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"Into the Wand" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on November 7, 2016, alongside "Pizza Thing".[3]


Star travels into her wand to try and fix it.[4]


At the Diaz Household, Star alerts Glossaryck about the spells she's started producing; her Narwhal Blasts are suddenly creating deformed, corrupt-looking narwhals. Glossaryck tells Star that her corrupted spells are the result of her wand being contaminated and that the only way to decontaminate it is to travel inside the wand itself. He explains to Star that the wand is an extension of her memories, so she must seek out the thing that doesn't belong.

With just a clap of his hands, Glossaryck brings himself and Star into the wand. Once inside, Glossaryck tells Star to listen only to the sound of his voice, but Star is briefly distracted by a memory of Marco, causing Glossaryck to disappear. Star suddenly finds herself at Echo Creek Academy, and with every other direction leading to the same location, she is forced to go inside. In the locker hallway, she believes she has found the thing that doesn't belong: Marco's red hoodie. However, Glossaryck doesn't reappear to take her back out of the wand. In the school cafeteria, Star finds something else that she believes doesn't belong: her mother's pet pig-goat Lil Chauncey, whom Star thought perished in a war. Unfortunately, she is still unable to reach Glossaryck.

In Principal Skeeves' office, Star discovers something else that's out of place: her father's favorite rocking chair. When she sees Butterfly Castle on the school football field, Star realizes that whatever doesn't belong in her wand is definitely located there. On her way to the castle, Star encounters a past version of herself who explains that if she stays inside the wand for too long, her new memories become her old memories until her current self is eventually overwritten by a previous incarnation of her.

As Star heads toward the castle, more past versions of herself appear, and she races to find the thing that doesn't belong before her current self is erased from existence. Inside the castle, she ends up in the castle's "Grandma Room", where the previous queens of Mewni are depicted in tapestry. Among the tapestries is an image of Star's mother - "Moon the Undaunted" - defeating Toffee and severing the middle finger on his right hand. Glossaryck pops out of an incomplete tapestry and asks Star if she found the thing that doesn't belong. Star shows Glossaryck the things she found, but she doesn't feel like any of them are out of place. Glossaryck also asks if Star met herself. When Star answers yes, Glossaryck says they need to leave immediately.

Just then, Star finally discovers what's contaminating her wand when it pops out of her mother's tapestry: Toffee's severed finger. Before she can claim it, however, numerous past versions of Star also appear to claim it. As all of the Stars race toward the finger, the original Star dives in to grab it, and Glossaryck takes them out of the wand before any of the past Stars can overwrite her existence. Back in Star's bedroom, Star disposes of Toffee's finger in her junk closet, and she tests out her now decontaminated wand by shooting Marco with a Narwhal Blast.


Major characters

Minor characters

Production notes


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch In De Staf In the Wand
French Immersion Totale Total Immersion
German Im Inneren des Zauberstabs[1] Inside the Magic Wand
Hebrew לתוך השרביט Into the Wand
Hungarian A Pálca Belsejébe Inside the Wand
Italian Dentro la Bacchetta Inside the Wand
Japanese ステッキの中へ Into the Wand
Korean 지팡이 속으로 Into the Wand
Polish Do różdżki Into the Wand
Portuguese (Brazil) Pra Dentro da Varinha Into the Wand
Portuguese (Portugal) Para Dentro da Varinha Into the Wand
Russian В палочку In the Wand
Spanish Dentro de la Varita Inside the Wand
Thai ตะลุยคฑา Break Through the Wand



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  • The Star that first enters the wand is not the Star who exits. It is explained that the past versions of Star's memories overwrite the future versions. When our Star enters the school, a future Star can be seen for split second already riding on her father's chair. As this Star is never seen again, we can assume that our present Star overwrote her existence.
  • After entering the wand, Star is interrupted by the same memory of Marco twice. The first time this happens would have led to the future Star being separated from Glossaryck. The second time it happens creates the existence of the Star we follow through the episode.
  • When Star starts to talk to the past Star while in the hallway, the past Star has more information about how the timelines work inside their wand. This is because this Star was able to keep talking to Glossaryck after our Star became separated. So while our Star came into existence on the second play through of the Marco memory, this Star would have done so during the third.

Revelations and continuity

  • Star's family history is further explored, including her royal foremothers and her mother's connection to Toffee.
  • Queen Butterfly's name, Moon, is revealed on screen for the first time by Glossaryck.


  • A sticker on Marco's locker bears the name of Sev'ral Timez, a boy band in the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls.
  • Celena the Shy shares the same hair color as Fluttershy from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, who is also known for being shy.
  • While Star was wearing Marco's hoodie when she was inside the wand, she resembled Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Right after finding Marco's hoodie, Star calls out to Glossaryck and tells him, "Beam me out! Or... beam me off!", a reference to the famous Star Trek catchphrase/misquote "Beam me up, Scotty".


  • When Star says "maybe" to Glossaryck, the middle finger on her left hand is just an outline.
  • When Star reaches for the fishing rod in her memory of Principal Skeeves' office, she is not wearing Marco's hoodie.
  • In Moon's tapestry, Toffee's nipples can be seen through his shirt. According to one of the show's storyboard revisionists, this is an error as he was originally depicted shirtless.[5]
  • When the skylight in the "Grandma Room" opens, Star is shown holding her wand, despite being inside of it.
  • When the camera pans down from the newly opened skylight in the "Grandma Room", the pedestals are different from when Star reads them later on. Solaria's is a circle, Eclipsa's is a flower, and Moon's is a triangle, but when Star reads them, Solaria's is a lightning bolt, Eclipsa's is a triangle, and Moon's is a circle.


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