Scene opens inside Star's wand. Spider with a Top Hat sticks a spile into a Stump Day stump and extracts some fluid into a punch bowl. Scene changes to some pastries in the oven.
Spider Perfect! [grabs tray] Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot!
He runs the hot tray over as fast as he can; on the return trip he pushes the stump across the room. He then runs back across, holding 13 stump mugs.
Spider Steady, steady. Ooh, steady.
Scene changes to Spider's checklist. He marks off the last few items.
Spider All right. Looks like everything is going to be A-O... [hears something dripping] oh, oh, no! The chocolate fountain!
He runs away while yelling, grabs a plunger, and plunges the fountain until a large geyser of chocolate erupts, which sends him flying. The fountain's now working and the scene changes to a hallway. Flying Pig positions a stump wreath on a door.
Spider Up high!
Pig You mean [high-fiving spider] down low?
Spider [laughs] Because I'm short.
The All-Seeing Eye opens the door, and the wreath falls. It looks at the wreath.
Spider Oh, let me get that for you. [throws it onto the door] Hey, you're the new guy. Uh, Seeing Eye spell, right?
Eye [hums]
Spider You settling in okay?
Eye [hums]
Spider Fantastic. Well, [points to his eye] I'll see you at the party later. [laughs] I jokes.
Scene changes to some purple goats who are spitting out snowflake decorations.
Goats [bleat]
Spider Well, if it isn't the goats with the moats. Uh, most. These are beautiful. Keep up the good work. Bye.
Goats [bleat]
The All-seeing eye walks in. The goats stop. Scene changes to the dish washroom. Raccoon is washing a cookie. Spider comes flying in on a silk thread.
Spider Hey, Raccoon. Thanks for washing those... uh... cookies. But, maybe you could wash the fine china instead.
Raccoon [eats cookie, starts washing a plate]
Spider Thanks, buddy. Spider out!
Spider's flies out on a silk thread again. The All-Seeing Eye comes in, and Raccoon stops washing the plate. Scene changes to two warnicorns and narwhal who are stacked on top of each other. Narwhal positions a red ribbon up top.
Spider Hey, Narwhal, looks pretty good.
Narwhal Thanks, Spider. [whispering] But there's something I need to talk to you about.
Spider Okay. What?
Narwhal Well, I...
Bottom Warnicorn [groans] Narwhal, please.
Narwhal Oh, dismount.
The three unstack.
Bottom Narwhal Next time, you're the foundation.
Spider So what's up?
Narwhal [sees All-Seeing Eye] Let's go somewhere a little quieter to talk. [grabs Spider]
Spider What? Is... something wrong?
Narwhal It's Seeing Eye. He's really creepy.
Spider What? What are you talking about? He's fine. Plus, spying is kind of his job.
Crystal Muffin Then can we fire him?
Warnicorn He's seriously harshing our mellow.
Spider Well what do you want me to do? [laughs] Uninvite him from the Stump Day party?
The crowd voices their approval at that idea.
Spider I can't do that. Stump Day is about inclusiveness and love, [sinister] and not angering the Stump.
Beanbag But Stump Day is the one day of the year I get to cut loose and guzzle beans. How can I do that with Spy Eye buzzin' around?
Snail Yeah, let him eat the beans.
Pig Spy Eye is not even one of Star's spells.
Other Narwhal Yeah, he's from Eclipsa.
Spider Well but Star used him, and he's one of us now.
Warnicorn Spy Eye is definitely not one of my bros.
Spider Hey, come on, guys. We all have our quirks, right? Narwhal, you're always breaking pillars around the house with your blast ever since I can remember. And Snail, ugh, you leave your gross snail trails everywhere.
Snail It's a side effect from my medication.
Spider And me, me, I've got a laser cannon in my hat. [laughs] Look, Seeing Eye's just part of our family now, and you guys need to give him the same consideration that you give each other. Now, let's have a wonderful Stump Day.
Narwhal Yeah! What do you say, guys? Maybe Spider has a point.
The spells reluctantly agree. Scene changes to the beginning of the party in the main room.
Spider Hey, hey, ya old Stump. Glad you could make it.
Minotaur Merry Stump Day. Whoo! Stump Day!
Spider Merry Stump Day to you.
Snail Whoa, you really outdid yourself.
Spider Merry Stump Day, Snail. Cloudy, I'm liking the upgrade.
Scene changes to later; Spider spindles down from the ceiling with a tray of pastries.
Spider Hey, guys, can I interest anyone in some fresh-baked Stump cakes?
Minotaur Ooh!
Pig My favorite.
Minotaur Hey, Spider, hit me up. [eats the pastry Spider throws into his mouth] That's what a Stump should taste like.
Scene changes to the punch bowl.
Spider [to Warnicorn] Here you go, fresh from the Stump.
Scene changes to Squirrel playing "Pin the stick on the stump". Squirrel pins the stick.
Squirrel Did I get it? Did I pin the twig on the stump?
Spider Oh, you sure did. Way to stick it to him.
Narwhal Great party, Spider. Everyone's havin' a great time.
Spider looks around at all the happy party goers. He notices All-Seeing Eye by itself.
Spider Well that's not right! [walks through the crowd] Excuse me. Pardon me. Hey, Seeing Eye, good to see ya, buddy. You havin' fun over here in the corner, by yourself?
Eye [hums]
Spider You know what? Why don't I introduce you to some of the other spells, huh? Sound fun? Come on.
Scene jumps to Flying Pig.
Pig So then I said, "Forget about flying. You ever seen a pig do this?" [dances, silence] I'm dancin'.
The others around Flying Pig laugh
Makeup Blast Oh that's what he was doing.
Spider Good one. Hey, speaking of cool, funny things, have you guys met Seeing Eye? Yeah, he's a new spell that Star's been using a lot lately and is an all-around great guy.
They all fall silent.
Spider [nervous laugh] Anyhoo, Seeing Eye, now I could tell you some stories about these crazy guys [laughs].
The All-Seeing Eye blinks, and in the eye, a scene from earlier in the party plays.
Squirrel Tell me about it.
Kitten Barrel [behind Squirrel] Achoo! [blows nose into Squirrel's tail]
The All-Seeing Eye blinks again, revealing more events from earlier. Makeup Blast
Makeup Blast [licks pastry] Nah. [licks another] Nah. [likes a third] Nah. [licks a fourth]
All-Seeing Eye blinks. The others look angrily at Makeup Blast. All-Seeing Eye reveals another event.
Squid [flies by office supplies] Cool. Free stuff. [burns it with blue fire]
All-Seeing Eye blinks again. Flying Pig is at the punch bowl; he throws his head into it and slurps up the majority of the punch, spitting some back into his cup.
Pig Oh, there you go.
Eye [blinks open]
Makeup Blast That's disgusting.
Pig Whatever. You're the one licking the cupcakes.
Kitten Barrel You put your head in the punch.
Squid Not cool.
They all march off bickering.
Spider [nervous laugh] Well I, I guess he already knows all of you.
Gray Warnicorn Hey, do you lift? 'Cause, you know, it's a... it's a pretty big deal around here, as you can tell by my body. [flexes]
The Eye turns to the other Warnicorns and reveals a scene of him putting on a fake muscle suit.
Other Warnicorns [gasp]
Gray Warnicorn [gulp]
Green Warnicorn You totally lied to us, bro.
Blue Warnicorn You broke a sacred sweaty bond.
Gray Warnicorn Hold on a second, guys, don't be mad.
Blue Warnicorn I'm not mad, [sniffles] I just need some time to process.
Green Warnicorn Yeah, me, too, bro. [tears up] We have to go. [trots away]
Gray Warnicorn Wait, bros, no! Aghhh! All right, [to Eye] You know what? No. No. This is your fault. All right. Instead of taking responsibility for my actions, I am gonna blame you for recording them, and then I am gonna pummel you.
Spider jumps on top of Gray Warnicorn.
Spider The, uh, Stump cakes you were looking for, they're over there. [laughs]
Warnicorn Fine. I'll be back momentarily to whoop your... eye, I guess. [trots away]
Spider Seeing Eye, what are you doing?
The Eye blinks, revealing a scene of Marco Diaz and Jackie Lynn Thomas
Marco It's always best to tell the truth.
Spider Yes. Be that as it may, we are at an office Stump Day party.
Eye [hums]
Spider Ugh! Look, just try havin' some fun, okay?
All-Seeing Eye floats off into the crowd. It wanders by multiple groups of people, but ultimately doesn't find a place to join.
Spider No.
Narwhal [puts down cup] How's it goin'?
Spider This is a nightmare. [dumps his head in the cup] You know what? I'd like to tell every spell at this stupid, stinkin' Stump Day party that they stink. Ruining Stump Day after all the hard work...
Narwhal [whispering] Spider.
Spider What?! I'm trying to wallow.
Narwhal That.
Narwhal gestures towards All-Seeing Eye, whose gaze is focused right on Spider.
Spider Maybe he didn't hear us. Let's just start dinner, and get this whole thing over with.
Scene jumps to dinner at the main stump. Spider taps a fork against a stump mug.
Spider Attention, please. [unenthusiastically] Friends, we made it another year, and now we have this beautiful feast...
Pig Licked by a raccoon.
Snail Blecchh!
Spider enjoy together as a...
Spider pauses, gazing upon all the spells. He begins to tear up.
Spider a family. [smiles]
Makeup Blast Without any punch, 'cause a certain pig drank it all.
Spider You know what? Pig did drink all the punch.
Pig Hey.
Spider And Makeup Blast licked our food, and Raccoon, he washed our cookies.
Warnicorn [disgusted snort]
Spider While Seeing Eye is creepin' everybody out. But it's his first Stump Day, guys, and you know what? Where I come from, that counts for something, right?
Warnicrons [bro-hoof] Oh, yeah, that's true. [hug each other]
Gray Warnicorn Yeah, let's hear it for Spider, man! He's the glue that holds us together.
All To Spider! To Spider!
The All-Seeing Eye reveals Spider's earlier statement
Spider You know what? I'd like to tell every spell at this stupid, stinkin' Stump Day party that they stink!
All [gasp]
Gray Warnicorn Is that... how you feel?
Spider [agape]
Everyone begins talking, they all leave the table, and head back to their rooms besides Spider and All-Seeing Eye.
Spider Well yeah... but no... my exact... the meaning of what I, uh was saying... Oh. [angrily, to Eye] What the heck, man?
Eye blinks
Marco It's always best to tell the truth.
Spider Whatever, man. I hope you're happy. We were a family, and you could have been a part of it. But now! Now, it's over! And and, if I never see you again, well, it would be fine with me. [storms off]
All-Seeing Eye is alone on the table. As Spider walks to his room, Eye reveals another scene.
Pig Oh, Stump cakes. Oh, excuse me.
Squirrel Your hand is really soft.
Spider What?
Eye [blinks]
Narwhal Tell me about it.
Squid drops a stump bucket on his head
Narwhal What? Oh.
Narwhal and Squid [laugh]
Eye [blinks]
Makeup Blast and Beanbag pour punch into Kitten Barrel. As the scene plays, other spells come out of their rooms to watch. Eye blinks; Kitten Barrel is dumping punch onto Minotaur. Narwhal, Squid, Kitten Barrel, and Minotaur all laugh.
Minotaur [laughs] Oh, yeah, I did do that, didn't I?
Kitten Barrel [laughs] You did do that, didn't you?
Eye [blinks]
Spider [to Warnicorn] Let me get your jacket.
Warnicorn Why, thank you, Spider.
Eye [blinks]
In the scene, Spider laughs as he runs around with a wreath.
Green Warnicorn Dude is such a gentleman.
Pig I didn't realize how hard he worked.
Marco [in Eye] It's always best to tell the truth.
Eye [blinks, opens]
Spider [eyes sparkling] Wow. Thank you, Seeing Eye.
Gray Warnicorn Aw, dude [hugs Eye] that was beautiful, man. Come on, bring it in. You're all right, bro.
All the spells re-gather.
Spider [teary-eyed] It's a Stump Day miracle.
Gray Warnicorn [laughs] Sure is. Come on, guys, we got a Stump Day to celebrate.
Spider Really?
Narwhal Ha ha, you know it buddy!
Spider Come on, Seeing Eye. Let's get this party started!
All [singing] ♪ Gather friends around the Stump ♪
♪ We'll have such fun around the Stump ♪
♪ Drink some punch, feast a bunch ♪
♪ Play some games and laugh too much ♪
♪ Around the Stump! ♪
(end song)
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