"Is Mystery" is the twentieth episode of the second season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

It premiered on October 3, 2016, alongside "Friendenemies".[2]


Worried about his tadpoles' futures, Buff Frog investigates the hole in the Mewman force field.[3]


The episode opens on Mewni, where the tavern rats continue to collect corn from outside Butterfly Castle via the hole at the base of the force field. Buff Frog emerges out of the ground near the force field and remarks that the hole in the force field "is mystery". As he records his thoughts and findings on the mystery in a notebook, Meat Fork – a warthog-like monster with a fork for a right hand – approaches and comments that Buff Frog talks out loud when he writes. He proceeds to strike Buff Frog on the head with his fork hand and knock him unconscious.

When Buff Frog regains consciousness, he finds himself in an underground mine tied up in a corn bag. Around him, the rats haul large quantities of corn through the mine. Meat Fork appears before Buff Frog and tells him there is no way to escape. Meat Fork and a pair of rats take the captured Buff Frog further down the mine and forcibly put him to work on the "Grinder", a large mechanism operated by enslaved monsters that grinds the collected corn down and funnels it deeper underground. As Buff Frog works as a corn-grinding slave, he asks one of the other slaves – a bat-like monster – where the corn goes after they grind it, but the bat offers only the vague answer, "it goes in the hole".

When Meat Fork discovers the bat monster with corn kernels in his pockets, he says "the boss" wants to speak with him, sending the other monsters into a panic. To avoid meeting this boss, the bat monster punishes himself by leaping into a nearby waste disposal hole. As Buff Frog continues to work, he resolves to find out who the monsters' boss is.

Hours later, after the monsters, guards, and slaves have gone to sleep, Buff Frog uses his long and prehensile tongue to free himself from his chains. He escapes above ground and discovers that whoever is collecting the Mewmans' corn has their own cornfield. In his absentmindedness, he trips back into the mine and falls to the bottom of the Grinder, where all the ground-up corn is collected as cornmeal. In a nearby room, Buff Frog finds the rats and discovers they are planning an uprising against the royal family of Mewni.

When Meat Fork discovers Buff Frog trying to escape, he asks him to bring him along. They start to escape together, but Meat Fork is suddenly blasted through a wall by a blast of magic. The hole that the blast makes in the wall has the same properties as the hole in the Butterfly Castle force field. Buff Frog looks to where the blast came from and encounters Ludo, surprised to see him still alive. During Buff Frog and Ludo's reunion, Ludo's magic wand continues to malfunction, which is why he desires Star Butterfly's Magic Instruction Book. While Ludo is distracted, Buff Frog tries to run away, but he is caught by Ludo's bald eagle minion. Ludo tells the bald eagle to eat Buff Frog, but the wand "speaks" to him and gives a different idea.

Following the wand's words, Ludo offers Meat Fork's job to Buff Frog. Buff Frog asks him why he needs monsters when he has his own wand, minions, and corn; Ludo answers "there's more to be done". Realizing that Ludo has gone insane, Buff Frog knocks him unconscious. He tries to take possession of Ludo's wand, but Ludo's giant spider minion seizes it. Grabbing Meat Fork, Buff Frog escapes the mine. After he and Meat Fork go their separate ways, Buff Frog returns to his family of tadpoles. He records what he has learned in his notebook and decides to warn Star Butterfly.


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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Dutch Is Mysterie Is Mystery
French Krapotoro Mène L'enquète Buff Frog Leads the Investigation
German Dunkles Loch Dark Hole
Hebrew זאת תעלומה It's A Mystery
Hungarian Rejtély Mystery
Italian Il Mais di Ludo Ludo's Corn
Japanese トウモロコシの謎 Mystery of Corn
Polish To Zagadka It's A Mystery
Portuguese (Brazil) É Um Mistério It's a Mystery
Portuguese (Portugal) É Mistério It's Mystery
Russian Тайна Mystery
Spanish Es un Misterio It's a Mystery
Thai เป็นปริศนา Is Mystery


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S2E20 Ludo's eye twitching
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  • Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz are both completely absent for the first time, but Star is mentioned by Buff Frog at the end of the episode.


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