"Jarco Interrupted / Graveyard Battle / The Portal Turns / Save Star" is a musical suite that plays during the latter half of "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", each piece playing during pivotal scenes.[1]

  • "Jarco Interrupted" plays during Marco Diaz and Jackie Lynn Thomas' kiss.
  • "Graveyard Battle" plays during Star Butterfly and Ludo's magic battle in the Echo Creek cemetery.
  • "The Portal Turns" plays when Star's Mystic Room Suck Transform spell backfires on her.
  • "Save Star" plays when Marco, Jackie, and Janna save Star from the Mystic Room Suck Transform spell.


  • The final cut of the episode uses an edited underscore version of the cue, "Graveyard Battle" using the bass and rhythm tracks instead of the melody because according to Brian H. Kim, the original version of the cue clashed in too much with the dialogue and spell sound effects.


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