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Jackie's skateboard is, as the name indicates, a skateboard used by Jackie Lynn Thomas.


The skateboard is light green with a pair of darker toned stripes at the top, and is light green with dark green waves and an image that looks like a seashell in the middle. It also has four orange wheels.

In "Cheer Up, Star," the image that looks like a seashell is instead replaced with a heart. In the same episode, Marco accidentally stomped on the board and broke it. Afterwards, it was either repaired or replaced (most likely the latter, given the comment Jackie made in "Just Friends" about her uncle working for a skateboard company).

In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Jackie keeps her skateboard under her school dance gown, and she teaches Marco how to skate on it. While spying on the two, a jealous Star inadvertently uses her magic to jam a wheel, causing the two to crash. Jackie later uses the skateboard to help fend off Ludo's army of rats at the Echo Creek cemetery.

In "Cleaved", Marco borrows Jackie's skateboard in order to reach the last remaining Dimensional portal, only to hit a piece of rubble and crash.

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