Episode begins at the Diaz Household, Halloween night. Rafael Diaz slowly opens the door, weak light on his face.
Rafael Diaz (tries to sound creepy) Oh. Hello, children.
Kid #2 Uh... hey.
Rafael (looks around, still tries being creepy) You should be at home with the door locked.
Kid #1 We're here for your... to see your haunted house.
Rafael But this is the most dangerous place to be.
Kid #1 sniffs, Marco Diaz looking down at children.
Rafael Well, then, step inside... (zoom at his face) at your peril.
Kid #1 (to Marco) Is this a joke?
Marco Diaz Just remember our deal. (pushes children inside the house)
Rafael Perhaps you are more brave than smart. Or perhaps you are just like me. (looks closely at Kid #3) Perhaps you too have sympathy for the monster.
Marco Oh, boy.
Star Butterfly and Janna Ordonia looking from the stairs at Rafael, then at each other. Angie Diaz plays creepy music.
Rafael But beware.
Angie Diaz (gasps)
Rafael Do not do what I have done. (pushes the red button) You must never let the monster inside.
Kid #1 (looks at Marco) I can't do this. Can you turn on the lights, please?
Music stops, lights are on.
Kid #1 Look, man, you seem like a nice guy, and I wanna be scared - I really do. But the truth is, I'm eight. That's like 90 years old in Halloween years. (points at his friends) Next year, we might not even be afraid of monsters. I don't wanna waste my time. (children leaves from the couch) I'm sorry. You're just not scary.
Rafael (sad) I'm not scary?
Kid #2 (leaving out of the house) Come on, guys. Let's go to a real haunted house.
Marco (whispering after them) We had a deal, remember? (pulls out the money)
Marco, Janna and Star are looking at Rafael.
Rafael (groans, carrying the Frankenstein which is grunting) Okay. Halloween is over. Janna and Star need to go home now. (laughs)
Marco Dad, Star lives here.
Rafael (laughs) Yes, Marco. It doesn't always have to be an argument. Sometimes we just do what daddy says. (kicks the Frankenstein, then tries to pull it out of the house) Now, if anybody needs me, I'll be in the shed.
Marco He does it every year and it makes him miserable.
Star Butterfly Okay, so what do we do?
Janna Ordonia Oh, I got it. Let's go to that other haunted house down the street and just ditch this one.
Marco What? No. You're missing the point. How do we make my dad's haunted house scary?
Star We can always summon Hungry Larry.
Marco Uhh... Who?
Star Oh, Hungry Larry. You know, you summon him, he comes and haunts your house. I've heard he's a real creep. (puts lollipop in her mouth)
Marco (facepalm) We're not summoning... anyone. (looks at his friends) We're not summoning... ugh! (facepalm) I can't believe I even have to have this conversation with you. (goes out of the house)
Star (pointing at him) Where are you going?
Marco (from the door) I'm gonna go bribe some five-year-olds. Maybe they'll think my dad's scary. (closes the door, then opens them again) No summoning. (closes them again)
Star's room, lights are off. Janna and Star are sitting on the floor.
Star Okay, it says here, (reads) "If Hungry Larry is the haunt you need, do these actions and you'll succeed. A lick of mustard you must bear, off an old takeout menu if you dare."
Janna (puts mustard on an old takeout menu from Emilio's Pizza) Alright, done.
Star (reads again) "Then three times his name is said. Arrive he does with scares and dread."
Janna and Star lick the menu
Both Hungry Larry. (the clouds hides the moon) Hungry Larry. Hungry Larry.
Girls hear the knocking to the door. They go downstairs, afraid to open the door
Hungry Larry Star Butterfly? (reads) You summoned me. (Star looks at him) Can I come in or what?
Janna Star, invite him in.
Star Please, come on in.
Outside the house, Angie carries a bowl of candy corn.
Angie (knocks to shed's door) Honey, I know you're probably totally humiliated, that you wrestled that blow-up doll in front of your son and his friends. But everyone inside loves you. (points at the house)(sighs and leaves a bowl) There's a bowl of candy corn for you out here on the porch. Don't step on it. (Rafael looks from the window) Rafael, I can see you in the window! (Rafael covers the blinds)
Star's room, Janna, and Star are looking at Hungry Larry who is searching for something in his suitcase, not interested in what girls are saying.
Star So, basically, we just need the house to be, like, super scary. Mr. Diaz hasn't scared a single kid all night. Actually, I don't know if he's ever scared a single kid ever. (Hungry Larry measures the room) But Janna and I are very handy, so how can we help? (no response, Larry practices scary noises) Larry? Larry, watcha doing?
Hungry Larry Oh, you guys are still here?
Janna We're not guys.
Hungry Larry Cool. Can you leave?
Star (leaving with Janna from her room) Uh, yeah, yeah. Okay, fine. You're working. I get it.
Hungry Larry You guys are still here? (closes the door)
Star and Janna are sitting on the stairs.
Janna Ow, that guy isn't scary. He's creepy.
Star (sighs) Bummer. I really jut wanted Mr. D to have his haunted house.
Janna Eh, even if you did give him a haunted house, that wouldn't make Mr. Diaz scary.
Star Yeah, maybe not. But at least it'd be something. Should we just call it off?
Janna You mean fire Hungry Larry?
Star I guess.
Janna Oh, can I fire him?
Star Go for it.
Janna Yes! (runs upstairs)
Star Poor Mr. Diaz. (hears Janna screams, stands up)
Janna scream is heard on the street, catching everybody attention.
Marco (runs into the house) Star, what was that?
Star Uh, I think it was Janna. (scratches her back)(doorbell rings, Marco goes open them) Wow.
Kid #4 Hey, did that scream come from inside of this haunted house?
Marco Uh...
Star Yes. Welcome, kids to the Diaz Houe of Horror!
Children are cheering and running into the house.
Marco Star, seriously. What is going on?
Star Okay, Marco, I know you said no summoning, but we summoned. We summoned Hungry Larry.
Marco (gasp)(children scream) You what?! (tries to run upstairs but Star stops him)
Star Oh, chill, Marco. Everyone's having a great time. Can't you hear all those bloodcurdling screams? (screams fades away)
Marco I don't hear anything Star.
Star opens the door to her room, weird liquid spread all around the damaged room.
Marco (grabs lollipop from the ground) Candy.
Star Uh, no duh. It's Halloween. (touches the liquid and licks it) This is saliva.
More saliva pours out under Star's bed.
Star (confused/scared) Hungry Larry?
Three kids show up under Star's bed, terrified, Marco screams and falls on Star.
Star (comes to them)(summoning light from her wand) Where's Hungry Larry?
Kid #1 (terrified) He's... still... hungry. (gasp)
Something sucks the kid under the bed and then his friends. The door suddenly closes.
Voices of the kids (echo) I'm still hungry.
Star What the...? (terrified) Hungry for what? (something pulls Marco out)(gasp) Marco! (splashing)
Voices of the kids (whispering) I'm still hungry... (voices echoing)
Star looks up - saliva pours from the walls and then red eyes are seen. Star is looking at them confused.
Voice of a girl I'm still...
Voices of the kids ...hungry.
Hungry Larry slowly shows up with open mouth and saliva spread all over his face. Then suddenly comes down and terrified Star screams.
At the shed, loud metal music plays, Rafael'turns on the wood chipper and puts a mask on. He tries to destroy Frankenstein but it bounces away and pushes radio out of the table.
Rafael  (runs after it) Oh, no, no, no. (the doll bounces away)
Rafael is sad, then looks down and picks up one piece of candy corn.
Rafael  (inside the house) Honey, I'm... sorry. I thought this year was going to be different. (no response) Honey? (walks through the house) Kids? (looks at the keyboard, starts to play) Marco, Marco, Marc... oh! (liquid drops on his hand)
Rafael looks at his hand, and then at the ceiling which is wet.
Rafael (confused) Wet ceiling? (enters Star's room)(gasps) Oh! Kids.
Scary voices They're in here.
Hungry Larry shows up. He's much bigger than he was and he flies down to Rafael.
Rafael (scared) Who are you?
Hungry Larry (many voices) I'm Hungry... (clears throat)(one voice) I'm Hungry Larry. (candies and saliva flow from his mouth) I've been summoned here to haunt your home because you're not scary.
Rafael (terrified) But where is my family?
Hungry Larry I told you. (opens his mouth wider) They're in... here.
Children, Star, Marco and Janna scream for help inside Hungry Larry's stomach.
Children Help!
Marco Dad, get us out of here!
Rafael (gasps) Kids!
Hungry Larry Oh, your wife is in here, too. (looks around) Um, uh, somewhere. She's pretty.
Rafael Oh. Thank you?
Hungry Larry (points at Rafael) I would eat you too, but I'm stuffed. (pats his stomach) So, uh, count your blessings. I guess.
Rafael (sad) But my family is my blessings.
Hungry Larry Oh. What I meant to say was, (screams) get out!
Candies and saliva pours out Hungry Larry's face and it knocks down Rafael. He notices a candy corn, grabs it and then gets up.
Rafael Give me back my (screams) family!
Hungry Larry (confused, gasps)
Rafael jumps on Hungry Larry and then inside his mouth but he spits him out. Rafael gets up again and once again jumps inside Hungry Larry's mouth. In his stomach everything's dark but then it brightens and Rafael shows up with lollipops in his eyes and saliva all over his body. Terrified by Rafael children start to scream louder. Finally, Rafael pushed himself into Hungry Larry's stomach which causes him to regurgitate everybody he ate and some kids are cheering.
Rafael (lands on his back) Ugh.
Marco/Star (lands on their backs) Oh.
Angie (lands on the floor) Ah.
Rafael, Angie, Star and Marco look at each other and then hug.
All Aww!
Janna Mr. Diaz! (excited) You were terrifying in there!
Children cheering.
Kid #1 Best Halloween ever!
Marco Yeah, Dad, that was amazing.
Rafael smiles, then Hungry Larry shows up again.
Hungry Larry It's like I always say. Nothing more terrifying than a man who's lost everything.
Rafael (serious angry look) Leave this place.
Hungry Larry (leaves and gets into the cab) How rude. Whatever.
The cab flies away and the episode ends.
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