutty Buddies"
  • Peanut/Bill/Perry: Team "Afraid of Spiders"
  • Peanut/Bill/Pickle: Team "Veggie Blasters"
  • Peanut/Chico/Dipper: Team "Headwear"
  • Peanut/Chico/Mabel: Team "Peanut Butter Awesome"
  • Peanut/Chico/Perry: Team "Stealthy Masked Peanuts"
  • Peanut/Chico/Pickle: Team "Tasty Cape Crusaders"
  • Rippen/Star/Dipper: Team "Smells Funny"
  • Rippen/Star/Mabel: Team "Great Hair"
  • Rippen/Star/Perry: Team "Strange Three"
  • Rippen/Star/Pickle: Team "Cosmic Travelers"
  • Rippen/Wander/Dipper: Team "Slow Cheetahs"
  • Rippen/Wander/Mabel: Team "Waddles Revenge"
  • Rippen/Wander/Perry: Team "Mighty Trio"
  • Rippen/Wander/Pickle: Team "Yonderous Salad"
  • Rippen/Penn/Dipper: Team "Lake Snakes"
  • Rippen/Penn/Mabel: Team "Toxic Monkeys"
  • Rippen/Penn/Perry: Team "Evil Agent Zero"
  • Rippen/Penn/Pickle: Team "Muddy Tigers"
  • Rippen/Bill/Dipper: Team "Rowdy Raccoons"
  • Rippen/Bill/Mabel: Team "Zero Gravity"
  • Rippen/Bill/Perry: Team "Agents of Cool"
  • Rippen/Bill/Pickle: Team "Don't Eat That"
  • Rippen/Chico/Dipper: Team "Time Travelers"
  • Rippen/Chico/Mabel: Team "The Good, the Bad and the Jolly"
  • Rippen/Chico/Perry: Team "Masters of Disguise"
  • Rippen/Chico/Pickle: Team "The Odd Ones"
  • Each set of levels uses a location from a Disney XD series as a backdrop:
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