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"Is Another Mystery" is the thirty-first episode of the third season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on March 17, 2018 alongside "Marco Jr."[1]


Buffrog leaves Mewni in search for a better life, and Star goes to look for him.[2]


While chasing Glossaryck through Butterfly Castle, Marco winds up in Buff Frog's office (repurposed after Dr. Jelly Goodwell abandoned her position to live in the wild in "Starfari"). There, he finds Buff Frog is away, and a note on his desk is addressed to Star. Upon reading the note, Marco becomes terribly distressed.

Meanwhile, in her bedroom, Star is still reeling from the revelation that she isn't a true-blooded member of the Butterfly family. Tom offers to talk to her about it, but Marco suddenly bursts in and shows Star the note. Star notices the note is too legible to have been written by Buff Frog and decides to go out and find him. While she prepares for the journey, Tom asks Marco if he can go with Star instead of him. Marco argues that it's his job as Star's squire to look after her, but at Tom's begging, Marco decides to stay and watch over Glossaryck while Star and Tom look for Buff Frog.

Star and Tom begin their search at Buff Frog's house, which they find to be a complete mess. There is also no sign of Buff Frog's tadpoles, though most of their toys are still present and scattered everywhere. Tom believes Buff Frog is just on an outing with his kids and wants to end the search, but Star refuses. So Tom suggests asking around the monster village, but he and Star find it completely abandoned. As Star worries that something bad happened to all the monsters, she and Tom are suddenly knocked out with tranquilizer darts.

Some time later, Star and Tom regain consciousness somewhere in the woods with burlap sacks over their heads. One of the monsters that captured them pulls off Star's sack and warns her to stop looking for Buff Frog. Before they can break Tom's horns to serve as a warning, Buff Frog himself appears and stops them. Star is overjoyed to see Buff Frog is okay, and his daughter Katrina reveals that she left the note on her father's desk.

Buff Frog explains to Star that he and the other monsters are leaving Mewni because of the still-lingering prejudices that Mewmans have toward monsters. Star is shocked by this decision and begs Buff Frog to stay and help bridge the gap between the two races, but Buff Frog says this isn't a problem she can fix. Before the monsters can leave, Tom admonishes them for being fools, saying things are indeed changing. The monsters argue that Tom doesn't know what it's like to be treated differently because he's a prince. Tom argues back, however, that he is still a monster because of his demon lineage, and strangers are still scared of him. Star is moved by Tom's heartfelt words.

Buff Frog thanks Tom for the sentiment, and he is grateful for everything Star has done to try and bring Mewmans and monsters together, but it is not enough to make the monsters stay. He says that when Star becomes queen, maybe he and the rest of the monsters will return. Star tearfully says goodbye to Buff Frog and his tadpoles, and the monsters leave Mewni. Star is left wondering if everything she did only made things worse. But Tom tells her that they're a Mewman-monster couple, and if they can make it work, then there's hope. Star thanks Tom for his hopeful words and hugs him.


Major characters

Minor characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Is een Ander Mysterie Is a Different Mystery
Japanese 別の謎 Another Mystery
Korean 버프, 뮤니를 떠나다 Buff Leaves Mewni
Portuguese (Portugal) É Outro Mistério It's Another Mystery


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Production notes



  • The title is a reference/continuation of the season 2 episode "Is Mystery".
  • This episode was initially scheduled to premiere on January 22, 2018, according to the Disney XD Press website calendar, but it was delayed to March 17, 2018.

Revelations and continuity

  • After the events of "Starfari", Buff Frog was given Dr. Jelly Goodwell's office at Butterfly Castle.
  • Buff Frog's poor penmanship is mentioned again, having first been mentioned in "Raid the Cave".
  • Tom Lucitor is revealed to have a red, pointy tail.
  • As of this episode, Buff Frog and most of the monster population have left Mewni, but promise to return when Star Butterfly is crowned as the new queen.
  • Buff Frog says goodbye to Star using the same salute he used to greet Ludo during his time in Ludo's employ.


  • During Tom's line, "Well, we tried. Guess he's not home," there is a single frame where he appears to not have a mouth. There are only lines representing the top row of Tom's teeth.
  • Buff Frog refers to his children as "babushkas", which means "grandmothers" in Russian. Other than to remark the character's nationality and to reference an earlier episode, this line is pointless, as those of Russian heritage, never refer to their descendants in such manner.


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