Episode begins at the Diaz Household. Marco is sleeping in bed.
Marco Diaz [snoring]
Star slowly pulls Marco toward the foot of the bed and onto the floor.
Star Butterfly [whispering] Marco. Wake up.
Marco [sighs] No.
Star [whispering] I know the solution to getting back to Mewni. It's Janna!
Marco Janna? [groans] Let's not talk about Janna until I've had my morning tea.
Star pulls hard on Marco's legs so his head hits the floor.
Marco Ugh! Oww!
Star Don't you remember? [sits on top of Marco]
Marco [groans]
Star Janna mysteriously showed up on Mewni without a portal.
Marco Ohhh, yeah. We gotta wake up Tom. Tom, wake up!
Tom's bed is empty.
Marco Tom?
Star Ugh. Look up.
Tom is seen sleeping with his body floating in mid-air.
Marco Ugh!
Scene cuts to Star calling Janna on her mirror phone.
Mirror Phone Calling Janna.
Star C'mon, Janna, pick up your phone. Pick up, pick up, pick up...
Marco Uh, she'll never pick up. She's probably someplace super weird.
Tom Lucitor Like a monster truck graveyard.
Marco Yeah!
Tom Yeah.
Janna Ordonia Hello?
Star Oh, thank goodness, Janna! Okay! Okay, listen to me very carefully. We are stuck on Earth. The portals aren't working. You gotta tell me - how did you get to Mewni?
Tom [grabs Star's phone] Yeah! We gotta get back, like, now!
Marco Something really bad is happening!
Janna Ordonia's Voice Wait, can you say that louder?
Janna is shown to be at a monster truck graveyard.
Janna [grunting] Yeah, the reception here is pretty bad. I'm at a monster truck graveyard.
Marco and Tom high-five.
Star Listen to me carefully. [deep breath] How... did... you... get... to... Mewni?
Janna I don't know. Bye. [hangs up]
Star No, no, Janna, wait! Ugh! Arrrgh! Janna!
Tom Now what?
Marco We gotta wait for the beast in her cave.
Scene cuts to Janna's house. Star, Tom, and Marco are sitting across from Janna's parents and holding cups of tea.
Janna's Dad It's so nice to finally meet our Janna's friends. And each as unique as her, it seems. So, did you meet before the Canada trip?
Tom What's a Canada?
Janna's Dad Oh! Did I pronounce it wrong? Tala and I have never been, so, you know. Janna says it's lovely.
Marco [sips tea]
Star [sips tea]
Tom [sips tea]
Tala Ordonia Are any of you dating?
Tom [chokes, coughs]
Janna enters the house and starts heading upstairs.
Janna Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad.
Tala Hi, sweetie!
Star, Marco, and Tom Janna!
Janna Oh, geez. [continues walking upstairs]
Marco N-Nice... Nice meeting you, Mr. and Mrs. Janna!
Star, Tom, and Marco follow Janna upstairs.
Tala I hear Vancouver's nice.
Star, Tom, and Marco burst into Janna's bedroom.
Star, Marco, and Tom Janna!
Janna dumps a bunch of junk out of her duffel bag and onto her bed.
Janna I thought you kids respected others' personal space. Welcome to my room, I guess.
Tom walks up to a giant animate eyeball in the corner.
Tom Wow, sweet digs.
The eyeball blinks at Tom. Marco finds a long horned bug in a glass tank.
Marco It's nicely creepy.
Janna Soooo... how's the breakup going?
Star What?! That JUST happened! How did you even know that?!
Janna Oh, I hid a camera on Marco's body.
Marco What?! Tom! Help me find this illegal surveillance!
Tom [pushes Marco away] No, no! Dude, I don't wanna get bugged!
Star Guys! We can't get distracted by her... "Jannanigans".
Janna smiles at the others while using a screwdriver.
Star Janna Banana, you know the seriousness of this situation. And you know you're our last hope. So, please, how did you get to Mewni?
Janna I don't remember.
Marco Aaahhhhhh!
Janna No, really. Look, all I remember from that day is that it was a Thursday. A totally normal Thursday.
Star All right. I'm scared to ask, but what is a "normal" Thursday like for Janna?
Scene cuts to outside a garage next door to Janna's house. Janna is holding a bag of garbage.
Janna Thursday is garbage day.
Tom So you bring your garbage to your neighbor's garage?
Janna To feed the possums.
Janna opens the garage, and a bunch of possums jump out and attack Marco and Tom.
Marco and Tom [screaming]
Tom You're not supposed to feed these things!
Janna If I don't, they'll come to my garage.
Janna dumps the garbage near the possums.
Tom No! No! That's my leg!
Star So what happened next?
Janna Well, usually these rascals tear up my hat...
Janna holds out her hat in front of possums, and they rip it up off-screen.
Janna ...and then I have to go get a new one from Needles.
Star Who's Needles?
Scene cuts to an alleyway in the city with graffiti all over the walls.
Janna He's the man who runs these streets.
The alleyway is occupied by gang members wearing colorful knitted clothes. One of them - Pickles - confronts the group.
Pickles Whoa, whoa, Janna! You know the boss isn't happy with you.
Janna [holds out her hand] He who gives shall never need.
Pickles [holds out his hand] He who takes shall forever bleed. [slaps Janna's hand] It ain't my fault if you leave here in crutches.
Pickles leads Janna down the alley.
Janna [to Star, Tom, and Marco] Come on.
Star, Tom, and Marco follow Janna.
Marco I don't like the sound of this Needles.
Pickles Hey! Quiet in the back!
Janna Show some respect.
Pickles and Janna walk behind a knitted curtain. Needles, the gang leader with a glass eye and knitting needles in his hair, is seen knitting a scarf.
Needles Janna! What's up?
Janna Hey, Needles.
Needles Looks like you need a new hat.
Janna Looks right.
Needles But you still owe me for the last one I made you. Don't forget, you're in the red.
Janna puts on her new hat.
Janna Oh, dang. I never got you the goods.
Needles Yeah, that's right! And you know what that means! Omega One doesn't have any tennis balls!
Needles holds up his puppy, Omega One.
Star Tennis balls?
Janna Yeah. Needles knits my hats that I pay for with tennis balls. Standard back alley deal.
Pickles [knitting dollar bills] Yeah, standard back alley deal! You know what it is. A normal thing. That's how we do it.
Star We don't have time for this! We gotta get to Mewni!
Needles Well, guess what? You better make some time. Or Bland Man over here is gonna get broke like a breadstick! Crack!
Marco What? Who? Me?
Needles Or maybe we can make a deal for these sweet horns! [points at Tom's horns] I could make a real nice hat with those. Hand 'em over!
Star Hey! [pushes Needles' arm away]
Janna Cool it, Needles. My crew and I will get you the goods.
Scene cuts to behind a public tennis court. Star, Tom, Marco, and Janna are picking up lost tennis balls.
Janna Oooh, that's a fresh one. Just about a hundred more to go!
Tom Man. A week ago, I was staring at a thousand sunsets in the Dimension with a Thousand Sunsets. And now I'm here picking up tennis balls.
Marco Yeah, sorry it ended like this.
Tom It's cool. And you know what? [puts hand on Marco's shoulder] We're cool.
Marco Wait, were we not?
Tom Well, with Star and I broken up now, just saying it's cool if...
Marco If what?
Tom I mean, if you and your best friend... [points at Star] ...ended up being something else, I wouldn't be mad.
Marco What? Tom, the Blood Moon Curse has been lifted. I mean, you were there.
Tom Come on, dude. I think we both know that what you two have is something better than a curse.
Star suddenly pops in.
Star Guys!
Marco Aah! [drops tennis balls on the ground]
Star I think we gotta-- What are you staring at?
Marco Uh... [mumbles gibberish]
Star I think we gotta put some pressure on her. This is getting ridiculous. Janna! How can you not be taking this seriously?!
Tom Mewni might be in trouble!
Marco You're wasting so much time!
Janna Well, excuse me, Bland Man! Geez! [walks away]
Marco Hey! That's not my name!
Janna What part of "I don't remember how I got to Mewni" do you guys not understand?! You guys just do not get it! I am the author of my own weirdness! But forgetting how I got to Mewni was totally out of my control, and it freaks me out! [sighs]
Star Aw, Janna...
Janna I'm sorry I can't help you guys out. I really am. I just cannot remember what happened that day for the life of me.
Marco Janna, I'm... I didn't realize how much all of this was affecting you. Plus, I didn't realize that you actually had human emotions.
Janna Yeah. Me, neither.
Marco C'mon. Let's... Let's just take a break.
Janna Well, collecting tennis balls does make me hungry.
Scene cuts to Britta's Tacos. Star, Tom, Marco, and Janna are sitting at an outdoor table looking depressed. Oskar Greason appears with a tray of food.
Oskar Greason Okay, party people, I got your grub. Taco-o-o-o for Mango-o-o-o. [laughs] All right. And for the lady... Wait a second! Your name wouldn't happen to be Janna, would it?
Janna No. It's Banana.
Oskar [looks skeptical] ...Okay, cool. [gives Janna a burrito] All I know is I'm supposed to refuse service to someone named Janna.
Tom Can't be too careful!
Oskar I know, right? Dangerous world. But, as they say, "Enjoy your horchata." [gives Star a cup of horchata]
Star [sips horchata]
Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna spend several seconds in silence eating their food.
Tom So you just havin' horchata today, huh, Star?
Star I'm just too stressed to eat right now. I mean, we have no idea what's happening on Mewni.
Tom puts a lot of hot sauce on his taco.
Star Why do you have to put hot sauce on every bite? Why don't you just put it on the whole taco all at once?
Tom [pauses, looks annoyed]
Janna Whew! Habanero sauce makes me sweat like a beast! [removes her jacket]
Marco Pfft! Hey! That's my shirt!
Janna What are you talking about?
Marco This is the 200-taco punch card Mystery Prize! And it's mine! Just look at it!
The back of Janna's shirt has the Britta's Tacos logo on it.
Marco See?!
Janna [gasps] Guys! I remember!
Marco You remember stealing my shirt?!
Tom No! Shh-shh-shh! Marco! You'll break her train of thought!
Janna After I collected the tennis balls, I stopped by here on my way back to Needles and saw a promo for the 200-taco Mystery Prize. And I figured, "Hey, this girl has eaten at least 200 tacos over the course of her lifetime," so they already owed me the prize. But they didn't see it that way. So I claimed what was mine. I went to the back door and...
Janna throws her weight against the back entrance of Britta's Tacos.
Janna Omph! Omph! Omph!
Sensei Brantley opens the door.
Sensei Brantley Hello?
Janna throws her weight again, hitting Brantley to the floor. Janna picks herself up and dusts herself off.
Janna Okay. At Britta's, they always keep the Mystery Prize in the supply closet, so I forced open the door.
There are dents in the supply closet door.
Janna Yup! Sure enough! Forced entry! [opens closet door] And this is where it gets weird!
Star, Marco, Tom, and Janna descend into a sub-level under Britta's Tacos on top of Cloudy. Star is using Glowworm Blast to illuminate the dark. Marco and Tom are plugging their noses from the smell.
Janna I went down this creepy ladder.
Marco and Tom [groan]
Janna Yeah, I think they age their meat down here.
The group enters a large open-air tunnel underground. There are dinosaur bones in the walls and tennis balls strewn across the ground.
Janna Oh, yeah, this is looking familiar.
Marco Are those dinosaur bones?
Tom Man, this place is downright homey! [jumps off of Cloudy and slips on tennis balls] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Oof!
Star [gasps]
Star and Janna Tennis balls!
Janna finds a wire hanger.
Janna Ah, and here it is! Where I got my new shirt! And then I guess I saw this dumb wall with graffiti.
Janna points to hieroglyphics on a stone wall depicting Glossaryck, human worshippers, boats sailing on gold water, and warnicorns.
Marco Whoooaaaa! I don't think that's graffiti.
Star Glossaryck? Janna, what happened next?
Janna finds a rock where she wrote "JANNA WAS HERE" in red but left one "E" off of "HERE". She takes out red lipstick and adds the missing "E".
Janna [chuckles] I guess I was here. Aaah!
She falls into a well.
Star, Marco, and Tom Aah!
Star, Marco, and Tom run over to the well. Tom pulls off the well cover, and Star and Marco pull Janna out. She is covered in gold water.
Star Are you okay?
Janna Yeah. I just, uh... fell into some secret sauce.
Tom [dips his hand into water] Uh, I don't think that's secret sauce.
Star has a look of realization on her face. She looks at the well cover. The underside has two black handprints on it.
Star [gasps]
Flashback to "Conquer". Star and her mother Moon emerge from the Realm of Magic into a world blocked off by a wooden sewer grate, which they hit their heads on.
Star and Moon Butterfly Oof!
Star Hey!
Moon Let's see what's up there.
Moon pushes against the grate cover with her hands, but it's stuck, and she leaves behind two black handprints. Scene flashes back to present day.
Star You guys, I've seen these before! This is a well... that leads to the magic.
Janna [gasps] Now I remember!
(end song)
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