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Episode begins at Butterfly Castle. Marco chases Glossaryck through the castle hallways.
Marco Diaz You stop right there, young— old man!
Glossaryck Globgor!
Glossaryck squeezes under the door of Buff Frog's (originally Dr. Jelly Goodwell's) office.
Marco Aah! [panting, enters office] Hey, Buff Frog, sorry about Glossaryck. He gets fussy around, uh... nap time?
The office is vacant. Glossaryck lies on a folded letter on Buff Frog's desk.
Marco Oh. Uh, guess he has today off.
Glossaryck [snores]
Marco Come here, you. [picks up Glossaryck]
Marco notices the letter on the desk. It is addressed to Star Butterfly.
Marco Hmm. [picks up letter] Guess I'll bring this to—
The letter opens up in Marco's hand.
Marco Ohhh! Aah! [covers his eyes] I looked at someone's mail without their permission! Wait. What?! [reads letter] Oh, beans.
Scene cuts to Star's bedroom. Star and Tom are on the balcony together.
Star Butterfly [sighs] I don't know. I feel so weird. I have so much on my mind, and I can't talk to my parents about it. I don't think I can talk to anyone.
Tom Lucitor [awkwardly] Oh! Yes, you can! You can talk to me! Right? Yeah. Yeah, th-th-that's a thing that boyfriends do, right? Listen! Yeah! I'm all ears. I mean, technically I'm mostly eyes. [chuckles] Just talk to me. [puts his hand on Star's hand]
Star [sighs] It's just that—
Star's bedroom door bursts open off-screen.
Marco Star! Buff Frog is gone!
Star What?!
Tom looks annoyed by Marco's interruption.
Marco I found this letter for you in his office. Look.
Star [reads letter] Wait a second... This letter is legible! Buff Frog didn't write this note!
Marco Exactly!
Star We gotta find him. I'll get my wand! [runs off-screen]
Marco Yes! Weapons! I'm gonna try the lance this time!
Tom Marco. Marco. My man. My dude.
Marco Hmm?
Tom Um, how about I go with Star on this one?
Marco What? No, no. I'm her squire. It's my job.
Tom Okay, okay, yes. But also, as her boyfriend, my job is kinda to spend time with Star. Time you kinda just interrupted. So...
Marco Okay, true. But also, Buff Frog's my friend, and—
Star [summons Cloudy] Okay, that's enough bickering! C'mon, Marco, let's go!
Tom [whispering, to Marco] Pleeeease...
Marco [looking annoyed] ...Oh! What do you know? Glossaryck is escaping again! [throws Glossaryck over the stairs] That nimble little rascal!
Glossaryck [falls down stairs] Globgor!
Marco Uh, uh, I gotta go catch him before he starts trouble! Sorry, Star! Tom can go with you instead!
Tom grins happily, and Marco gives him a thumbs-up before following Glossaryck.
Glossaryck (o.s) [weakly] Globgor...
Star Whatever, fine! C'mon, Tom! Let's go!
Tom jumps on Cloudy's back, and he and Star fly into the sky. Scene cuts to Buff Frog's house in the swamp. Star, Tom, and Cloudy fly down to the front door.
Star [knocks on door] Buff Frog? [opens door] Buff Frog? [gasps]
The inside of Buff Frog's house is a complete mess.
Star This doesn't look right. Buff babies? [picks up three-eyed stuffed animal] I've got a really bad feeling about this.
Tom Well, we tried. Guess he's not home. Do you wanna get a corn shake?
Star Are you for real right now? We are just getting started!
Tom A-All right, well, maybe we could ask someone in the village if they've seen him.
Star [gasps] The monster village! Great idea!
Tom Oh. Yeah. Better than something Marco could come up with?
Scene cuts to Star and Tom in the monster village. It is completely abandoned.
Star Hello?! [echoing]
Tom I don't think anyone's here.
Star This just doesn't make any sense.
Something thuds off-screen.
Star What was that?!
Star inspects the source of the sound and finds a flapping window shutter. Inside the house, there is an unfinished meal on the table and a still-burning stove.
Star This is troubling.
Tom [looks inside house]
Star C'mon, let's keep looking around.
Tom Whoa-whoa-whoa, wait-wait-wait! I want to get me some of that meat.
Star W-What? Are you serious? That's monster food.
Tom [mumbling "I don't know"]
Star You are gross, dude. What if someone rounded them up? A rogue band of Mewmans maybe? [gasps] Or worse – Mina?! Oh, no-no-no-no-no! Everywhere I look, things are getting worse and worse!
Tom I don't know, maybe everyone is out grocery shopping or on a picnic or something. I mean, that's what peasants do, right?
Star Hey, what's that thing on your neck?
Tom has a tranquilizer dart sticking out of his neck.
Tom What? I don't have anything in my neck. What's that on your arm?
Star has a tranquilizer dart sticking out of her left arm.
Star What? I don't have anything on...
Tom [falls over unconscious]
Star [drowsy] Hey, what... what are you doing... on the ground...? What am I doing on the ground...? [falls over unconscious]
Scene cuts to black, then cuts to the interior of a forest. Star wakes up with a sack tied over her body.
Star Oh, gee! Oh! [panting] My face is itchy. Why is my face itchy?!
Tom Because you're in a burlap sack.
Tom sits up next to Star, his body also in a sack.
Star Aah! Don't sneak up on me! [punches Tom]
Tom Ow! Sorry.
Star What happened?
Tom I don't know.
Star Where are we?
Tom I don't know.
Star Who did this?!
Tom Star, I know exactly the same amount as you do right now, which is nothing.
Star Somebody really does not want us to know where Buff Frog is. Okay, let's get up. Ready? On the count of three. One, two... [groaning]
Star and Tom try to stand up using each other as supports. Star successfully stands upright, but Tom falls back onto the ground. He starts spinning around in a circle, screaming.
Star Tom? Tom! Are you okay?!
Tom I think I just found out I'm claustrophobic, and I might be panicking a little!
Star Me, too! Okay, I think I'm close. Just stay where you are. I'll come to you. No, Tom! No, stay put!
Tom stands up and starts running around the area.
Star Tom! It's all right! It's all right! I'm right here! I'm right here!
Star and Tom run in a circle around each other.
Tom Aahh! Aah!
Tom runs off-screen with his horns pointed forward, and there's a loud thunk. Three monsters around a campfire watch the two.
Star (o.s.) Tom, stop being so difficult!
Tom Huh? [straining] Uh, I accidentally gored a tree, and... Well, n-now I'm stuck.
Star A tree! Aha! Now we know we're in the woods!
Red-Skinned Monster [walks up, roars at Star]
Star Run!
Star and Tom blindly run away from the monster. Star runs up the length of a tree, pushes off of it, and does a flying kick to knock the monster over.
Star Woo-hoo! Okay, I don't know what I just did, but I think it was pretty awesome, and I am very proud of myself for it!
A blue-skinned monster with tentacle-like hair grabs Star.
Star [grunting] No!
Blue-Skinned Monster I have message for you. Those that search for little lost frogs will find themselves at bottom of swamp!
Star What does that mean?!
Blue-Skinned Monster [pulls sack off of Star] Stop looking for Buff Frog! And to make sure message is clear... break his horns!
Star Aah!
The red-skinned monster picks Tom up by the horns.
Tom [screams]
Buff Frog appears with his tadpoles on his back.
Buff Frog What is going on here?!
Star Buff Frog?! Ah! You're okay!
Buff Frog Hello, Princess.
Buff Frog's tadpoles dogpile on Star.
Star [whisper yell] Babiiiieeees! I was so worried! That letter freaked me out.
Buff Frog Letter? I know nothing of letter.
Katrina [steps out from behind Buff Frog] Excuse me. The person who wrote the letter was me. [shrugs her arms]
Star Ahhh! Katrina got li'l arms! [cheek marks turn into muscular arms]
Buff Frog Oy-yi-yi. How many times must I tell children, to become spy, they must not to leave paper trail? Is like number one rule. Kids these days...
Star But your house... It was a mess.
Buff Frog When you are single parent of pile of kids, I would like see your house!
Katrina I just want Star to know we were leaving.
Star Leaving? Where are you going? Grocery shopping?
Buff Frog's tadpoles and other monsters gather around him.
Buff Frog No. We must leave this dimension for good. We cannot stay on Mewni anymore.
Star What are you... What are you talking about?
Buff Frog's tadpoles all hold bags of luggage.
Star What? No! But... No-no-no! No! You can't leave! I need your help to bring monsters and Mewmans together! We're so close!
Buff Frog [hugs Star] Sorry, Star. You tried, but it not work. This not problem you can solve.
Star's eyes start to tear up. Buff Frog opens a portal with his dimensional scissors.
Tom (o.s) Fools!
Buff Frog [angrily] Beg your pardon?
Tom You heard me! You're all being a bunch of fools right now! How can you say things will never change? Things are changing. I mean... Buff Frog, you work at the castle now, right? Star did that.
Buff Frog True, yes. But everyone in castle still scared of me. Plus commute is terrible.
Teenage Monster What do you care, your Highness?
Tom What? Why wouldn't I care?
Two-headed Monster (right) 'Cause you don't know...
Two-headed Monster (left) ...what it's like!
Eyeball Monster Being treated differently, day in and day out.
Tom I do know what it's like, because... I, too, am a monster.
Star Yeah! Wait, what?
Monsters [shocked murmuring]
Eyeball Monster What?!
Tom Well, technically half-monster. I got these eyes, horns, tail.
A long, red, pointed tail pops out of Tom's pants.
Star Okay, that's new.
Tom And let's not forget... [burning up] ...this face! Look at it!
Monsters [screaming]
Buff Frog Please, please. Not in front of children.
Horned Mouse Monster Yeah, but I mean, you're a rich guy. I mean, ri-right? He's... He's rich. Doesn't count.
Tom Okay. You're right. I am very rich. Uh, but when I get on an elevator with a stranger, I'm a monster just like all of you. I'm a rich monster, yeah, but I'm a monster.
Star [smiles at Tom]
Buff Frong Thank you for pretty words, purple boy. But for us to stay, we need more than words. Star Butterfly, you are good person. You tried your best, but it was not good enough. I'm sorry.
Star No, no-no-no, Buff Frog, please wait! I can try harder! We have to stick together!
Buff Frog [hugs Star] Goodbye, Star. Perhaps when it is your time to rule, we will come back.
Star My time? But how will you know?
Buff Frog Princess, please. It's me, Buff Frog, master spy. Trust me, I will know. Babushkas, come say bye.
Buff Frog's tadpoles dogpile on Star again.
Star Aah! [laughing] You sweet little baby angels. I'm-a miss you so much!
Buff Frog [voice cracking] Okay, no more with the sentimental. Time to go, everyone!
The two-headed monster stands in front of the portal.
Two-headed Monster (right) After you.
Two-headed Monster (left) No, after you.
Two-headed Monster (right) No, no, after you.
Two-headed Monster (both) ...Together!
The two-headed monster walks into the portal, followed by the other monsters.
Buff Frog Okay, now you babies.
The tadpoles jump into the portal one-by-one.
Buff Frog One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Where is Katrina?
Katrina [to Star] I made you something so you don't forget me.
Katrina gives Star a purple, blue, and indigo lanyard with her name stitched onto it.
Star Aw, Katrina! I actually got something for you, too.
Star gives Katrina the three-eyed stuffed animal.
Katrina My toy! [runs into the portal]
Just before walking through the portal, Buff Frog salutes Star and Tom and croaks. They wave goodbye to him. He gives them a smile and leaves. The portal closes.
Star Oh, Tom, I... I can't believe they're gone. I feel like I've only made things worse.
Tom Have a little faith, Star. I'm a monster. You're a Mewman. If we can make it work, then there's hope for everyone.
Star Aw. Thanks, Tom.
Tom You're welcome.
Star and Tom hug.
Tom So did I do better than Marco?
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