Episode begins at Mewni corn field, zoomed in on a corn cob. A rat picks up the cob and places it on a cart, nodding at another rat who begins to pull it. Before it can, Buff Frog's head pops up from underneath it, then swivels to face a hole in the corn field's forcefield.
Buff Frog Is Mystery. (pulls arms out of the ground, begins writing scribbles in notepad while talking to self) How is there hole in Mewman forcefield? Maybe better question is: who make hole? They find veakness is mewman magic. Could be huge advantage for all monsters. (pulls out picture of babies) Help my babies have future.
Meat Fork Uh, you do realize that when you're writing, you're talkin' out loud?
Buff Frog (facing Meat Fork) Uhhh. Oh, thank you. Didn't realize I was-
Meat Fork hits Buff Frog on the head with his hand fork, screen goes black
Screen shows Buff Frog's POV as he opens his eyes to see Rats working with bags of corn. Cut to view of Buff Frog on the ground in a sack cloth. A rat carrying corn walks past.
Buff Frog Hey rat! Vhat is this place?
Rat squeaks angrily at him, the walks away. Buff Frog struggles to escape. Meat Fork approaches
Meat Fork There's only one way outta here, and it's through me!
Buff Frog Uh, okay, but I did not ask to- (Meat Fork starts flexing furiously) -leave...
Buff Frog Okay, but um- (Meat Fork flexes harder) Vhat is this-
Meat Fork flexes more, then whistles. Two rats comes and pick Buff Frog up and follow Meat Fork through the facility, which is filled with corn.
Buff Frog This could feed a lot of monsters. So vhere does all this delicious corn go?
Meat Fork (pointing) To the grinder.
Meat Fork takes Buff Frog down an elevator and to the grinder, which is being pushed around by an assortment of various monsters.
Meat Fork (yelling) Hey, stop the thing! (monsters stop pushing)
Monster Why does he have to yell?
Meat Fork Hands!
Buff Frog (is now in front of cuffs attached to the grinder. looks at a monster chained to grinder who shakes his hands around) I vill not! (Meat Fork hits him on the head) Okay, I vill. (puts hands in cuffs, the close)
Meat Fork Yeah, get to work, frog man! Whaddaya waitin' for, GET MOVIN'!
Monsters continue pushing the grinder. Buff Frog turns to the bat creature chained next to him.
Buff Frog So, tell me: vhere does all this corn go after ve grind it?
Bat Monster It goes in the hole.
Buff Frog Vhy?
Bat Monster 'Cause if we don't, we get thrown down that hole. (points to a waste hole)
Buff Frog No no no, I mean, vhere does it go?
Bat Monster It goes in the hole.
Buff Frog Okay, ve established that, but then vhat?
Bat Monster Then we eat dinner.
Buff Frog (yelling) No, the corn! I'm talking about the corn! (inhales) Vhere does the corn go!
Bat Monster Oh, the corn! It goes in the hole.
Buff Frog (makes many frustrated noises) The corn. Goes in. The hole!
Bat Monster Oh, so you do know where it goes then.
Meat Fork grabs the bat creature, pulling him out of the chains.
Meat Fork You know exactly where it goes! (shakes bat creature, who drops kernels of corn) IT GOES IN YOUR POCKETS!
Bat Monster Eheheh hey, how'd those kernels get in there? Hehe.
Meat Fork (drops him) The boss doesn't look kindly on those who steal from him. He wants to see you.
Bat Monster (stuttering) G-b-b-boss wants to see me?
Grinder Monsters Boss! No no no!
Buff Frog Boss? (writes BOSS in notebook and underlined it twice)
Bat Monster Hey, woah woah woah woah woah, no need to get the boss involved here (picks up kernels) kay? It's just a few kernels of corn. Now worries, I got this (walks to waste hole) Hey, I'll even make sure to scream all the way down, okay? Enjoy the rest of your day. Bye! (jumps down waste hole) (fading:) AAAAAAAAAAAHHH! (breathes in) AAAAHHH I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS THIS FAR DOWN!
Buff Frog (pushing grinder, writing in notebook:) Must. Find. Out. Who. Is. Boss.
Meat Fork (hits Buff Frog on head) NO FUN! (walks away)
Monsters continue grinding. Fade to dark, grinder monsters and guards are sleeping. Buff Frog opens an eye and peers around, noting a hole in the ceiling, then an elevator with sleeping guards, the Meat Fork sleeping on a pile of corn with keys on his belt. He stretched his tongue all the way to Meat Fork, wrapping it around the keys. He chuckles, then refocuses. He pulls on the keys so hard, Meat Fork's pants come off, and both fly into his mouth as he swallows them. He shakes his head, the inserts his tongue into the lock, filling the inside and unlocking the chains. Cut to Buff Frog jump up onto a corn chute and run up it. He jumps to a hole in the ceiling and climbs up and out into another cornfield.
Buff Frog This guy has own corn field! (writing in note book:) This guy has own corn fieee-!
Buff Frog falls into another hole, rolling down the grinder and sliding into a pile of corn meal. He lifts his face and licks corn meal of his face, smacking his lips
Buff Frog Corn Meal.
Buff Frogs hears rats squeaking behind a door. He stands up, puts some corn meals in his mouth, and approaches the door. He peeks in to see rats running through a corn meal maze shaped like a miniature Mewni castle.
Buff Frog Mewni castle. Made of corn?
Rats break the towers from inside. Buff Frog "oooh"s, then gasps and straightens. Camera pans to reveal Meat Fork's hook on his back.
Meat Fork You know why they call me Meat Fork?
Buff Frog (turns around and slides away) Vhy?
Meat Fork (flexes so hard his shirt rips off, leaving him in only his underpants) 'CAUSE IT'S A FAMILY NAME!
Buff Frog I'm not going back to grinder!
Meat Fork (flexing so hard he's turning red, screaming:) NOO?!
Buff Frog No.
Meat Fork NOOOO?!!
Buff Frog No.
Meat Fork (screaming louder, somehow:) NOOOOOO-??!!!
Buff Frog No.
Meat Fork (backs down and starts shivering) Okay, well then can you please take me with you?
Cut to an elevator with two guards discussing corn. Bugg Frog and Meat Fork are holding on to the bottom.
Pinecone Guard Corn on the cob or cream corn?
Lizard Guard Cream corn.
Pinecone Guard Cream corn or popcorn?
Lizard Guard Popcorn.
Pinecone Guard Popcorn or boiled corn?
Lizard Guard Popcorn.
Pinecone Guard Popcorn or corn bread?
Lizard Guard Corn bread.
Pinecone Guard Corn bread or steamed corn?
Lizard Guard Steamed corn.
Elevator arrives at top, guards walk out.
Pinecone Guard Corn bread or roasted corn?
Lizard Guard Roasted corn.
Pinecone Guard Roasted corn or corn beef?
Lizard Guard There's no corn-
Guards are attacked by Buff Frog and Meat Fork. Buff Frog and Meat Fork high five, then Meat Fork is blasted through a wall by a green beam of energy. Buff Frog gasps and approaches Meat Fork's green, glowing outline in the wall. He touches it and it shocks him.
Buff Frog Green hole? (he turns around)
Ludo arrives, riding his spider in front of his eagle. Ludo is gawking at his glowing wand.
Ludo Did you see that? (moves wand out of his face) It worked! Mehehehehahaha!
Buff Frog Ludo!
Ludo (frowns) Hello Buff Frog. (slides down spider) It's been a while (approaches Buff Frog) old friend.
Buff Frog You're...alive.
Ludo (pointing wand in Buff Frog's face) Don't act so surprised! It makes it seem like you wanted me dead!
Buff Frog No, please! I- I am father now!
Ludo I know that you idiot, I'm the ones who gave you those-! (Ludo's wands blast a green beam, launching him face first into a wall) You see girls, this is why I need that book! I don't know what I'm doing with this thing.
Buff Frog Gotta go! (runs away)
Ludo (pointing at Buff Frog) He's getting away!
The spider and eagle chase down Buff Frog, grabbing him.
Ludo Just, swallow it! (Wand hums, Ludo looks surprised, looks at wand) But, but I want him to die! (Wand hums) Ugh, fine. Spit him out.
Eagle spits Buff Frog from out of his mouth.
Ludo I was going to let you die, but my wand told me to give you Meat Fork's old job.
Buff Frog Meat Fork?
Meat Fork (sluggishly getting up) Yeah... (gets blasted again)
Ludo (pointing) Meat Fork!
Buff Frog But you don't need monsters now. You have vand, spider, bird, corn, rats.
Ludo Yeah, it's pretty sweet. But you know: there's more to be done! So whaddaya say? (approaches Buff Frog, holding out hand) Are we gettin' the band back together or whaAA-!
Buff Frog (punches Ludo, who flied into a wall and is knocked out) Ehh, I'm- I'm sorry. I think you've lost your mind
Buff Frog tries to pick up wand, but the spider grabs it with web and Buff Frog gasps. He runs from the spider/eagle duo, grabs Meat Fork, and begins jumping up the walls. The eagle flies after them. Buff Frog reaches a hole, throws Meat Fork up it, and jumps on the Eagle, pushing it down and him up. Buff Frog and Meat Fork climb out of the hole, shake hands and part ways. Buff Frog almost falls down another hole. Cut to Buff Frog writing scribbles in his notebook while Boo Fly entertains his children.)
Buff Frog (in mind:) With vand, Ludo more powerful than ever, but more crazy than ever too. He make Buff Frog intriguing offer, but did I make right choice for my tadpoles? Have crazy idea, but have to make sure I'm not talking out loud first. (holds up mirror) A big black bug bit a big black bear. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Okay, good. (writing in notebook) Must. Varn. Star.
Camera pans out on a view of him writing in his notebook while his babies play with Boo Fly
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