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Janna Ordonia[8] is a supporting character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a friend of Star and Marco's and a student at Echo Creek Academy who shows an interest in macabre subjects, the occult, and other things of paranormal origin, and she is often portrayed as mischievous, usually at Marco's expense.


Janna has short dark-blue hair and brown eyes. She usually appears wearing an olive green shirt, a turquoise jacket, a yellow skirt, brown boots, and an olive green beanie hat. She is Filipina-American.


Janna has been shown to be somewhat of a troublemaker. She somehow convinced Ferguson to give her Star's Magic Instruction Book in "Mewberty" after Star lost it to him in a bet, and although she let Marco have it back without a fight, she smugly remarks to him that she has his house keys. Later on in the same episode, she finds the spell book unattended and is shown feeding Glossaryck pudding as Marco tries to rein in Mewberty-form Star.

She also has a liking for macabre things. In "Interdimensional Field Trip", she suggests the class take a trip to a morgue when Star proposes going someplace "fun", becomes "BFFs" with a living skeleton, and she is excited to see the universe's most dangerous creature. In "Hungry Larry", she gladly goes along with summoning the titular spirit. In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she puts together a séance (with Star's help) in hopes of seeing the ghost of the long-deceased titular clown.

Janna's role as a troublemaker is confirmed when she appears in detention with Star, Serge, Ingrid, and Toby in "Girls' Day Out". Janna also shows herself to be very strategic when cutting class with Star.

Additionally, Janna can be irresponsible and inattentive, as shown in "Meteora's Lesson" when she spends her task of babysitting Meteora playing on her phone, completely unaware when Meteora goes time-traveling with Glossaryck.

Despite her liking for weird things, Janna is genuinely upset in "Jannanigans" about not being able to remember how she traveled to Mewni, and apologises to Star for not being more helpful.


Star Butterfly[]

S2E27 Janna 'what are you gonna remember more?'

Star and Janna hanging out.

Star and Janna are friendly toward each other at first (enough for Star to invite Janna to her Mewnipendance Day re-enactment and have her play a Mewman), but they develop a stronger bond in "Girls' Day Out" after Janna appoints her "mayor of detention". The two have hung out together regularly since, such as in "Sleepover", "Gift of the Card", and "Face the Music". Janna is also included in Star's circle of close friends in "Starcrushed". She also reaches out to Janna for help with her dilemmas in "Rest in Pudding" and "Deep Dive".

Marco Diaz[]

S1E11 Make magic together

Janna annoying Marco.

Janna has a habit of teasing and lightly flirting with Marco, much to his chagrin. She playfully steals his house keys in "Mewberty", scares him with fake fangs in "Interdimensional Field Trip", and constantly invades his privacy, like going through his wallet in "Gift of the Card" and keeping things behind his locker in "Naysaya". In "Deep Dive", it is revealed that Janna had, at some point, hypnotized Marco into passing out whenever she snaps her fingers and says the word "chickenbutt". Despite all this, Janna maintains a mostly friendly and positive relationship with Marco, such as when she shows support for his success in getting a date with Jackie Lynn Thomas in "Naysaya". In "Cleaved", Janna considers Marco to be her friend, and she helps him reunite with Star.


S2E27 Janna 'I like your natural head lamp'

Janna and Glossaryck.

Janna and Glossaryck have had limited interaction thus far, but it is apparent that she likes him for the vast magical knowledge he possesses. In "Mewberty", she feeds him pudding in order to get information out of him for an unknown purpose, and in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she compliments the jewel on his forehead, and they get into a brief argument about clown noses. In "Deep Dive", because of Glossaryck's supposed mental impairment (and thus, his inability to assist them with the problem), Janna disappointedly calls him a "disgrace to magic". In "Ready, Aim, Fire", Janna remarks to Glossaryck that he is "never helpful".



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  • Janna's school locker is next to Hope Hadley's.[9]
  • Janna has all of Marco's personal information, including passwords, social security number, and fingerprints.[10]
  • Janna's favorite color is pink, but she isn't very open about it (as seen in "Sleepover"), as she doesn't like "contributing to gender stereotypes."
  • "Naysaya" reveals that Janna has a secret panel behind Marco's locker, which she uses to store books on demonology and witchcraft.
  • In "Sleepover", she states she has a crush on 18th century poet John Keats.
  • In "Deep Dive", Janna visits Mewni for the first time.
  • Janna's last name is revealed to be Ordonia in the book Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension.
    • According to some sources, the surname "Ordonia" originates mainly from the Philippines, suggesting that she is Filipino or has at least some Filipino ancestry.
      • This theory is further supported by the fact that in "Jannanigans", her home is set up the way a typical Filipino-American home is (i.e. traditional Filipino artworks such as the giant wooden spoon and fork and the traditional Ifugao figurines).
    • The book also states that Janna once dated a talking skeleton named Bernardo (who may be the same talking skeleton she bonded with during "Interdimensional Field Trip").
  • In "Out of Business", Janna is able to return to Mewni despite not possessing dimensional scissors. When Marco asks her how she accomplished this, she doesn't provide an answer.
  • In "Britta's Tacos", she is banned for life from Britta's Tacos, according to Sensei Brantley. It is also shown that she attempted to sneak in under a variety of disguises.
  • In "Jannanigans", she reveals that she has placed a surveillance camera on Marco's body.
  • In "Cleaved", she reveals that she can drop her pulse to zero (but only for 60 seconds).
  • A poster titled "Beach Day on Earthni", drawn by Daron Nefcy for the September 21, 2022 livestream Q&A and autograph signing on Streamily, depicts Janna holding hands with Tom alongside other series couples (Star and Marco, Moon and River, Jackie and Chloe), suggesting a closer friendship or even a romantic relationship developed between the two after the events of "Cleaved".[11]
    • However, given the presence of Kelly on the poster (she was sent to her home dimension at the end of "Cleaved"), its canonicity to the series is subjective.


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