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Episode begins on a shot of the Magic Instruction Book; Star knocks on the book's front cover. Glossaryck's eye appears in the top jewel like a peephole.
Glossaryck [clears throat] Who is it? What do you want?
Star Butterfly It's me, Star.
Glossaryck Oh! Oh, yes. Yes, yes.
Glossaryck tries opening the book's cover, but it's stopped by a short chain.
Glossaryck [sighs] I always forget the chain.
Glossaryck unlatches the chain, and the book flips open.
Glossaryck [bows to Star] Star Butterfly, future Queen of Mewni. What do you want?
Star [points off-screen] Look.
Several grotesquely deformed narwhals lie around Star's room.
Glossaryck [gasping in horror] Okay, don't panic! [picks up "Magic Stain Gone" bottle] I got the stain remover! You go start the car! [gives Star car keys]
Star They're not dead.
Glossaryck pours stain remover on a narwhal, causing its colors to fade.
Glossaryck Oh.
Narwhal [strangled gasp]
Star It's my spells. They're all messed up. See? Narwhal Blast! Narwhal Blast! Narwhal Blast! Narwhal Blast!
Star's wand creates more deformed narwhals that splat against the wall.
Glossaryck [gags] Oh, you must stop. It's not your spells; it's your wand. You see, it's contaminated.
Star Contamina... Whaa? How did that happen?
Glossaryck The only way to find out is to go into... [floats inside stain remover bottle] ...your wand.
Star Whaaat? You can do that?!
Glossaryck Of course. But we won't.
Star Why not?
Glossaryck [wrings stain remover out of his beard] Because by decree of Moon the Undaunted, Queen of Mewni, you must be [holds hand over Star's head] that tall to go on [points at Star's wand] this ride.
Star [looks at interdimensional mirror, grumbles] Mother... [closes mirror curtains] Well, I, Star the Underestimated, future Queen of Mewni, hereby decree: Put me in my wand.
Glossaryck ...Okay.
Star [squeals excitedly, jumps up and down]
Glossaryck Now, there are some things, young lady, you need to know before we go inside.
Star [sits down next to Glossaryck] 'Kay!
Glossaryck The wand is an extension of your...
Star [tapping feet together]
Glossaryck Star, what are you doing? Are you—Are you going to listen to me or not?
Star [gasps] Oh, sorry.
Glossaryck As I was saying, the wand... is an extension of your memories. So you must find the thing that does not belong. [reveals backwards middle finger on right hand with polka-dotted nail polish]
Star Find the thing that doesn't belong.
Glossaryck Good. Are you ready?
Star Maybe.
Glossaryck [claps twice] All right. We're inside.
Star What? But we're still in my room.
Glossaryck We're in the memory of your room, inside of your wand.
Star [looks at her empty hand, gasps] Whoa.
Glossaryck Yes. From this point on, it's very, very important that you listen only to the sound of my voice and nothing else.
Marco Diaz [enters Star's room] Hey. Have you seen my hoodie?
Star Uh... I'm kind of in the middle of something with Glossaryck.
Glossaryck No! No, Star! That is not Marco. Only listen to the sound of my voice. Otherwise, we will be separated.
Marco [enters Star's room again] Hey. Have you seen my hoodie?
Star Marco, I told you. I am in the middle of something with Glossary... [sees Glossaryck is gone, gasps]
Star is suddenly standing across the street from Echo Creek Academy.
Star What? School? [groans, starts walking away from school] Okay, Glossaryck, nope. I'm not going to school... in my memory... my wand memory— [bumps into school doors] Oof! What?
Star looks behind her and sees a reflection of herself standing in front of the school.
Star [sighs] Right, right, right, right. This is one of those mind things. Where everywhere you go, there's school. School. School. School. School. School. School. [bumps into school doors] Oof!
The school doors open by themselves.
Star School. I guess I'm going to school.
Another version of Star races through the hallway on top of King Butterfly's chair wearing Marco's hoodie. Star enters the school, and Marco's locker opens to reveal his hoodie.
Star Whaaa...? That's Marco's. Well, this definitely doesn't belong! [puts on Marco's hoodie] Over, under, around and through. Grab the little Mewni rabbit, pull him through. [singsong] Oh, Glossaryck! I found the thing that doesn't belong! Beam me out! Or... beam me off! ...Uh, Glossaryck?
Lil Chauncey [o.s., bleating]
Star [enters school cafeteria] Hello?
Star sees hamburgers on a conveyor belt.
Star Oh, burger time. [picks up hamburger] Don't mind if I do. [bites hamburger] Mmm. Memory burger.
In the cafeteria's backroom, Lil Chauncey runs on the conveyor belt in the opposite direction to avoid falling in the oven.
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star Oh, no!
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star pulls Lil Chauncey off the conveyor belt.
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star You're welcome! Who're you? [reads Chauncey's nametag] "Lil Chauncey". Lil Chauncey Chauncey?
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star Like, my mom's Lil Chauncey? I'm pretty sure you died on the battlefield, mister!
Star and Lil Chauncey leave the cafeteria together.
Star Let's get you out of here. Hey, Glossaryck! I think I found the thing that doesn't belong! My mom's pig-goat!
Lil Chauncey [bites Star's boot]
Star Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey! That's my boot! That's my boot! Hey! Hey!
Lil Chauncey [pulls off Star's boot and hops away with it, bleating]
Lil Chauncey breaks into Principal Skeeves' office and sits in King Butterfly's chair.
Star Hey, you! Gimme back my boot! [grabs boot out of Chauncey's mouth] And get down! Sitting like a person. My father would be furious if he caught you sitting in his ch— [gasps] Oh, Papa! [hugs chair] I love you so much. [presses loudspeaker button] Gloassaryck, I definitely found the thing now. Can you come and pick me up from school please?
The loudspeaker screeches with feedback.
Star [covers her ears] Aah! What is that?
Star and Lil Chauncey look out the office window and see Butterfly Castle on the school football field.
Star That definitely doesn't belong. Let's go get it.
Star picks up a fishing pole on Principal Skeeves' wall and a half-eaten burger. She attaches the burger to the fishing lure and hooks horse reins up to Lil Chauncey and King Butterfly's chair. Using the burger, Star uses Chauncey to pull her forward.
Star Move out, Lil Chauncey! Hyaaah!
Star and Lil Chauncey race through the hallway, past the corridor with Marco's locker.
Star (o.s.) Whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!
Star and Lil Chauncey back up, and Star sees a past version of herself enter the school.
Past Star Hey!
Star Uh... hey.
Past Star Where are you headed?
Star Well, I was just going to the foo-fo... football field and Mewni Castle— Wait a minute! Who are you?
Past Star I'm Star Butterfly!
Star Nuh-uh, you're not.
Past Star Did you find the thing that doesn't belong?
Star Not exactly... I mean, I found Marco's hoodie, and then my dad's chair, and... [lifts up Lil Chauncey, grunting] ...Lil Chauncey here.
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star [grunting] Wait a minute. Why are there two of us here?
Past Star Didn't Glossaryck tell you? If you're inside your wand too long, all your new memories become your old memories until eventually your current timeline is overwritten by the future versions of yourself, like me! Star Butterfly!
Star Wait... so, you're gonna replace me?
Past Star [laughing] Yeah! But don't worry. You'll never know the difference.
Star ...I gotta go!
Lil Chauncey [squealing, bleats]
Present Star and Lil Chauncey take off again down the hall.
Star Oh, I forgot to tell you. [threatening] Stay out of my timeline. [sweetly] Thanks!
Past Star Fine. I'll just get my own timeline. Moody.
Past Star 2 I guess I'm going to school. [to Past Star 1] Hey!
Star and Lil Chauncey race down the football field toward Butterfly Castle.
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star [looks behind]
Past Star Hello!
Star Go away!
Other past versions of Star appear behind the first past Star.
Past Star 2 Hello!
Past Star 3 Hello!
Past Star 4 Hello!
Past Star 5 Hello!
Past Star 6 Hey, girl!
Star Okay...
Star and Lil Chauncey enter the castle, and the door closes behind them.
Star Oh! Stop! Stop-stop-stop-stop-stop! Whoa... This is the Grandma Room. Oh, I haven't been in here since I was a little baby.
Lil Chauncey eats the burger on the end of Star's fishing pole, and she falls over.
Star [gasps] Are you nuts?! [pulls hamburger out of Chauncey's mouth and tosses it away] There's no eating in the Grandma Room! You'll get crumbs everywhere! [gasps]
There's a loud thud and clanking, and the ceiling skylight opens.
Star [walks up to Celena the Shy's tapestry] Oh, no-no-no. We got burger juice on the wall rug, Chauncey.
When Star removes the burger from the tapestry, a gust of wind blows up from under her.
Star Oh, no! We're gonna die!
Pedestals rise up out of the floor, including one under Star's feet. She jumps off the pedestal, and it lights up.
Star Celena the Shy? Ohhh! Great-Great-Grandma Shy! [reading] "What hides behind the golden fan, the hand does sweetly hold. A trove of cosmic secrets that never will be told." [whispering] Don't be shy! You can tell me! Right, Chauncey? Chauncey?
Lil Chauncey is about to pee on Solaria the Monster Carver's tapestry.
Star No, no-no-no-no-no! Get a hold of yourself, Chauncey! [picks up Lil Chauncey]
Lil Chauncey [oinking]
Solaria's pedestal lights up.
Star Solaria the Monster Carver. [reading] "A castle stormed is a hero born with might as strong as steel. Kneels the void before her and the crushing force she wields."
Lil Chauncey [bleating]
Star and Lil Chauncey fall over, and Chauncey hops away.
Star Chauncey, come back!
Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness's tapestry lights up and expels steam.
Star [gasps] Oh. [reading] "Eclipsa, Queen of Mewni, to a Mewman king was wed. But took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled." [shudders] Bad girl.
Lil Chauncey [oinking, pointing at Moon's tapestry]
Star What is it, boy? What'd you find?
Lil Chauncey [bleats]
Star Awww, that's you, isn't it? Before you died. [gasps] That means this is Mom's tapestry! Get off!
Star pushes Lil Chauncey off of Moon the Undaunted's pedestal, and it lights up.
Star [reading] "The immortal monster will long be haunted by the darkest spell of Moon the Undaunted." My mom fought Toffee?
A spinning wheel near Star starts spinning thread by itself and sews Glossaryck into Star's incomplete tapestry. Glossaryck pulls himself out of the tapestry.
Glossaryck [grunting, gasps, panting]
Star Glossaryck! You're back!
Glossaryck Oh! Do you have any idea how difficult that was?
Star Sorry. Moody.
Glossaryck No, no. [sighs] It's fine. And-and did you find the thing that doesn't belong?
Star Well, I found Marco's hoodie and my dad's chair and Lil Chauncey over there.
Lil Chauncey pulls a tapestry off the wall, and it falls on top of him.
Star But all these things... belong in my memories.
Glossaryck Listen to me. Did you see yourself?
Star Uh-huh...
Glossaryck All right. That's not good. That's not good. We gotta get out of here. Step into my eyeball. I... Y-Yes, that's what I said. Come on. Hop in.
Star Wait! But I-I didn't fix my wand!
Toffee's severed finger tears off of Moon the Undaunted's tapestry and falls onto the floor.
Star [gasps] That's the thing that doesn't belong!
Past Stars [echoing] That's the thing that doesn't belong!
Star and twelve past versions of herself stand in a circle around the finger.
Glossaryck Star! We've gotta go now! Get into my eye!
Star runs toward the finger. Her past versions race toward it. Star dives toward the finger and grabs it. Images of Toffee, Eclipsa, and the cracked star crystal flash on-screen.
Glossaryck All right, that's it!
Glossaryck and the past versions of Star dive toward the present Star.
Glossaryck [shouts]
Scene cuts to black as Glossaryck sucks Star into his eyeball. Scene cuts back to Star's bedroom. Glossaryck's giant eyeball appears with a pop and spits Star out on the floor. Glossaryck's body appears around his eyeball, and he falls to the floor.
Glossaryck Oh! Boy, that hurt.
Star Ugh... Pupil juice. [gasps] Glossaryck.
Glossaryck [with stretched eyeball] What?
Star [holding wand and Toffee's finger] I think we did it.
Glossaryck Yeah. That's kinda gross. Let's get rid of it.
Star tosses Toffee's finger into her secrets closet.
Glossaryck Uh... That's not exactly what I meant.
Star You know what? [sighs] I think my mom was right. I'm not tall enough to go on this ride.
Glossaryck [sits next to Star] I'm not tall enough to go on any ride. But I've been on them all.
Star [smiles at Glossaryck] Your, uh... Your eyeball... is, uh... falling out a little bit.
Glossaryck Oh, thanks. Thank you. Let me just, uh... [sticks eyeball back into socket, laughs] You gonna test out that wand?
Star I think I've had enough magic for one day.
Marco [enters Star's room] Hey. Have you seen my hoodie?
Star shoots Marco with a Narwhal Blast, and a healthy narwhal falls on top of him.
Marco [screams, groaning]
Star It worked!
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