(The Theme song rolls, and Episode 12 begins)
(The Episode starts with Star screaming happily trough the window of a running Schoolbus, really excited for something)
Marco Diaz (Who is sitting next to her) Seriously Star? There is nothing to be excited about, it's just...
Star Butterfly (Interrupting Marco) The best day of my life! We're Going on a Field Trip!
Miss Skullnick Cork it "Princess"!
Star I can't believe we're actually doing this! (Star takes Marco's phone and looks at something)
Star Oh, he's so cute! I just want to gobble him up!
(The thing on Marco's phone reveals to be a "Funny Cat Image")
Marco I hope Jackie likes it as much as you!
Star Oooh, conversation starter!
Marco Shhh!, She is right there! (Points at Jackie, who is looking at her phone)
Star Yeah she is right there! You go talk to her.
Marco More than just "Hello"? Too risky. I may say something dumb. That's why I let the kitten pics do the talking for me. (Sends the pic to Jackie)
Jackie Lynn Thomas (After receiving the pic) Oh, I love it!
Marco (Showing the conversation to Star) She sent me an "L.O.L". (Gasps) We're communicating!
(The bus stops)
Star We're here!
(The scene goes into the insides of a "Paperclip Museum", a place filled with paperclips)
Star (Looking at the clips, amazed) Amazing! What is it?
Marco It's a paperclip... Ugh, luckily I've got my phone.
Miss Skullnick (Taking Marco's phone) No distractions Mr Diaz
And for the rest of you (Takes out a Megaphone and screams) No monkey business! This is the Echo Creek Museum of Paperclips We're going to spend the next day hours learning about the genius of this little bent of wire.
Alfonzo Dolittle Miss Skullnick! Stop, this hurts!
Ferguson O'durguson So Boring! Aahhh!
(The rest of the students agree and start complaining too)
Unknown Student

(Possibly Francis)

Why must you torture us!
(Star starts worrying about the success of the trip)
Skullnick Well, you know what? (Taking the megaphone again) Life is boring!
Star Miss Skullnick! Life is supposed to be fun!
Skullnick I used to think that, but now I'm fifty and all my dreams are in the rear view mirror. The best thing of my life is teaching you kids, and I hate teaching you.
Star That's cause you're doing it all wrong.
Skullnick And you think you can lead this trip better than me?
Star I was born to lead, literally
Skullnick (Laughs) Ok, go ahead then! When you fail, those brats might actually appreciate me for a change.
Star (Talking to the students) Who wants to go somewhere not boring?!
All the Students I do!
Janna Ordonia Let's go to the morgue!
(Star uses her scissors, and opens a portal to a new dimension, where the students arrive in the bus)
Star Welcome to the dimension of Wonders and Amazement!
(The bus stops and the students run out of it)
Marco What is this place?
Star Oh, just a planet full of the most odd and unbelievable things in the universe.
Miss Skullnick (Yelling of the megaphone) No running! No yelling! No...!
Star Hey hey hey hey (Blasts the megaphone off with a magic spell, and turns it into a "Megaphone animal" that runs away) You put me on charge, so Rule N°1: No rules!
Skullnick No rules leads to Anarchy.
Star When you give people the freedom to do whatever they want. (Gives Marco back his phone)
Marco I get more bars here than i do on earth! (Walks away)
Star (Talking to Skullnick) They might just surprise you. Try to have a little fun you "Big ol' meanie" (Walks away)'
Skullnick Ok... (Finds an exhibition called "Walking with trolls") Walking with trolls?
Janna I heard, once you go in, you never come out... Oh, wait, that was the Hamburger Factory.
(The scene focuses on Alfonzo and Ferguson, who are in front of a blue portal)
Ferguson (Talking to Star) Can we jump through this light-ray thing?
Star You don't have to ask my permission Fly free my curious little sparrows!
(Monologue) Being a leader is easy. Just say yes all the time.
Ferguson (Talking to Alfonzo) Take my hand bro!
(They jump into the beam, and come out fused on a "Horse")
Ferguson and Alfonzo (Galloping away) Friends!
(Back to Skullnick, she is checking out the exhibition, more specifically: A stand called "Lifespan of a troll", she then presses a button called "Push for Audio Tour")
Exhibition Narrator (While showing different stages of the life of a Troll) Trolls are one of the universes' few ultra-supercentenaries. (Revealing to be a spider with a megaphone) Which means they live a really really really really long time.
Skullnick I'm gonna live to be Four Hundred? And here I thought I was going trough "The big change." Turns out i'm a teenager again!
(Back to the students, they are running free trough the dimension, except for Marco who is still on the "Funny Cat Images" enterprise, but Jackie doesn't pay attention to him because she is riding a flying stingray)
Marco Boom. The cat is in the bag.
Jackie (Laughing and riding a stingray)
Star Uhm, guys, I don't thing you're supposed to ride a Dermathian stingray like that...
Francis Smithington (Standing in front of a Black Hole in the ground, that has many "Warning" signs around it) Uhm, Miss Star, may I jump into this ominous looking vortex?
Star Francis, please, stop where you are and ask yourself: Is this something you really want to do... (Notices Justin trying to touch a High Voltage Machine) Justin, no!
Francis Uhm, yeah, I really wanna do this! (Jumps at the vortex, which intermediately "Spaghetizzes" him into 4 overlapping clones of himself)
All the 4 Francis clones (Realizing the big mistake) I really didn't think this through!
Top Francis Oh stop, you guys knew this would happen.
(The scene now focuses on Star, who is trying to stop Justin)
Star That's not a good idea! Sabrina!
Sabrina Backintosh (Who is upside down, in a floating "Escherian Stairwell") Hey Star! Isn't this great!?
Star Real great, but you might wanna come down.
(Realizing that Justin is playing with the machine again) Justin!
(Back to Skullnick, she is still looking at the exposition)
Spider Narrator Human expansion during the Industrialization Period of the Third Mebulic Millennium gave rise to the fierce "Troll Warrior". Trolls are abnormally strong, able to lift one hundred times their own body weight.
Skullnick Oh please, there's no muscle here (Shows her arm, where a lot of muscles can be seen)
(Noticing the muscles) Did that just happen!?
(The spider agrees and nods his head)
(Back to Marco, who's still on the phone)
Marco No L.O.L? No smiley face? Nothing? Jackie? Time to drop the "A-Bomb of cute", "A" for adorable.
Star (Trying to keep some order) Jackie! (Jackie flies away on the ray) Blake! (Blake flies away too)
(Trying to discourage a student from jumping into a giant pancacke) No no no, don't you jump on that!
(The student jumps and the pancacke blows up, launching her into the air, but Star manages to grab her before she falls)
Student (With a broken voice and clearly shocked) Why did you let me do that Star...
Sabrina Star, help!
Star Sabrina!
(Sabrina's problem is seen: She is falling down the neverending staircase, trough a lot of complicated passages)
Star Don't worry, I..., I..., I don't even know how to help you...
Janna (Checking out a stand called "Universe's Most Deadliest Creature", where a tiny knitting monster made of wool can be seen) The universe's most deadliest creature?
(Ferguson and Alfonzo, still fused, appear at the background, sliding on some marbles)
Alfonzo (Talking to Ferguson) Ahhh, I told you these weren't gumballs!
Janna (Looking at the seemingly innocent creature) What a tease...
(Alfonzo and Ferguson crash into the creature's crystal cage, breaking the glass. The creature sees an opportunity to break free and escapes)
(The scene now shows the students asking for Star's advice, in situations of evident danger)
Hope Hadley (Poiting at a seemingly nuclear, floating structure in the sky) Star! Can I get mutant superpowers?
Francis Clones Star, we're hungry.
Top Francis I brought snacks. Stinks to be you!
Justin Armberg (Holding a giant metal "Fork) Star, can I touch it with this?
(Star starts to lose control of the situation)
Janna (In the arms of a Skeleton) Star! Meet my new BFF
Skeleton BFF!
(Janna takes a selfie with the Skeleton)
Star Uhm, I..., I..., I...
All the students (Simultaneously) Star!
Star Can you guys just be quiet for one second!
(Realizing that the students aren't screaming anymore) Ah, that's better. Francis?, Justin?, Sabrina? Where did everybody go? (Realizes that the students aren't anywhere)
Miss Skullnick Star!, Guess what... Wait, where's the rest of the class?
(A Stingray flies by)
(Back to Marco, he is sad because Jackie hasn't read his message)
Marco Fine Jackie, I get it, I know when I'm not wanted.
(Marco throws his phone and walks away, but before he can get too far away, the phone rings)
Marco Oh no no, please work, please work!
(Marco turns on the phone, and reads Jackie's last message)
Marco (Reading) H.E.L.P?, What's that an acronym for?
(The scene goes black, and then it shows Skullnick putting on "Troll Warrior" armor)
Star Jackie's text said they've been captured by some monster. Marco and I can totally handle this: We fight monsters all the time.
Skullnick I trusted you with the class for Five minutes, and you lost them.
Star They're not lost, we just don't know where they are.
(Marco's phone vibrates)
Marco (Showing Jackie's last message, that shows a picture of a strange place that's filled with socks) They're wherever this is!
Star Wait, I remember seeing a trail of socks right after the class disappeared.
Skullnick That's where I'm starting my search. (Walks away)
(The scene changes and shows Marco, Star and Skullnick in front of a cave called "Universe's Most Coziest Pre-Historic Cave Dwelling)
Skullnick This is it.
(The inside's of the cave are shown: The students are trapped inside giant socks over a giant fireplace. Star and Marco run to the "Sock Shelf" to free the students, and Skullnick stays on the floor to get them when they fall)
Skullnick Kids, don't worry, we're gonna be home soon.
(A loud roar can be heard in the distance, and everyone notices it)
Skullnick Ok, we have to hurry, Jump! I'll catch you. (The Exploding Sandwich Student jumps, and Skullnick gets her), Come on, Jump!
Ferguson I can't do this!
Alfonzo Take my hand, bro.
(Both jump down, and fall safely)
Jackie (Smiling) Marco!
Marco Jackie!, Hi, Hey, Yeah, Uhh, Hey, Uhh...
Jackie (Not smiling anymore) Marco?
Star (Talking to Marco) I'll take care of Jackie, you free Janna.
Janna Yeah Marco (Showing her fangs and making a "Scary" voice) Help Meee!
Marco Ah!
(Back to the floor, all the students are safe, except for Janna that is the last one freed)
Janna Relax, they aren't real fangs, unless you want them to be.
(Whistles can be heard on the distance)
Skullnick Quiet! It's coming!
(The monster appears, showing to be a bigger version of the previously seen "Knitting Monster, when the kids see him they scream, making him angry)
(The monster roars and everybody runs away, except for Skullnick, Marco, Star and Janna)
Star Alright String Monster...!
Skullnick (Interrupting Star) No! I'm back at charge and I need you to get those kids to safety!
(Skullnick grabs a big rock, astounding Star and Marco)
Skullnick What Did I say? Go! Go! Go!
(Star, Marco and Jana run away, while Skullnick fights off the monster)
(Back to Star, she is ordering the kids to go back the Schoolbus)
Star What Did I say? Go! Go! Go!
(The students run into the bus, while Skullnick keeps fighting with her axe)
Star (Impressed) Skullnick has really got some moves.
Skullnick You bet you tuckus I do...
(The monster "Eats" Skullnick)
Star (Aiming her Wand at the monster) Get ready to eat magic!
(The monster stops for a second and Skullnick gets out of his stomach, She then grabs a paperclip and attaches it to a string of the monster, slowly disarming it)
Skullnick Get that bus moving!
(The bus starts moving away fast, and Skullnick attaches the paperclip to "The Universe's Most Immovable Post", she then runs to the bus, trying to reach it)
(Skullnick reaches the bus, and Star takes her inside it, the monster then runs behind the bus but disarms itself completely before he can reach it)
(Inside of the Bus, all the students cheer for Skullnick)
Skullnick That's how you do it!
Jackie (Approaching to Marco) Hi Marco, is someone sitting in there?
Marco (Looking at Star, who gives him advice) Yeah, you are.
(The episode ends with Jackie sitting on the empty seat, next to Marco)
(The screen blacks out and Episode 12A ends, but Episode 12B starts immediately after.)
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