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"Interdimensional Field Trip" is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on September 14, 2015, alongside "Marco Grows a Beard".[1]


Star leads a class field trip to a museum in another dimension and puts the entire class in danger.[2]


The class goes on a field trip, and Star is the only one excited since she has never been on one before. Marco tries to explain this to her while trying to get closer to Jackie, opting to send her funny pictures of cats on his mobile phone instead of talking to her in case he says something stupid. The field trip destination is revealed to be the Echo Creek Museum of Paper Clips, and the class quickly begins complaining about the boring experience. Sympathizing with her classmates, Star points out to Miss Skullnick that they should be having fun; a sentiment which Skullnick dismisses, pointing out that she is already old, and the only amusement she gets is teaching the class (which she does not even like). Star declares that she can do a better job leading the field trip, which Skullnick accepts, not believing Star can do so.

Whipping out her dimensional scissors, Star takes the bus to a dimension filled with the universe's most amazing and unbelievable things. Star declares that there are no rules, and the students quickly split up to go exploring, awestruck by the dimension's wonders. Skullnick has her doubts about Star's no rules policy. While Star gives Marco his phone back, she remarks to Skullnick that she should let her subordinates do what they want, and have fun for a change. Left on her own, Skullnick goes to visit an exhibit about trolls.

Star informs her classmates that they have free reign, much to their excitement as they interact with the various oddities. Not long after, Star realizes that they have begun to take her advice to the extreme and expose themselves to various dangers, including an enclosure housing the universe's "most dangerous creature" (apparently made out of yarn), which Alfonzo and Ferguson accidentally release. Separately, Skullnick begins to learn about the heritage of trolls, discovering to her delight that not only do trolls live longer than humans (making her a teenager by comparison), they also have impressive strength - leaving Skullnick happier about being turned into a troll.

Pressured by her classmates' incessant calling for her, Star screams for them to keep quiet for a moment, but finds that they have all disappeared - with only trails of socks left behind. Meanwhile, Marco has given up trying to message Jackie (not realizing she was too busy having fun earlier and failed to notice his further messages) and throws away his phone, only to pick it up again when it receives Jackie's reply: a call for help!

Skullnick regroups with Marco and Star, annoyed that Star managed to lose the entire class. Donning the troll battle armor from the exhibit, she leads the rescue party to a cave, where the class has been imprisoned in giant socks. Just as Star and Marco release them, the yarn monster shows up, having formed into the shape of a massive scorpion. Skullnick battles the monster, ordering Star and Marco to get the kids back on the bus, barely keeping the beast at bay. Eventually, Skullnick hooks one of the monster's loose ends onto a paper clip, latching it onto the "universe's most immovable post". The bus drives away, and the monster unravels into a single strand of yarn as it chases after everyone.

Skullnick and Star are received with massive cheers, and Marco is asked by Jackie to occupy the seat next to him. Despite his nervousness, Marco accepts after a supportive Star prompts him.


Major characters

Minor characters

Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 次元學校遊覽 Interdimensional School Outing
Dutch Interdimensional Veldreis/"Schoolreis" Interdimensional Field Trip/School Trip
French Une Sortie Scolaire Interdimensionelle Interdimensional School Outing
German Schulausflug Interdimensional Interdimensional School Trip
Hebrew טיול כיתה בין ממדי Interdimensional Class Trip
Hungarian Dimenzióközi Kirándulás Dimensional Excursion
Italian Gita Scolastica Interdimensionale Interdimensional School Trip
Japanese 学校の遠足 School Excursion
Korean 현장학습 Field Trip
Polish Międzywymiarowa wycieczka Interdimensional Trip
Portuguese (Brazil) Viagem Interdimensional Interdimensional Travel
Portuguese (Portugal) Visita de Estudo Interdimensional Interdimensional Study Visit
Russian Межпространственная экскурсия Interdimensional Excursion
Spanish Excursión Interdimensional Interdimensional Excursion


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  • This episode's original airdate is given as August 22, 2015, when listed on XFINITY.
  • Promotional material for the episode gives its title as simply "Field Trip". This makes it the third episode to be known by at least two titles after "Brittney's Party" (alternatively titled "Party Bus") and "The Banagic Incident" (alternatively titled "Banagic").

Revelations and continuity

  • Miss Skullnick is revealed to be fifty (which makes her only 1/8 her "troll" age).
  • Miss Skullnick accepts being turned into a troll, as trolls live to be four hundred years old, and can lift up to a hundred times their own weight.


  • The scene where Sabrina is exploring a (then falling down) labyrinth of stairs and hallways is a reference to M. C. Escher's painting Relativity.


  • The stripe on Sabrina's uniform is over her right shoulder rather than her left for most of the episode. It changes direction briefly as she turns to run from the yarn monster.


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