Higgs is a Mewman teenage girl who first appears in the episode "Trial by Squire". She is a knight of Mewni and a rival of Marco Diaz.


Higgs is a teenage girl, about the same height as Star Butterfly, with slightly-dark cream-colored skin, short orange hair, green eyes, and freckles. She wears a blue tunic with red spiked shoulder pads, a red belt, white pants, red thigh-length boots, and pale yellow elbow-length armbands.


Initially during her debut, Higgs appeared to be amiable and approachable. However, it later turned out to be a ruse; not only is she highly competitive and nasty, but she also relies on underhand tactics to misguide her opponents with the intention to usurp the rest. She also comes off as resentful and envy-prone to other's deserved success and friendships.


Higgs appears in "Trial by Squire" as one of several squires taking part in Quest Buy's 10,000th Annual Squire Blowout Sale. When she first meets Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, Higgs acts friendly and respectful, complimenting Marco on his organizational skills and squire potential. She even gives Marco some shopping advice for the blowout sale.

However, Higgs calls Marco a nerd as soon as they part ways, and when the sale begins, Higgs and her fellow squires sabotage Star and Marco, undermining their efforts to buy the things they need. She steals a starter horse from Star and Marco's shopping cart and tricks Marco into mistaking dragon attractant spray for dragon repellent. When Marco confronts Higgs about why she is being so underhanded, Higgs tells him that she works really hard as a squire and resents him for having his position handed to him because of his close relationship with Star.

When Marco and Higgs race to grab the store's last bottle of armor wax, Higgs tries pushing Marco into the battleaxes, but Marco retaliates by tripping her up, causing her to get hurt. Star feels sorry for Higgs and gives her the armor wax, but she merely insults them again. At the checkout line, Higgs sees Star and Marco arrive with silly stuff instead of knight supplies, and she gets jealous when her knight, Sir Stabby, expresses approval for Star and Marco's purchases.

In "The Knight Shift", Higgs is knighted as an official knight of Mewni alongside several others (including Marco). When Marco refuses to choose a lifelong station, Higgs and several of her fellow knights gang up on Marco and haze him, but he easily overpowers them due to his years of training in the Neverzone. After spending a few months training in the Neverzone herself, Higgs decides to live there permanently, saying there is nothing left for her in Mewni anymore.


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S3E15 Higgs verbally accosting Marco Diaz
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